SISLEY Blush Brush Review

Sisley Blush Brush is a slanted brush made of natural hairs. It costs $65. The brush comes in a transparent plastic bag with a plastic brush cover to protect the hairs.

When it comes to make-up brushes, I’m not very into high-end. All the brushes I have are in drugstore price-range and none was more expensive than $15.

I got Sisley Blush Brush as a Christmas present, after whining for ages that I need a decent blush brush. Up to then I either applied blush with Avon brush (too wide) or with the tiny applicators that I got with my Guerlain blushes. I specifically requested a slanted brush – it seems that this type of the brush is the perfect shape to apply blush on my cheekbones.

Now, back to the Sisley brush.

I couldn’t find what the handle is made of, but based on how it feels under my fingers, I’d say it’s a black plastic or wood. The ferule is a gold-coloured metal. The brush is made of goat hair.

I still can’t say whether the brush is really worth the price. The hair is not scratchy, but I wouldn’t mind if it were a tiny bit softer.

The brush is around 16,5 cm long, while the length of hairs varies from 3,5cm to 2 cm.

My only big issue with this brush is that, when washed, it leaks black paint. Granted, the water is just a shade or two greyer, but I find any colour leaking unacceptable for a high-end brush. I have washed it several times and I still see some colour leaking.

The brush didn’t shed a hair. I’ve been using it for over a month, washed it once or twice per week and the brush still hasn’t lost any of its hair.

Howeverm I advise you not to throw the plastic bristle cover. It seems that the brush might loose shape quickly if you do not keep the bristles covered to maintain the shape.

The brush picks the colour pigment well. Since the bristles are not too soft, it can pick up the harder blush texture (for example, the shimmering side of Diorblush, which has much harder texture than the non-shimmering side). If the blush you are using is very soft in texture (for example Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats), just tap the blush lightly with the brush; otherwise the brush will pick too much product. As I’ve mentioned before, the brush shape is ideal for my cheekbones, the brush applies blush perfectly and it blends it easily.

All in all, I’m satisfied with this brush. I expect it to last for at least 10 years (if my cheap Avon brush managed to last so far, Sisley should too). Maybe I’ll get more Sisley brushes in the future – I have my eye on Eyeshadow, Kabuki and Powder brush, as they seem resonably priced compared to other brushes of this range.

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