My Stash

Recently, I’ve been cleaning and organizing my stash (I do this approximately every month or two), and very often I would find an item for which I had no idea when did I purchase it. It made me think back, when I first started to buy make-up.

I’ve been a make-up lover ever since I was 8, but I’ve been living in a small place where there wasn’t much available. When I started the university, more brands became easily accessible, but it wasn’t until three years ago that I got an idea of what my stash should consist of.


Here were supposed to be two pictures that would perfectly reflect my ideal stash, but in the end I’ve decided not to publish them. You can see the pictures by clicking HERE and HERE.



Therefore, three years ago, I have gotten rid of 90% percent of my cosmetics (this was cheap drugstore stuff that I got during high-school). I’ve devised a system of what my stash will look like. I despised hoarding, settling on less is more. I wanted to have only one foundation, one blush, two or three lip products, maximum ten shades of an eyeshadow, etc. I think you get the point. I wanted a small stash, but in which almost every item would be used daily. My moto was „I’m too poor to buy cheap“ and I’ve decided that I will only get high-end product, thinking that, for example, I’d rather buy one $30 lipgloss, which I would love and use constantly, than six or seven $5 lipglosses, which would just take space.

The pictures on the top perfectly illustrate my ideal stash (the pictures AREN’T mine – I’ve borrowed them from a public forum). I’m so envious that these girls have such a self-control. I cannot enter the perfumery without buying something:)

Anyway, my system has worked for a year. Later, I don’t know what had happened. My stash has grown rapidly during the period of two years. When I look at it, I can’t figure out when and how did I find time and money to get all this stuff.

My Project 10 Pans was just an introduction, but I think I need to reconsider the way I invest money in the cosmetics. I think I should redirect my spending to other directions (primarily clothes – until last week, I havent bought a single item of clothing for one year!!!. Sometimes is incredible how I have no problem with giving $50 on a lipstick, but I consider a $50 dress which fits me perfectly as too expensive. I wonder if any of you have encountered this paradox?).

I have some ideas on how I should organize my stash so that I end up using most of the items, but I will talk about it later. For now, I’m giving you my stash in 2008 and my stash in 2011 (+ my current Guerlain stash). I will post pictures for every section – foundations, lip stuff, eyeshadows, etc – some other day.

P.S. I like looking the stash pictures, so if you know anyone with great stash, feel free to let me know.

And now here it comes:


My stash in 2008:


My stash NOW (I believe that some items are missing?):


Only Guerlain:


Here are the links for my stash posts (will be updated as I post all):


Lipsticks and Lipglosses


Nail polishes

Blushes and Bronzers

Mascaras and Eyeliners

Concealers and Primers


Thanky for looking:)

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