LOOK BY BIPA Special Effect Nail Polish Green Changer


The Special Effect Nail polish collection is a limited edition collection featuring 10 shades. The bottle contains 5 ml and it retails for around 2 euros ($2,5). It available only in Bipa drugstores.



The colour Green Changer is a duochrome which goes from teal blueis green to antique gold. It looks like a very close Chanel Peridot dupe, but Peridot is more sheerer greenish gold.

Depending on the angle, Green Changer goes from true antique gold, to yellowish gold and green to teal blue-green.



I won’t comment on how long it lasts on the nails, because without a top-coat, every nail polish chips on my nails after a day or two.

The shade itself is pigmented – I have swatched only one coat which gave the full coverage of the nail (Peridot is more transparent – I’ve tested it in the store and I needed 2 coats to get an opaque layer).

Green Changer is not 100% dupe – in the bottle they look very similar (Green Changer being a tad greener), but on the nail you can see the real difference. Peridot is less streaky and not as metallic as Green Changer. When you look at Peridot you see more shimmer, while Green Changer turns out as a pure metallic polish.

They are in the same colour family, but they are very distant cousins. However, if you like Peridot, but are not willing to spend $25+, you might find Green Changer a decent replacement.

Green Changer (flash in the dark):

Green Changer (flash, artificial light)


Green Changer (no flash, natural light)

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