BIODERMA Photoderm AKN SPF30 Sunscreen Review


Words cannot describe how happy I am that I have found this.

I’ve been looking for a very long time for a good sunscreen that I can put under make-up. I can wear literally everything for beach or when I’m out just doing sports, but I need something matte and non-sticky underneath my make-up. The closest to the ideal so far was Chanel UV essentiel, but its smell is way to disgusting, so I never purchased the full size, plus it was too expensive, since 30ml would lasted me for less than a month.

After trying a small sample, I was hooked and recently I have purchased the full size. Bioderma Photoderm AKN SPF30 comes in a 40ml tube and in my country it retails for about $17. It is intended for oily skin.

The consistency is relatively thick and this certainly is not one of those products where a little goes a long way. This is actually good for sunscreen as you need to use approximately 1,4 ml of product to get the protection stated on the box.

Upon application, it feels very thick and sticky, but just wait for a couple of minutes – it immediately transforms to a lightweight matte texture and it stays matte for the whole day.

I have oily, but dehydrated skin and it hasn’t made my skin any shinier, nor it dehydrated it.

The make-up goes like a dream over it – I do not need a primer at all. The sunscreen doesn’t rub off when you are blending your foundation.

As far as I can see it leaves no whiteish cast.

It hasn’t clogged my skin and so far (2 weeks of using it) there are no breakouts.

This is truly like a dream coming true. It is (relatively) cheap, matte and with decent sun protection. As far as I know, Bioderma sunscreens have very high amount of UVA protetction. I only wish that they would made SPF50 version of this.


2 thoughts on “BIODERMA Photoderm AKN SPF30 Sunscreen Review

  1. Ja sam svoj uzela u DM u Antunoviću (imaju dio s apotekarskim kremama – imaju Avene, Uriage, Biodermu, Lierac i još nešto). Isplati se s kuponom sa 25% popusta. Inače je cijena 99 kn, a s popustom ispadne oko 75.
    Biodermu također imaš i u lancu ljekarni Farmacia i oni znaju relativno često imati promocije (mislim da na njihovoj web stranici možeš provjeriti kad je promocija kojeg branda) i onda znaju dati 20% popusta.
    Nadam se da sam pomogla:)

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