If you are make-up collector, you have probably been faced with the problem: Where to put it?

My stash has evolved a lot – from a small make-up bag to a whole closet.

This post has been pending for a couple of weeks when I’ve been doing a make-up closet inventory and re-organisation.

What I find most important is to store all of my cosmetics in a dry and cold place. The only items I keep in the bathroom are cleanser and toner, sometimes a moisturizer or an eye cream (only if it is GWP or sample size). Since I use those daily, I can be 100% sure that I’ll spend it before it goes bad. Everything else I keep in the closet in my hallway. I sort the make-up in a way which will permit me to take only the things I need to the bathroom and then return it back.

The picture on the top features all of my make-up taken out of its storage. Some of it is in a traincase and some in separate boxes.

The traincase keeps the back-ups and the make-up I’m not currently using. You can see my summer foundation, bronzers, pressed powders and lipsticks that aren’t in the current rotation.

My make-up closet has 5 shelves (I couldn’t fit them all on one picture).

There is a separate area where I keep my nail products, but you’ll see that later.

There is not much space in the terms of height on the 1st shelf, so there I keep extra cosmetic bags, all of the applicators that you get with the eyeshadows or powders, the white paper sheets for taking the photos for the blog and all of the foundation samples in a shallow plastic box.

The 2nd shelf holds all of the make-up. There is the traincase in the back. Next to the traincase is a metal Milka box, which holds some of the prettier Guerlain eyeshadow quads which I use rarely. In the front you can see BOS2, brushes (that are waiting for their weekly deep-cleaning) and 2 plastic boxes filled with make-up.

The blue box in the front features all of my daily essentials – 2 Guerlain Ombre Eclat & Liner palettes, 3 neutral mono eyeshadows, pressed powder, loose powder, 3 blushes (I rotate between Dior, Inglot and Guerlain), 2 eyeliners, mascara and eyebrow grooming set, primers, foundation and concealer.

The transparent box holds several lipsticks and lipglosses that I have in daily rotation, Guerlain Meteorites, Clarins foundation and several Guerlain eyeshadow palettes.

I keep the skincare on the 3rd shelf. There are 6 boxes there – 2 in the back and 4 in the front.

The box in the back (left side) holds Lancaster tanning accelerators, some shampoo GWPs and Vichy deodorant. The second box in the back (right) holds empty Manhattan and Art Deco palettes.

The front row (from left to right):

The first box is for body-care products: shower gels, body lotions, etc. – both full-size and GWP.

The second box is for my cleansers and toners – tons of Sisley GWPs and Bioderma Sebium micellar solution.

The third box is for the skincare that is waiting for its turn – both samples and full-size.

The fourth box is for the skincare I’m currently using – cleansing wipes, masks, exfoliators, moisturiers, sunscreens, etc.

The 4th shelf serves to store bags. There are also two boxes in which I keep all the discount coupons.

The 5th shelf is where I keep all the empty boxes and some used products (if they had pretty packaging). I know this is a bit weird, but whenever I spend a product (especially high-end), I put it in its box and store it in one of the Sephora bags on the right.


The last is my nail polish shelf. I have somewhere around 50 nail polishes and I have divided it to 2 groups.  On the top picture you can see the bigger box, which contains two smaller boxes. One of those hold all pink nailpolishes, while the other holds purple, red and white shades. All other shades are randomly scattered around the box.


The bigger box keeps the majority of the nail polished, with the exception of top-coats and some transparent glittery or flaky polishes, which are housed in another, smaller box, with some nail-art products.

On the left side you can see by Kilian perfume which has somehow sneaked to the shelf.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I am having difficulties organizing my beauty products as they have been growing up so fast these years. This can be an idea:)

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