CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Review and Swatch


Chanel’s new foundation Perfection Lumiere boasts with seamless blendability that gives a naturally flawless effect. They claim it is suitable for all skin types and comes in a diverse range of shades.

The foundation comes in a 30ml pump bottle which retails for $55 .


The texture is very light. Since it is replacing Pro Lumiere (I have heard that this was a heavy coverage foundation) I have expected something heavier. Perfection Lumiere is very liquid, light and you don’t feel it on the skin.

The coverage is medium, but it is possible to build up to the fuller coverage. One layer of the foundation definitely gives a lesser and more natural coverage than one layer of Clarins Everlasting. It seems that Perfection Lumiere is not as filled with pigments as Everlasting.

One coat of Perfection Lumiere will cover even major redness or discolouration.


My Clarins Everlasting foundation is coming to its end (I have less than 5ml in the bottle) and I’m looking for another foundation (Everlasting is amazing, but I like to experiment). I have found myself looking for something lighter perhaps.

I’ve wanted to test Perfection Lumiere ever since I have heard of it. What intrigued me most was the fact that for the first time, Chanel will release some lighter shades in my country (usually the lightest shade was 20, which was way too dark for me).

My skin is flaky, dehydrated and oily at the same time. I don’t even have to mention huge expanded pores (you can see the “quality” of my skin well on the close-up photos). I have a breakout here and there, but I have no serious acne issues. What I require of the foundation is to unify the appearance of the skin and minimize the appearance of the pores without emphasizing flakes. A definite plus is if the foundation keeps me matte, but this is not the condition. I have very light skin – I’d say around NC15.

I’ve been testing Perfection Lumiere for several weeks, trying to love it, but I’m not impressed.

First, the colour doesn’t stay true. I have gotten a sample of the lightest, yellow toned colour: 10 Beige. In the bottle, it looks perfect, almost custom made for me. On the face, it is a completely different story. It darkens considerably – at least for one shade, therefore ending up being too dark for me.

Another problem is that it emphasizes flakes. I have tried applying it with a moisturizer underneath, but it didn’t help. Flaky skin was still visible. I have hoped that maybe with time, since my skin will get oilier as the day goes, the foundation will “melt” and “blend” in with flakes. This was not the case. The flakes were visible even after 10 hours of wear.

The next problem is settling into pores. Instead of visually diminishing their appearance, Perfection Lumiere managed to emphasize the pores by settling even into the tinier pore.

Those were the bad sided, but there are some good sides too.

I’m very satisfied with the degree of the coverage. It covers the discolourations, but without leaving my skin looking too perfect (this was the case with Everlasting).

Over the primer (Guerlain Meteorites), it looks considerably better: the flakes are not visible, it doesn’t emphasize pores. Perfection Lumiere over Guerlain Meteorites primer doesn’t oxidize as much as it does on the pure skin. The foundation darkens, but only slightly. On the pure skin, the foundation darkens for one to two shades.

The foundation wears on pretty well – even after 10 hours it looked just like at the beginning. It also mattifies a skin to a degree (if you are super oily, you cannot expect perfect, non-oily skin for the whole day) and it doesn’t make me breakout. I stayes shine-free for 5 hours, but then I needed to touch-up with a loose powder.

I’d recommend this foundation to the girls/boys with normal-combination to oily skin without the dehydration issues or expanded pores. I recommend the foundation to be tested, as it oxidizes quite a bit.

As I’ve mentioned, I have tried to love it, but it just isn’t for me.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere 10 Beige swatch:

Chanel Perfection Lumiere on the skin (no foundation/foundation) – you can click on the picture to enlarge it:

5 thoughts on “CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Review and Swatch

  1. I never trust the SA – if I did, I would walk around looking oompa-loompa orange. I always test the foundation when it is cloudy – it is the best weather to test the colour of the foundation.
    Thank you for recommending the Rimmel shade – it seems that 100 ivory might be just the one for me.

  2. It’s strange that the Chanel counter lady matched me to a colour that is so obviously wrong for me. I do think that perhaps the palest pinky shade might be better for me so I might go back and get a sample of it, just for comparison’s sake.

    The palest Rimmel shade in that foundation is “100 ivory” which is slightly too pale for me (I’m NW20 in Mac) and it’s neutral, neither pink or yellow, so it might be right for you. The foundation has just launched with 5 or 6 shades so they might release more shades later on.

  3. Wow, I’ve checked your blog and the foundation looks incredibly yellow. It’s a shame that such a company put such a foundation to sell.
    Thank you for recommending Rimmel foundation:) – I’ll definitely check it out when (or if) it comes to the Croatian drugstores. I only hope that they’ll import a shade light enough.

  4. I’ve tried out the same shade and I’d agree with you – the colour doesn’t stay true, I end up looking very yellow! So yellow I’m slightly embarassed of the pictures but here goes

    I’m also a big fan of Clarins Everlasting. I’ve reviewed the Lancome new one – teint idole ultra 24h and found it has dryness issues on my skin, not as good as the Clarins in my opinion. My biggest surprise/excitement in foundation lately is the new foundation from Rimmel “Wake me up” – it’s 1/4 the price of the Clarins but it’s absolutely awesome

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