GIVENCHY Le Prismissime 9-Colors Eyeshadow #61 Acid Lights Swatch

Top picture source: Temptalia

All other pictures are mine.

Givenchy Le Prismissime 9-Colours Eyeshadow is the star item of Givenchy Acid Summer Collection.

The compact contains 9 eyeshadows (the size of each eyeshadow is approximately 1×1 centimeter). The compact contains the mirror and 3 brushes in the special drawer underneath the eyeshadows.The palette retails for $62.

The palette contains the following shades:

1st row: rosy bronze (swatches almost like orange), sky blue, turquoise

2nd row: matte purple, pearly white, bright yellow

3rd row: grass green, turquoise green, brown

The quality of the shadow varies depending on the shade. The palette offers a variety of finishes: some are more matte (purple, sky blue, turquoise – but neither is completely matte), some are slightly shimmery (yellow, rosy bronze, turquoise green, brown, grass green, white). *Flash swatch emphasize shimmer, while the swatch taken without flash emphasizes matte*

The most pigmented shades are turquoise, purple and yellow.

White, turquoise green and rosy bronze are not as vibrant as before mentioned shades, but they are silky and still offer a decent pigmentation.

Sky blue and brown eyeshadow do not apply evenly.

Grass green is the worst shade in the palette. It is incredibly sheer (I really had to pack it on in the swatch) and chalky.

Keep in mind that none of the shades applied on the skin is not as bright as it is in the compact. Nevertheless, this palette seems as a nice product to have if you like to wear bright colours from time to time. Those who are really into bright colours might find the palette not bright enough. However, this might be a nice introduction to the bright coloured eyeshadow as the shades are not too bright to be putting off to someone who is used to neutrals.

#61 Acid Lights swatch (with flash):

There are 2 columns: The first column contains the swatches of the 1st and 2nd row of the palette.There is a bit of green underneath the purple – this is the green from the 3rd row which was supposed to be swatched underneath, but I didn’t think it would fit.

2nd column contains the swatch of the 3rd row – the top two greens and the bottom is brown.


#61 Acid Lights swatched without flash (the quality of the picture isn’t best, but it is the only one I have without flash and I think that it still reflect the vibrancy of the shadow well):

3 thoughts on “GIVENCHY Le Prismissime 9-Colors Eyeshadow #61 Acid Lights Swatch

  1. I’m a bright color girl. You really made my day with this one. Pity that the palette is tiny and some colors are not the best quality out there. I did not get this one yet, I got only the nail polish part of the collection. I’ll post pictures soon.

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