DIOR Garden Party (Spring 2012) Preview

What is a better way to enter December than with an invitation to spring garden party?

Even though it is colour-wise very similar to other spring launches, Dior have this time made a breathtaking collection. This is definitely my favourite (even though I couldn’t pull off most of the colours). I’m definitely getting a Garden clutch in Granville Garden (brown one), maybe even the quint (although I have no idea what could force me to actually touch it – it is even prettier than anything that Guerlain have ever launched).

How do you like Dior Garden Party

Dior Garden Clutch  in Milly Garden and Granville Garden



5 Couleurs Palette Garden Edition in Garden Pastels Harmony and Garden Roses Harmony (both palettes are limited edition)


Dior Vernis Garden Party in Waterlily and Forget-Me-Not


Rosy Glow blush

Dior Ultra Addict Gloss in Rose Mondain, Lilas Party and Rose Pretty

Source: britishbeautyblogger

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