L’OCCITANE Fleur Cherie Body Lotion Review


Fleur Cherie is a perfumed body lotion which is a part of Fleur Cherie collection launched in the Fall 2010. The collection also includes Fleur Cherie EdT, Fleur Cherie travel size hand cream and  Fleur Cherie  shower gel.

Fleur Cherie body lotion comes in 250 ml bottle which retails for 19 euros ($24). There is also a smaller, travel size bottle (75 ml), but I have started with testing the samples. Each sample has 8 ml and one package was enough for two times.

Fleur Cherie is primarily a perfumed body lotion. It is slightly moisturizing, but if you have a serious problem with dry skin, this lotion won’t help much. The texture of the lotion is very runny, but it sinks in immediately, without being sticky. Even I love this lotion formulation, and I usually hate every body lotion/cream.

Fleur Cherie lotion is scented with Fleur Cherie scent (fruity oriental – it reminds me to some extent on Chanel Coco Mademoiselle). The scent is a bit intense when you first put the lotion, but it weakens after some time. However, the scent lingers for a very long time. I have put this lotion after showering in the evening and the next day I could still smell the scent (but the scent is very mild).

So far, the scent itself is not my favourite, but those who like Fleur Cherie scent might find this a good investment. Since the scent is very longlasting, this could be worn instead of perfume, but don’t expect it to be very moisturizing.


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