GUERLAIN Ombre 4 Eclats #441 Brun Mordore Review

This eyeshadow quad comes in a gold square case with a black velvet pouch. There are also two spoonge applicators included: one wider and one narrower, for the corners of the eye. It retails for $56 and there is 7,2 grams of product (1,8 grams in each pan).

Brun Mordore has been released together with the Beaute Slave collection for Fall 2009, but it has been made a permanent edition.

The quad contains an array of gorgeous warm neutral shades: pale champagne, sandy beige (similar to Sable Blonde), dark bronze and dark coffee brown. All shades are shimmery, but the shimmer is not very obvious.

The eyeshadow texture is very hard (compared to other Guerlain eyeshadows, which seem much softer) and sometimes it is very difficult to work with these shades. The darker shades are not easily to blend, and they often end up looking muddy.

As you can see on the swatch (swatched with sponge applicator without a primer), the pigmentation average. The best colour pay-off offers the shade in the top right corner (sandy beige). Pale champagne (which is heavily applied on the swatch) has absolutely horrible pigmentation – it looks like a tiny bit of goldish-champagne shimmer. Dark bronze shade doesn’t swatch as intensely and it might look very orangey. Dark coffee brown is also not as intense as I would like it.

All shades look better if you apply it with sponge tip applicator. The only shade which looks good no matter what method of application you use is sandy beige.

While you get a good value for money, this quad could use a bit more pigmentation. But, as it is, it is only good for a natural, daytime look.


2 thoughts on “GUERLAIN Ombre 4 Eclats #441 Brun Mordore Review

  1. You’re welcome.
    Guerlain eyeshadows vary in quality. Matte and satin shades are usually pretty pigmented, while shimmery shades are disappointment. Matte and shimmery shades do not blend easily.
    Since I still don’t have any Dior eyeshadow, my impression on them is based only on the swatches and testing at the counter. I think they are more pigmented than Guerlain, especially Iridescent ones. I don’t know how good Dior shadows are in the terms of staying power, but Guerlain lasts pretty long on the eyelids, even without primer.
    I also cannot do a good comparison with Chanel eyeshadows, since I’ve only tried Ombres Perlees eyeshadow palette. Based on the testing at the counter, I’d say that Chanel (european version) and Guerlain are the same in the terms of pigmentation, but Guerlain is much better value (you get 7,2 grams compared to 1,2 grams in European version of Chanel quad).
    If I compare Guerlain with Sisley eyeshadows, I’d say that Sisley eyeshadows have better pigmentation, and the staying power is very good. Sisley eyeshadows are very pigmented, silky, smooth and blendable. (I’m going to do a review soon.)
    Urban Decay eyeshadows offer more pigmentation, but they do not stay as long on the eyelid without creasing. than Guerlain.
    Benefit eyeshadows (or at least the shades Dandy Brandy and Leggy) are more pigmented, silky and blend easily.
    If I weren’t such a Guerlain addict, I’d probably go with Dior, Urban Decay of Benefit. To be honest, Guerlain is worth that money only if you like all the shades, and even than I’d suggest testing it at the counter.
    I hope I’ve helped (sorry for the long reply;))

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