MAX FACTOR Kohl Pencil #020 Black Review and Swatch

I’ve received a mini size of Max Factor Kohl pencil with a mascara. My Dior eyeliner is almost finished, so I’ve decided to test the pencil hoping to find the same quality for much less (especially after I have read the article on Beauty and the Bullshit blog).

The colour of this pencil is not very intense black (it looks more like a really dark brown), but it is good for a day-time look. The pencil stays on for the whole day. On the upper lash line the pencil doesn’t smudge easily, but I don’t know how it would work on the waterline (I only wear pencils on the upper lash line).

What I hate about this pencil is that it is very hard and I prefer them soft. I need to press the pencil in order to get a decent amount of colour and it often irritates my eyes.

Even though this pencil didn’t impress me enough to purchase the full-size, it is still a decent eyeliner, especially if you prefer harder pencils.


Max Factor Kohl Pencil #020 Black swatch:

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