How to: TIGHTLINING TUTORIAL (only pictures, no video)

I have promised the tutorial in the Guerlain Terracotta Loose Khol post, so here it is.

First I would like to give some warnings:

1. I warn you: if you have sensitive eyes or if you are grossed out by putting things in your eyes, don’t tightline. Ever.

2. Also, if you wear contacts, you should tightline half an hour before you put your contacts on. Otherwise, some of the kohl particles might end up underneath the contacts, which is not very pleasant (I speak from the experience).

3. Another warning: until you become really practiced, tightlining will be a messy job.

Now onto the instructions (+ step by step pictures – don’t look if you are grossed out by putting things into the eyes)

1. Twist the cap of the kohl and pull the wand out. While you are pulling the wand out, you may want shake it slightly at the same time, so that the excess powder falls back into the bottle.

2. Place the tip of the wand into the inner corner of the eye, parallel with the lower waterline (it must touch the waterline). It is a good idea to look upwards, so that the wand doesn’t touch the iris of the eye.


3. As the wand is placed horizontally with the waterline, wand must at the same time touch the eyeball. If it doesn’t touch the eyeball, you will end up with kohl everywhere but on the waterline (I speak from the experience – in my first attempt I have somehow managed to end up with kohl on the browbone).


4. Firmly close the eye, while holding the wand as described in steps #2 and #3.

5. Quickly pull the wand (the eye must be closed) horizontally with the waterline and towards the outer corner of the eye. Remember, the wand must touch the eyeball. You might experience an uncomfortable sensation of something dragging over the eyeball, but it won’t be the problem (unless you have sensitive eyes).


6. Open the eye and blink quickly to clean out the kohl which ended up on the eyeball.

7. Do the clean-up with q-tips if necessary.

The whole procedure lasts a couple of seconds max. While my first attempt at tightlining turned out a complete disaster, I quickly became a pro. The only thing that you really need to keep in mind is to keep the wand as closer possible to the eyeball (this is also the reason why you should put the contacts after applying kohl).

What is the most impressive is that the kohl stays on the waterline for well over 12 hours. The day I did this tutorial, it was over 35 degrees Celsius, I did lots of exercising and I don’t even have to mention my super oily skin, but in spite of all that the kohl was still on. There might be a slight fading, but it didn’t smudge at all. (you can see for how long I keep my pictures stashed in the computer:))

The look you get with Loose Kohl is much softer and natural looking than you can get with an eyepencil.

Here is the picture after 14 hours:

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