How to Get Stronger Nails (guest post by Aleya)

As we grow older and have more responsibilities our nails tend to break more often and more easily. However, just because your nails are weak now it doesn’t mean that you can’t do a few simple things to strengthen them quickly. Here’s how you can get stronger healthier nails that you will love without much effort.

1.Take Your Vitamins

While multi vitamins are essential to your overall health, vitamins B, C, D and E are the ones that help to strengthen your nails, help your body to absorb more calcium and prevent chipping. Although you can eat foods that contain these vitamins you will never get the daily recommended amount so taking a daily multi vitamin is a good idea.

2.Stop Biting Your Nails

When you bite your nails you create jagged edges that will eventually break and tear. In addition to this you can also damage live tissue and harm your cuticles and skin- ouch!

3.Wear Gloves

Although you may be in a rush to wash just one cup or you may not feel the need to wear gloves to clean your home it’s always a good idea to wear gloves when doing any chore. The extra effort that it takes to pull on those rubber gloves will save your nails and your skin from the drying effects of the chemicals found in many cleaning products so that in the long run your nails will be less brittle an more healthy.

4.Don’t Peel, Scratch or Open Things With Your Nails

Your nails are not tools and should not be used to scratch off stickers, open knots, remove stains or dial phone numbers. We all do it and it’s totally normal but all of these things put pressure on our nails causing them to bend and eventually break. Instead, use a knife, scissor or pen to do the job.

5.Moisturize Daily

You remember to apply moisturizer to your skin every day but do you remember to moisturize your nails? It’s true, your nail bed needs a little extra nourishment so that it can be smooth and vibrant. Get extra brownie points for setting aside five minutes to massage your nails. The blood flow will increase from the gentle pressure and your nails will grow.

It’s not difficult to take proper care of your nails and in a short time all of your work and effort will pay off. Enjoy and good luck!

This post was written by Aleya who works in collaboration with Allu Skincare

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