AVENE Cleanance K Review

During my teens, I’ve been using many products from Avene Cleanance line. While the regular Cleanance cream didn’t impress me, Cleanance K is a product that I have repurchased several times. I usually use it during October, as a preparation for more intensive treatements (for example Diacneal or Ystheal).

40ml tube of Cleanance K retails for 13 euros.

Cleanance K is a light-textured cream/gel which sinks immediately into the skin. It is silicone based, so it leaves the skin unnaturally smooth on the touch (I hate it in a nighttime treatments), but you might like it if you use Cleanance K before make-up. I cannot say that a little goes a long way – the amount that I usually use is at least the size of two or three peas.

Cleanance K doesn’t clog the pores – the AHA and BHA actually keep them very clean. However, it is not very friendly towards the dehydrated skin – I definitely need to pair up with a moisturiser if I don’t want to end up with a severely dry skin.

My skin has gotten used to the acids, so the cream doesn’t irritate it (unlike retinoids), but those with sensitive skin might want to use it sparingly – every second day.

When applied the cream gives a mat finish, but don’t expect any long-term mattifying effect. I usually get oily in a couple of hours.

This is a very good AHA/BHA overnight treatment.

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