SEPHORA Vernis a Ongles Paillete #7 Blue Sapphire Nailpolish Review

Recently, I went a bit crazy about nail polishes. I think I’ve purchased more nail polishes in the last two weeks than ever before in my life. Sephora nailpolish retails for 5 euros and I believe that a bottle has 5ml.

Sephora nailpolish in #7 Blue Sapphire is a midnight blue with tons of big blueish and silver glitter. In the bottle, the colour looks absolutely amazing. It’s a shame that it isn’t as pretty on the nails.

The blue shade is very sheer and even though I have put three coats, it still doesn’t look the same as in the bottle. The glitter is also more muted and it is not very sparkly on the nail.

In the terms of how longwearing the nailpolish is I’d say that is the same as every other. I’ve tried many different brands (Chanel, Dior, YSL, Catrice, Sephora, Max Factor…) with or without base and top coats and I have yet to find a nailpolish which won’t wear off on the tips or chip in two days.

All in all, this nailpolish was a disappointment since it doesn’t looks as I had expected seeing it in a bottle.

Overall impression:

Sephora Blue Sapphire nailpolish on the nails (please, excuse the messy application):



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