DIOR Diorblush #943 Strawberry Sorbet (Framboise) Review and Swatch

Diorblush retails for $40 (38euros) and you get 7 grams of product (0.26oz). The mirror (in the top cover) and a small brush (horrible quality and very scratchy) are included.

Strawberry Sorbet (or Framboise) is a natural looking slightly dirty pink colour. It is not too bright, but neither is very muddy and I feel that it would suit a wide range of skin-tones. Really, it is universal and very flattering colour.

Diroblush contains two parts one darker and matte and the other part is lighter and shimmery. When the blush is new, it has a relief design and small Dior signature in the lower right part, but it disappears after some time. I’m very close to hitting pan on my blush, so the design has worn off.

As I’ve mentioned, there are two parts which are completely different in the texture. Also, the righs side seems a bit smaller that the left side.

The left, darker matte part is very silky, smooth and pigmented. It blends easily, and as I’ve said, the pigmentation is amazing. However, I went through it much faster, even though I haven’t used it as often as I used the shimmery part.

The right, lighter and shimmery part is the complete opposite of the left side. The right part is much harder in texture and I have to scrape it with the firm, dense brush in order to apply it. The pigmentation is weaker, but the colour in itself is really lovely pink with a discreet shimmer which gives a gorgeous glow. The effect is comparable to Guerlain Holiday 2010 LE Meteorites Poudre d’Or, although the Meteorites are a bit less pigmented. Even though I use it almost daily and always scrape a lot of product, I haven’t even come close to hitting the pan on this side.

When the shades are mixed, the colour is lighter than the darker shade.

I like this blush a lot. Once I put it on the face, it doesn’t fade and it stays on until the removing It is pigmented and, since there are two different coloured parts, you can achieve a variety of looks with it – it is almost like having two blushes or a blush and a highlighter in one.

Overall impression:

Dior Diorblush Strawberry Sorbet separate swatches:

left swatch – darker, matte side; right swatch – lighter, shimmery side



Dior Diorblush Strawberry Sorbet swatch (both shades mixed):

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