CHANEL Sublime de Chanel Mascara Review

Some days ago I saw a woman in the tram and I swear that her lashes were at least an inch long. At first I didn’t believe that they are natural, but since she wasn’t wearing any mascara I could see that they were real. This was enough to make me obsess about long eyelashes so I’ve decided to find some lengthening mascara.

I’ve already been writing about Chanel L’Ame d’un Regard Collection which is available in Europe since February. The only item I’ve purchased so far is Sublime de Chanel Mascara in Deep Black. 6ml retail for 30 euros.

Sublime de Chanel is first and foremost a lengthening and curling mascara. Shade Deep Black is a very intense true black shade.

The mascara has a plastic/silicone bristles brush which is good at separating and defining lashes without sticking them together.

Sublime de Chanel doesn’t flake or smudges. I’ve tested it doing exercises and sweating a lot and yet the mascara hasn’t budged.

The mascara is indeed lengthening an it makes my lashes look considerably longer (but they are still not an inch long). I usually don’t curl my lashes because they are naturally slightly curvy, but the mascara didn’t straighten my lashes. However, I don’t know how will it react if you put it on the curled lashes. Since this is not a volumizing mascara, I didn’t expect volume at all, but my lashes did get a slight volume.

Sublime de Chanel is the most appropriate as an everyday mascara. It is natural looking enough so it won’t be over the top and you can combine it with a more volumizing mascara to get more dramatic look.

Overall impression:

Sublime de Chanel wand:






How Sublime de Chanel mascara looks on the lashes (lefr picture – no mascara; right picture – Sublime de Chanel mascara):



Sublime de Chanel Mascara on both eyes (only on the upper lashes):

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