ORIFLAME Power Curl Mascara Review

Oriflame Power Curl Mascara is that ona mascara that you always keep in the stash because you know that you can always rely on.

It retails for $10, but very often it is possible to get it for even less than $5.

The mascara has a bit weird brush – it is sort of oval shaped and on the one side the bristles are very short, while on the other side the bristles are longer and they create a curve. I’d say that the brush, as far as the shape is concerned, is very similar to the brush of another Oriflame mascara – Wonderlash (except that Wonderlash has silicone bristles). The bristles are not very closely set, thus being good for defining.

For such a cheap mascara, this mascara is excellent. Although this is primarily curving mascara, it gives a decent volume and lenght. It also curls my eyelashes, but nothing too dramatic. I don’t think that any mascara could do what an eyelash curler can.

The black shade is very black, not greyish and the mascara doesn’t flake or smudge. I’m happy to note that mascara dosen’t dry out very quickly in the tube, so you’ll get the maximum of it.

The mascara is easy to remove with almost every eye-make up remover (even Estee Lauder one).

This is definitley one of mascaras that is very close to HG. I really don’t know why do I keep throwing away so much money on the mascara, when I can get an excellent mascara for much less.


Oriflame Power Curl Mascara :



Oriflame Power Curl Mascara brush:



Oriflame Power Lash Mascara on the lashes (only upper lashes + I didn’t comb the lashes prior to taking pictures):



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