DIOR Electric Tropics (Summer 2011) Swatches

Product pictures: from makeupandbeautyblog

Swatch pictures are mine.

I’ve been waiting (and saving money) for Dior Summer collection ever since I saw promo pictures. I’ve almost given up hope that it will arrive in my country (we always get collections a couple of weeks later). I’ve been browsing Chanel polishes, searching for the shade Morning Rose, when the SA told me that the new Dior collection has arrived and they have a gorgeous pink nailpolish. Mind you, I didn’t even listen after having heard that the new collection has finally arrived. I swear I’ve almost started jumping out of happiness (the SA must have thought I have gone insane).

Unfortunately, the collection didn’t live up to the promo pictures. On my shopping list, I’ve had both eyeshadow quints, lighter bronzing powder, Nude glow and at least one Crystal gloss. You can imagine my disappointment when all this products turned out to be nothing special.

Keep in mind, the products are far from being bad, but nothing stands out. I won’t be grading the products, as I haven’t tested them properly, but I’ll give my first impressions for every product.


Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Rosy Tan:


my swatch (top left corner, top right corner, middle, lower left corner, lower right corner):

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Rosy Tan is absolutely the biggest disappointment. The eyeshadows are frosty, but it is to be expected. What I didn’t expect is the fact that the shades are incredibly sheer. The only decent shade is the bronze shade in the lower left corner. The brown shade in the top right corner applies patchily. Pink shade in the top left corner and the middle shade are very sheer, while the shade in the lower right corner barely shows up on the skin.



Dior 5-Couleur in Rosy Nude:


my swatch (top left corner, top right corner, middle, lower left corner, lower right corner):

Dior 5 Couleurs in Rosy Nude is a bit  better in the terms of the pigmentation. The only really horrible shade is in the lower left corner, which is very sheer, contains a lot of shimmer and applies unevenly. The other four shades are sufficiently pigmented. I was considering purchasing it, but I already have tons of eyeshadow and I wasn’t 100% sold out on this one.



Dior Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Sunset (the shade Aurora is the first picture in this post):


my swatch (Aurora is on the left, Sunset is on the right):

Dior Healty Glow Summer Powder is only a gorgeous-looking bronzer. It contains very tiny shimmer particles, but on the skin it isn’t shimmery at all. Aurora is more pink based and appropriate for lighter skin-tones, while Sunset will look good on darker skin (although this shade is a bit too orange for my liking). This is again a nice product to have, but I already have enough bronzers, even though I was tempted to get it only because it is pretty.



Dior Addict Crystal Gloss:

I didn’t make a swatch as there is nothing to swatch. It is Dior’s version of lipgloss, similar to Givenchy Gelee d’Interdit. I’ve tried to swatch them and all were transparent on the skin.



Dior Electric Tropics Nail Duo:

There are two shades available: Aloha (orange) and Paradise (Pink). I’ll try to upload swatches later.

Aloha is a very nice orange – it is not as bright as it is on the promo photos. There is a bit of red in it, but it makes it ideal for summer. Even I, who is not a fan of orange polish, like it.

Paradise is a true barbie pink. This was “the nice pink colour” that the SA suggested, but it looks too trashy on me. I could probably wear it in winter, when I’m super pale, but it looks really trashy when combined with tanned skin (on me at least, although I’m sure that someone can pull it off).

Overall, while the products are n0t bad, they do not stand out. If my stash weren’t as huge, I’d probably considered some items, but I really don’t want to hoard tons of products which I don’t love 100%.


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