GUERLAIN Ombre 4 Eclats #401 Jeu de Nuit (discontinued) Swatch and Review

Guerlain Ombre 4 Eclats #401 Jeu de Nuit is the second palette from Guerlain Jeu de Dames collection (Fall 2008).

The matte black compact housed in a black velvet pouch contains mirror and two sponge tip applicators.

Each pan contains 1,5grams of eyeshadow, so in total you get 6 grams of eyeshadow.

Guerlain eyeshadows are absolutely the best eyeshadows I ever had (in the terms of staying power). I have extremely oily lids, and without primer every eyeshadow creases in max. an hour. Guerlain eyeshadows stay well over three hours (without a primer). With the primer, the eyeshadows stay on for as long as I want it, without fading or creasing.

Jeu de Nuit contains the following shades:

– slate grey

– warm light grey

– warm dark brown

– dark coffee brown

All of the shades contain microshimmer. The first three pans have a bas-relief of woman’s head with red overspray. The fourth pan has Guerlain double G logo.

While the colours in the palette look extremely dark, they are much lighter on the skin. The pigmentation is not as nearly great – for example, the light grey eyeshadow is pretty sheer on the skin.

On itself, the palette is appropriate for a smoky eye, but you will have to combine it with Jeu de Nacres to create more day appropriate looks.

The texture of these eyeshadows is not as good as the texture of the eyeshadows in Jeu de Nacres palette – these are much harder and the pigmentation doesn’t transfer easily onto the brush. On the skin they often end up looking muddy, especially if you do not wear the primer. They are not as easy to blend – again, if you blend them too much they will look muddy.



Jeu de Nuit:


Jeu de Nuit swatch (photo with flash) – no primer:


Jeu de Nuit Swatch (photo in sunlight) – no primer:


2 thoughts on “GUERLAIN Ombre 4 Eclats #401 Jeu de Nuit (discontinued) Swatch and Review

  1. hello,
    the quality of Guerlain eyeshadow varies. For example the shimmery shades in the quad are less pigmented and much harder to work with. The matte shades have the best pigmentation. I have reviewed some of guerlain eyeshadows in the past, so you can check these links:
    Brun mordore
    Velours d’Or
    Ombre Eclat Mono
    I will also review the rest of my Guerlain eyeshadow stash.
    Guerlain Ecrin 6 couleurs seem more pigmented, but all of the shades are very natural lookin. I can’t wait to see the formula of the new eyeshadow quads that will be available from this fall.
    If you are looking for a quality high end eyeshadow, pick Dior or Sisley – thtey have the best formula in my opinion.While Guerlain eyeshadows look pretty, they are definitely not the best choice among high end eyeshadows.
    I hope this has been helpful:)

  2. hi there,
    how do u find guerlain eyeshadow in terms of their pigmentation? is it pigmented enough?
    what do u think of other brand that might have similar quality with this?

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