GIVENCHY Gelee d’Interdit Lipgloss Swatch and Review (Acid Summer Collection)

Top picture source: Temptalia

Other pictures are mine.


On the promo pictures, Givenchy Acid Summer collection was bursting with bright colours. Reality is not as bright.

Here are swatches of the new Givenchy lipgloss from Acid Summer (Summer 2011) collection.

You can click here for the Le Prismissime Acid Lights eyeshadow palette swatch.

Givenchy Gelee d’Interdit lipgloss retails for 25 euros.

The glosses seem so vibrant and intense in the tube and I really thought that they would seem so on the lips. However, what you get with most of the shades is clear gloss with some glitter.

I haven’t swatched all the shades, because they were not available at the counter, but those that are swatched are very disappointing.

I have swatched:

#1 Tempting Rouge. There’s nothing tempting in this shade. It is a bright jelly red in the tube, but on my NC20 skin it is almost transparent. I have thought that this might be very similar to Chanel Aqualumiere in Party Red, but it is not as nearly pigmented and it didn’t swatch evenly. The little colout you can see is there because I swatched it very heavily (at least four coats).

#5 Explosive Raspberry. This shade is actually among pigmented ones (even thought it is heavily swatched). It is a bright pink (slightly on the colder side) with glitter.

#6 Frozen Rose. Again, one of transparent shades with lots of glitter.

#7 Blooming Pink. The best shade in the range (and the only one worth getting IMHO). It is rose pink colour (on thte warmer side) with glitter. This is the most pigmented shade among the swatched ones.

#8 Electric Purple. Again, nothing electric about it. It is transparent (although whan I packed it on, I could see a hint of lilac) with tons of glitter.

#9 Neon Orange. Almost-transparent orange with glitter.

#12 Elegant Nude. Warm beige-pink shade. It is not very pigmented, but it is neither transparent.

On the lips, the lipgloss is slightly sticky and moisturizing. The lipgloss gives a shiny, jelly-lips effect, but in most cases it looks like a transparent gloss with glitter. The lipgloss stays on the lips for 2 hours.

To sum up: among the 7 shades I have swatched, only one is decently pigmented, 2 shades are so-so, and 4 are practically transparent.

While this is a good quality lipgloss, the lack of colour is the problem which I cannot overlook.

Overall impression:


You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. All swatches are made pretty heavily (3-4 coats of lipgloss)

Swatches of #1 and #8



Swatches of #5, #6, #7, #9 and #12.

2 thoughts on “GIVENCHY Gelee d’Interdit Lipgloss Swatch and Review (Acid Summer Collection)

  1. I could not believe my eyes. Their Gloss Interdit seems really pigmented, therefore I was expecting this collection to include vivid, powerful colors, instead of plain water with a tiny amount of dye. Very disappointed too.

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