URBAN DECAY Press Statement: Animal Testing and China


Really, Urban Decay?

How can a brand which is based on „we will never test on animals“ policy say that they plan to change the attitude of China towards animal testing by selling a cosmetics that WILL be tested on animals (as you know, the Chinese law requires that the cosmetics sold in China is tested on animals)?

I don’t blame them for the expansion – after all they are business and they need profit. What really bothers me is their hypocrisy (trying to blame it on China) and how they have tried to pack this into a humanitarian mission by giving up what they were based on to profit and then trying to sell it to the western customer as a mission to improve China. Yeah, really.

Whoever wrote that press sample managed not only to insult current Urban Decay customers, but also insult future customers in China, by practically saying that China is backward country and that they’ll try to change its backward ways. (Yes, I’m aware that China has its issues (humar rights, etc…), but it is up to China to solve their problems, not to Urban Decay).

I would appreciate them more if they simply told something like: „Okay guys, I know thhat we were against the animal testing, but China is too big a market to ignore it, so we’re giving up our policies in order to establish the brand in China.“

I won’t throw out that little bit of Urban Decay I have, but I certainly won’t purchase anything more. At least this finally killed my lemming on Naked palettes.

You can read the press sample at Temptalia.

What is your opinion on this?

2 thoughts on “URBAN DECAY Press Statement: Animal Testing and China

  1. Yes, after I read the press noticeI was like “Do you think that your consumers will buy this?” lol
    I cannot forgive them the patronizing attitude.

  2. My opinion is very similar to yours and the result as well: Urban Decay will never be part of any wish or shopping list of mine ever again. Evangelize China? Really? Who believes that one? ;D

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