SUMMER Haul (Lancaster, Avene, L’Occitane)

Summer has come (finally!!). As I’ll finish my exams soon, I’ll be spending more and more time outside (riding bike, exercising or just purely enjoying being out on the fresh air). However, summer is the season when the sun is stronger than ever. Taking this into account I’ve decided to treat myself with some products which will help me prepare my skin for sun exposure.

Now, I’m aware that tanning is bad for skin. When I’m out of the house, I’m using at least SPF 30 on the body and SPF 50 on the face (if I’ll be staying on the sun for longer than half an hour; otherwise I use SPF 15).

My skin type is a bit tricky. I am very pale (NC15), with blue-grey eyes and dark blond hair, but I tan easily and rarely burn. Until two days ago, I’ve been wearing long sleeves (in spite of being 30 celsius), plus SPF 30 sunscreen and my neck and decollete still got tan (now they are NC20).

In order to prevent even bigger difference between the rest of the body and hands, neck and decollete (which looks really bad and ridiculous once you are in the bikini), I start with sunbathing. This means that in the middle of July, my skin has even colouring.

Again, I’m aware that sunbathing is dangerous. But it is either that or switching to a vampire regime (=staying in the house during the day and going out only when the sun goes down). I’ve been holed up in the house for the whole year (because of the crappy weather) and nothing will stop me from enjoying the good weather.

I usually start at 6 or 7 PM, with only 15 minutes. and gradually prolong it until I arrive to one hour of sun exposure. I usually combine sunbathing with some tan deepener or tan activator nad low-SPF sunscreen, hoping that I’ll tan more quickly (this would then reduce the time I have to spend out in the sun). Last year I used Attiva Bronze (which did nothing but stain the towel).

This year, I’ve purchased Lancaster Tan Deepener (which came with one face product for free). It has SPF 6, which will simplify the routine, as I do not have to apply separate sunscreen.

The gratis products were Precious Sun SPF 15 moisturizer and SPF 15 tinted moisturizer (I’ve got two Tan Deepeners).

Also, Lancaster is offering a gift with purchase (at least in my country): a cosmetics bag if you get one product and a beach bag if you get two products.

I’ve been looking for a body lotion and shower gel for a while. As I like the texture of some L’Occitane lotions, I’ve dropped by their store. They have an amazing offer (I think it is only in my country): the set of travel size body lotion and shower gel + 15 ml of shea butter hand cream for around $13 (cca 9 euros or 70 kunas). There are 4 combinations possible: Rose 4 Reines, Cherry Flower, Fleur Cherie (excellent lotion, but I don’t like the scent) and Pivoine Flora.

I’ve picked the last one, as the scent seemed really mild. I can’t wait to test it and if I like it, I’m definitely getting a full-size. The mini shea butter hand cream will be practical for purse (the full-size 150ml tube is not very convenient).

Last, I’ve spent my last sample of Sisleya Eye Contour Cream and I needed a replacement. I’ll never buy full-sized Sisleya, unless they repack it in the tube or pump packaging. $150 cream should not come in a jar. I’ve decided to go back to my old favourite: Avene Soothing Eye Contour Cream. I’ve also received a sample of Gentle Body Scrub (which is excellent and I’ll get full-size) and Body Oil (I haven’t tried it yet).

Have you tried any of these products?

2 thoughts on “SUMMER Haul (Lancaster, Avene, L’Occitane)

  1. I think it is not available anymore, at least not in the on-line store. I can check this Tuesday to see if there is any left, but I think it is probably sold out, as it was a great deal.😦

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