My brush collection is something that I have started to expand recently. Up until two years ago I had like 3 brushes: power brush, two eyeshadow brushes and some of the applicators I got with the eyeshadow quads.

My brush collection varies in price: there are expensive high-end brushes next to cheap drugstore one (and I don’t see much difference in quality).

I take care a lot for my brushes – the oldest one in my collection is 10 years old and it is still good as new (even better). I wash them once per week (depending on how much make-up I do that week) with gentle, no-silicone shampoo in lukewarm water.

Currently I have 4 face brushes (but looking to expand it), 11 eye-brushes (not counting the applicators I got with the eyeshadow palettes) and 1 lip-brush (don’t need more).


1. Avon brush. This is the oldest one (10years old) which I got when I was still in primary school. I’ve never had any issues with shedding or leaking dye. The hair is synthetic and I think it cost me around $3. However, because of its age, the ferrule doesn’t stick to the brush handle as well – you can feel it moving. Today, I use this brush to apply bronzer – the size is ideal and it picks up the perfect amount of the product. Also, sometimes I use it for a loose or compact powder or powder highlighter (like Meteorites) when I only want a light layer.

2. Sisley Blush brush. I’ll review this one soon. This is an angled blush brush. It is very soft and the size fits perfectly on my face.

3. Sephora #45 Mineral Powder brush. You can read all about this brush in my review. For some reason, in Croatia this brush costs around $9, so I stocked up another one. I use it for liquid foundation, loose and compact powder when I want more coverage. I’ve heard that it is possible to use it for a blush, but I think that the bristles are too dense and they would pick up too much of the product.

4. Sephora #47 Foundation brush. After I have purchased Mineral Powder brush, I rarely use this one.




1. Oriflame Lip brush. I use it with darker lipsticks when I want more defined application.

2. Avon brush. The brushes under #2, #3 and #4 were a part of Avon brush set I got a couple of years ago from my sister. I use this brush as a crease/blending brush. I have relatively small lid area, so this brush is ideal for this. The brush didn’t shed at all nor did it leak dye.

3. Avon brush. I use this for all-over application of eyeshadow and for blending. This one shed a bit.

4. Avon brush. I use this for a crease and under-eye application of eyeshadow.

5. Sephora #7 Small Eyeshadow brush. I rarely use this one as the bristles are too long for a precise application.

6. Sephora #12 Eyeliner brush. I use it to apply dark eyeshadow as an eyeliner.

7. Sephora #14 Eyelash/Eyebrow Comb. I rarely use it.

8. Art Deco Medium Eyeshadow brush. I use it for all-over lid eyeshadow application.

9. Studio Basics Blending brush. I use it to apply a light coloured eyeshadow from browbone to lashline in one quick move. This is the only brush in my stash which had some serious shedding

10. Studio Basic Eyeliner brush. It is a thick, slanted brush which I use to apply the eyeshadow on the lower lid.

11. YSL Eyeshadow brush. This one is a part of YSL GWP set. I use it either to blend the eyeshadow or to pack on the colour.

12. YSL Sponge tip brush. Another part of YSL GWP set. I use it to apply glittery shadows.

Thank you for looking:)

Have a good week ♥

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