NOTD: L.A. Girl in Garnet + Inglot #202

If you love nail polish, you certainly know about one of the legends of the nail polish world: Clarins #230. It is a multicoloured shimmer suspended in the purplish-red base. Depending on the angle, the colour goes from red, yellowish and orange to green. I have fallen in love with this nail polish the moment I saw it. The polish has been long time discontinued, but it is still possible to find bottles on the eBay for insane amount of money. I’m still not into giving $60+ for a nail polish bottle, no matter how pretty it is, but I wanted to find something which could capture the rainbow colour-changing ability of Clarins.

The combination of L.A Girl nail polish and Inglot is certainly very as far from the proper dupe as you can get – after all, Inglot is flaky nail polish, while Clarins is shimmery; however, the combination has a slightly similar captivating ability to change colours.

For this reason, I have decided to put this combination as my first proper NOTD (nail of the day).


L.A. Girl Nail Lacquer in Garnet

Inglot Nail Enamel in #202

Put two coats of L.A. Girl polish in Garnet. Then layer with one or two coats of Inglot #202. I have used two coats, to get enough flakes to cover the nail.

Depending on the angle, the polish will go from red to orange and deep green. It looks very effective and very eye catching. Instead of L.A. Girl in Garnet, you could probably use any burgundy red shimmering nail polish, because the key is in the opalescent flakes. The flakes can be duped with any flaky polish – the most important is that the flakes in the bottle change colour from orange to green.

I did a manicure on only 3 finger nails, as the two other nails are still recovering from a brutal giltter polish remover:


artificial light + flash

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