CATRICE Eyeshadow Base Review

My lids are extremely oily and absolutely every shadow will crease on me (some sooner, some later). This is the reason why an eyeshadow primer is a must for me. So far I have used Urban Decay Primer Potion (very good primer), Art Deco Eyeshadow Base (not very practical to apply and overall nothing special) and I have tested Too Faced Shadow Insurance (the best ever).

I was really excited when I heard that Catrice will be launching a new eyeshadow primer. Urban Decay is not available in my country (we only get some LE palette) and I also thought that Catrice will turn out to be cheaper than Too Faced (it is not).

Catrice Eyeshadow Base costs around $5 (6 euros) and you get 2.1 ml. Compared to the giant tube of Too Faced primer, Catrice is not as cheap as it seems.

The packaging is similar to, let’s say, lipgloss packaging. The primer has a sponge-tip wand which picks up too much of a product.

The consistency of the base is not runny, nevertheless, it appears thin.

The base is shimmery. The shimmer is not over the top and it isn’t visible once you put the eyeshadow.

Catrice Eyeshadow base definitely is not among the best ones out there. While it might work for those with normal skin on the eyelids, it does not work for oily lids. Granted, the eyeshadow lasts longer with the base, than without it, but I still experience creasing after 5-6 hours (Guerlain eyeshadow manage to last for 7-8 hours).

Also, the base doesn’t make the eyeshadow look more intense (on the other hand, Too Faced Shadow Insurance is great when it comes to intensifying the eyeshadow colour).


After a month, the base got a bit thicker and it performed much better. I could get up to 12 hours of eyeshadow wear without creasing.


Catrice Eyeshadow base swatch (on the left is a thick coat and on the right the base is blended):

4 thoughts on “CATRICE Eyeshadow Base Review

  1. I have extremely oily lids, but I wouldn’t say Catrice is the best out there.
    When the primer was new, my shadow creased after 6 hours. After a couple of months of usage, the primer got thicker and the shadow started to crease after 9-10 hours.

  2. Ja sam mislila da ću ušparati nešto, a kad ono…
    Inače, mala količina baze mi i nije toliki problem. 3,7 ml UD Primer Potiona mi je trajalo preko godinu dana skoro svakodnevne upotrebe, a sigurno ga još ima unutra, samo zbog pakovanja ne mogu to izvaditi van. Meni je veći problem što ta baza i nije toliko dobra.
    Mislim da si ti hvalila onu staru Catrice bazu za sjenila koju su davno ukinuli?

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