DIPTYQUE L’Eau de Tarocco Review

For some reason it reminds me of Rance 1795 Le Vainqueur. not so much because of the scent itself. More probably because it is one of the rare citruses I can stand.

As you spray it, it bursts with a sickeningly lemon juice scent. My first impression was on no, another horrible citrus. After only a minute, the citrus is subdued by incense and musk.

This is a truly unisex scent – it will smell good on both females and males. It is fresh and clean, but without being too cold. I can see myself wearing it in summer – it would be a nice antithesis to the exotic burst of sweet floral in Montale Intense Tiare.

The only shame is that it is eau de cologne, so it is not as longlasting as I would like. But still it is very impressive.


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