DIOR 3 Couleurs Smoky in #781 Smoky Brown and #481 Smoky Khaki Review and Swatch

Together with their fall 2011 collection, Dior have released and ingenious concept of trio eyeshadows. The compact cost $48 and it contains three shades, each of a different texture, two applicators and a mirror. The top two shades are darker – one is matte and the other is packed with glitter and shimmer. Below these two shades, there is one lighter satiny shade, in a bigger pan.

The concept seems ideal – you practically get everything you need in one compact. The colours are well coordinated and I could see myself wanting all of these. However, not all the shades impressed me when trying them in a real-life.

However, I’d like to warn you that I have only tested these products at the counter. I’m still writing a review based on this first impression because I believe that the testers are there in order to impress the customer and make them buy the product. Also, the swatches were done with a light swipe of finger. The purpose was not to show the exact colour (swatches on Dior website are pretty accurate), but rather to show a level of pigmentation the shade has.


#781 Smoky Brown is a very interesting shade. In the pan it looks almost taupe, but on the skin the brown really comes out. It consists of matte neutral brown, glittery neutral brown and a light taupe highlighter.

Again, this is not the best in the range – the matte shade could have a softer texture and it could have been more pigmented. The glittery shade seems ok in the terms of pigmentation, but it is considerably less glittery. The highlighter shade is not the best – the texture was somewhat harder and on the skin it looks more beige than taupe.

Swatches (click on the picture to enlarge):


#481 Smoky Khaki is an olive green compact. It contains matte medium dark khaki, glittery khaki and light satiny dirty gold. The matte shade is nothing special – it is not very pigmented and it doesn’t apply evenly. The glittery shade is absolutely horrible – almost no colour pay-off. On the other hand, the highlighter is absolutely amazing: buttery texture and the best colour pay-off.

Product picture source; picture edited by me.

2 thoughts on “DIOR 3 Couleurs Smoky in #781 Smoky Brown and #481 Smoky Khaki Review and Swatch

  1. How odd. I have the smoky Khaki and while the matte is very mild in color, I get very solid color from both the glittery shade and the highlighter. In fact I bought it because of the glittery color. lol maybe you got the odd palette missed by quality control.

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