MONTALE Intense Tiare EdP Review

The most amazing scent ever.

I have fallen in love with Tiare scent with the first sniff of Terracotta Eau Sous le Vent. Montale Intense Tiare is another perfection.

Montale is among cheaper niche fragrances. 100ml costs around $115 in my country, which is pretty similar to the price of the mainstream perfume houses.

The bottle comes in a black pouch. The bottle is made of aluminium and it is not transparent, so you cannot see how much of the fragrance you have left. The bottle doesn’t have a cap. You „open it“ by pulling out that silver vertical clamp.

Inside the bottle is the most amazing perfume ever. It is the pure essence of summer and tropics – beach, warm sand, sunset and warm breeze.

Like the name says, it is intense Tiare scent. Tiare (Tahitian Gardenia) smells really sweet. It is surrounded with the slight coconut smell. Luckily, the coconut isn’t too strong, it just gives the slightly tropical dimension to the tiare.

There really aren’t any more notes to describe – it is pure tiare. When you first spray it, the scent is so heavy and so overwhelming – I almost feel sorry for the people who have to share a vehicle with me after I spray myself. After several hours, the scent is more subdued and it can be felt only in the close proximity.

What I like the most is that this scent is so longwearing that it is almost impossible to wash off. I can try as much as I like to take it off, but I can still feel a slight trace of scent after shower. If this scent gets in your hair, it will be impossible to remove.I have washed my hair three times and my hair still smelled of Intense Tiare.

UPDATE: I love this fragrance even more. I wore it absolutely every day on my vacation – even to the beach (this is not my habit usually). I couldn’t help myself – it simply smelt so good in the combination with the smell of the sea and pine – an essence of summer.


One thought on “MONTALE Intense Tiare EdP Review

  1. Montale is one of my favorite perfumers. Small house but robuste taste. I like their aouds. Aoud is like rose, cannabis flower, sandalwood, it creates a mood and bring the spirit in a meditative state.

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