DEBORAH Shine Tech Nail Polish in #56 Review and Swatch

I’m not very familiar with Deborah line (other than the fact that it is an Italian, Milan-based drugstore line), but Shine Tech Nail Polish in #56 deserves a lot of attention.

Shine Tech Polish costs around $9 and you get 8,5ml.

The shade #56 absolutely stands out.

#56 is a turquoise based blue polish with shimmer which flashes from golden yellow to green and teal. I could watch it for hours:)

This nail polish has a brush similar to the new Dior and Rimmel nail polish brush – which is flat and very wide. If your nails are narrow, you would probably need only one swipe of the brush to deposit the nail polish on the nail. I really like this brush, because it seems fool-proof. Up to now, Yves Saint Laurent nail polishes had the best brush, but I think this brush will overpass them.

One coat of the nail polish is very transparent, but two coats are enough to get a completely opaque finish.

What makes me sad is that the nail polish definitely looks better in the bottle than on the nails. On the nails, it just doesn’t have that eye-catching vibrancy that the nail polish in the bottle has. You need to layer at least three coats (my swatches are done with only two coats) to get a fully opaque finish.

I never comment for how long the nail polish wears, as absolutely every nail-polish, be it a high end or drugstore, lasts for max two days without chipping or wearing off on tips.


Deborah Shine Tech #56:

Deborah Shine Tech #56 nail swatches (2 coats):



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