CATRICE Ultimate Shine Lipstick #210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss Review and Swatch

The reason why I don’t buy much of drugstore make-up is not because of its bad quality (actually, the quality of drugstore make-up has improved immensely), but to prevent me hoarding much make-up (FAIL!) and because in Croatia drugstore items are not sealed or protected in any way, so anyone can stick their fingers into it.

One od the drugstore chains has a deal where you buy 2 Catrice products and you get a nail polish for free. I love Catrice nail polishes as I wanted to get two to get one more, but there was not much choice so I had to find some other item. I have remembered that there was a huge rave over Catrice lipsticks and after swatching some, the shade $210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss was the absolute winner. I’m in love ♥.

Catrice Lipsticks come in a heavy plastic packaging. In my hand they feel like they are high end (and the quality is comparable, too). Ultimate Shine Lipsticks are in silver.The lipstick retails for approximately $6 (4 euros) and you get 3,5 grams of products.

All the lipsticks from Ultimate Shine line are supposed to be very shiny and moisturizing.

The shade #210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss is a hot bright pink which leans slightly to the warmer, coral side. It contains no visible shimmer.

I was pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation of this shade – it is amazing. Only one thin coat is necessary to completely cover my lips (and they are pretty pigmented to begin with).

The texture is amazing: it is very creamy and moisturizing. It delivers to every claim it makes. This, however, doesn’t effect the wear – I find it that this lipstick lasts for at least four hours.

I find that this beats the majority, if not all high-end lipsticks. The only high-end lipsticks that can compare to this are Guerlain Rouge Automatique (over $30). Catrice Ultimate Shine for approximately $6 is the real winner.


Catrice Ultimate Shine #210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss lip swatch:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any good photo of the swatch on the skin.

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