CHANEL Soleil Tan de Chanel Luminous Bronzing Powder in#907 Sable Beige and #917 Sable Rose Swatch


This is the most amazing product and if I already didn’t have any bronzer, I’d get both of them. It is so beautiful that I secretly hope that someone would steal or ruin my other bronzers so that I can have the excuse to buy both of them lol:)

The bronzer comes in a compact which contains 15 grams of product and it retails for 50 euros. The compact contains the brush.

The bronzer consists of 7 narrow stripes in different colours. You can use eacy stripe individually, but you’ll need a very narrow brush to get the right colour.

#907 Sable Beige is a bronze with slightly orange undertones. It doesn’t look orange on skin, but compared to the other shade it is more on the orange side. The stripes vary from different shades of bronze to beige.

#917 Sable Rose is a bronze with reddish undertones. It contains bronze stripes mixed with purplish pink.

Although Sable Beige is supposed to be for darker and Sable Rose for lighter skin, I think that both would work on any skin colour.

I wouldn’t call this a bronzer – it is more a mixture of bronzer and hightlighter. It goes very sheer on the skin – a hint of colour and glow. I wouldn’t use this all over the face like you might use regular bronzer – I’d use it as a bronze highlighter to put the glow on the skin. As it is relatively sheer, it won’t look over the top even on lighter skin and it will look amazing on the darker skin – especially used on the cheeks.

I fell in love with this the first time I swatched it in the store. However, I have more than half of my YSL Poudre de Soleil bronzer and barely touched Guerlain Terracota Blondes Halees (which is very similar to these two bronzers, but a bit more pigmented) and I’m trying to minimize my stash to essentials (Good luck with that, lol) and I don’t want to hoard.


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