My Stash: Foundations and Powders

When it comes to the foundations and powders, I’m still having control over it. I have three foundations, plus several 5ml samples, and 4 powders. Although I’d be happy if I could only have one of each, I don’t believe this is over the top.


I currently own:

Clarins Everlasting foundation (heavy coverage and SPF)

Carita Voile de Beaute (very light coverage)

Dior Diorskin Airflash (amazing foundation, but a bit too dark and I can only wear it when I’m tanned).

Lancome Teint Miracle (large sample, I have yet to try it)

Givenchy Photo’Perfexion (there is only a tiny amount left)

Givenchy Photo’Perfexion Light (5ml sample)

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation (also a sample)



Now, the POWDERS:

There are only four of them: 2 loose and 2 pressed powders:

CK Calvin Klein Subliminal Purity Loose Powder

T. LeClerc Poudre Libre Dermophile (this one is almost gone)

Sephora Mineral Powder

Yves Saint Laurent Poudre Compacte Eclat et Matite


Later (or tomorrow), I’ll be putting more make-up.

Thanks for looking:)

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