INGLOT Face Blush #27 Review and Swatch

I’ve been wanting to expand my blush collection for some time, so the 20% off Inglot sale was very welcome. However, I didn’t count on not so good array of shades when it comes to the blush – either the blushes are matte dirty pink or brown shades or they have huge glitter. In the end I have picked up Face Blush in the shade #27. The blush comes in a round pan with a twist-off transparent cover.

The blush contains 2,5 grams and this was one of the decising factors as I don’t want to hoard too much and I had to take into account the fact that it took me several years to hit the pan on my Dior blush which has 7,5 grams. Since the amount of blush is very small, I can see myself finishing this reasonably quickly. In Croatia the blush retails for 75 kunas (approximately $13 or 10 euros).

#27 is a matte dirty reddish pink. It is very dark in the pan – almost dirty red and I was a bit concerned with how it will turn out on me. On the skin it is more pink, but with noticeable red undertones.

The blush is very pigmented, but it blends easily. Since I’m used to less pigmented blushes, I still have to learn the right way to apply it. So far, I prefer to apply it only on the cheek apples and not all along the cheeks (to avoid the 80’s look). The blush is blends easily, but if you’re not used to such pigmented blushes, it might be awhile until you learn to apply it the best way.

Once applied, the blush stays on through the day – I haven’t noticed any fading or colour-changing.

I only have a slight issue with the texture of this blush. The texture is soft, but the blush is very powdery and everytime I pass over the blush with the brush, there is a lot of fallout and a lot of wasted product.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with this blush. I would appreciate if Inglot were to expand the shade range and maybe add more finishes.

Inglot blush INGREDIENTS: (click on the picture to enlarge)


Inglot blush #27 swatch (flash): click on the picture to enlarge

Inglot blush #27 swatch (natural light): click on the picture to enlarge

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