DIOR Diorskin Airflash Foundation #200 Review and Swatch

I’ve spent last year looking for a new foundation. I’ve tried many of them: Chanel Mat Lumiere, Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat, Givenchy Photo’Perfexion, Dior Nude Loose Powder, Sephora mineral foundation, etc and many of them were good, but none was perfect.

My skin is oily and, while I do not have heavy acne and I am not breakout prone, I can count on one acne per week. My pores are also very expanded. In spite of this I am not a fan of full and medium coverage foundations. What I require from the foundation is minimal coverage – the foundation simply needs to even-out my skin tone, cover slight discolourations and minimize the appearance of the pores. My skin-tone is somewhere between NC15-20.

I’ve never really considered Airflash before, because it seemed very expensive and not practical to use, but since I was very desperate, I asked a SA to spray a bit of foundation in a jar so that I could properly test it. I tried it and I was thrilled with how good my skin looked, so the next week I’ve decided to purchase it. (I’ve paid around $50 for a 70ml foundation so it doesn’t seem so expensive. If I calculate a price per ounce, it is around $21 for 1.0oz which isn’t expensive at all (an average price of a better drugstore foundation in my country).

The shade range is not so good. There are only four shades and all are leaning a bit towards pink undertone. I’ve purchased shade 200, which was the closest match, maybe just a tad bit too pink and too dark. The foundation didn’t oxidize on me.

The foundation comes in a can and you’re supposed to spray it directly on the face in Z motion. I usually don’t use the foundation in this way since it is messy and wasteful. I suppose more foundation would end up on my hair and sink then on my face. When I was paler, I sprayed some on the neck, so that the transition between the neck and the face wasn’t as obvious and by spraying it, it seemed much more natural.

I’m applying this foundation by spraying a small amount on the wrist, I pick it up with a brush and then stipple it on the face (I’m using Sephora 45 mineral powder brush, which is amazing). One to two short presses on the spray are usually more than enough. The foundation dries and settles really fast, so you need to be quich with application or apply a section by section of your face because once when it dries, it becomes almost impossible to blend it properly.

The finish is gorgeous luminous matte (not as matte as with Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat but very similar to the finish of Chanel Mat Lumiere).

The coverage is light, but it is possible to build it up to medium. It will cover discolouration, redness, and the pores will be minimized (I shoud know, I have the largest pores ever), but this is definitely not the foundation for someone who wants heavier coverage.

It is very mattifying. I haven’t expected oil control at all, and this foundation controils oil much better than some mattifying foundations. In summer, when I get oily pretty quickly, I can spend 8 hours outside and don’t need to blot (I haven’t used primer or setting powder). Airflash is more appropriate for normal or oily skin. In winter, when my skin is dryer and extremely dehydrated due to heating, the foundation doesn’t look as good. I’ve been wearing it for a month and it hasn’t broken me out.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have SPF, but this can be easily solved by using a SPF moisturizer before the foundation.

Dior Airflash #200 swatch:

Dior Airflash face swatch (no foundation/foundation) – click on the picture to enlarge:

6 thoughts on “DIOR Diorskin Airflash Foundation #200 Review and Swatch

  1. I will return the makeup next week (I need to travel from my home in The Villages to Ocala, Fl). I do see that there is one shade lighter than the one I purchased. The sales person put the makeup on me in the store, Dillards, and I thought it was perfect, but I think there is a possibility that she simply made a mistake and sold me the wrong shade. I will give it another try. Unfortunately, the shade I have is so dark that I am skeptical it will work. Thanks.

  2. I purchased Diorskin Airflash Foundation #202 after giving the sales associate a sample of my current makeup, Kanebo Sensai Cellular Performance, warm beige. In comparison, the Dior is much darker and completely unacceptable. The makeup is beautiful, but the color is too dark. I will return it with regrets. I love the Kanebo Sensai makeup, but find it difficult to purchase in the U.S.

  3. #200 is the lightest and it could match to NW20, but if you are lighter than this, I doubt you’ll find a match.
    It really is a shame that such a good foundation has such a small range of shades available.

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