I’ve already shown my make-up collection. Now, I think it is time to talk about fragrance.

I’m not a great fragrance collector – I usually buy one fragrance in the smallest packaging possible (30ml) which lasts for cca 6 months and then I switch to the new one.

My taste in fragrances has changed extremely – while I was little I loved heavy chypres. As a teenager I have switched towards orientals – but with a slight masculine note. In my late teens I liked woody orientals, while the appreciation of florals came only in my 20s, after an identity crisis.

On the tray you can see all the fragrance I have bought in my life (only Fragonard Miranda is missing). I have a rule that I never spend the fragrance completely – I always save several millilitres in case the fragrance is going to be discontinued.


Jeweller fragrances:

Cartier Le Baiser du Dragon – can you imagine a 16-years old girl wearing it? I did it and this is definitely the most adult perfume in my collection. I love it even today, but I’m not confident enough to wear it.

Boucheron Trouble – I’ve already said everything in my review.

Cariter Delices de Cartier – this is a sickening fruity floral which I bough during my identity crisis because I loved the bottle.



Niche fragrances:

Montale Intense Tiare – here’s the review

Creed 2000 Fleurs – the fragrance which showed me that florals can be different



Guerlain fragrances:

L’Heure Bleue – sweet candy violet which announced the end of my identity crisis and the new direction in my taste

Idylle – a bottled spring



Other fragrances:

Oriflame Precious Perfume – as it is a perfume extract, its quality stands out from thte rest of the range

Burberry London – bottled wild strawberries

Yves Saint Laurent Nu – the favourite fragrance of my 14-years old self.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Hair Mist – an oriental fruity floral which I do not like.


Which fragrances do you like?

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