CHANEL Rouge Coco in #56 Teheran Review


The lipstick is advertised as a moisturizing lipstick which helps soften, soothe and condition lips. The lipstick comes in a classic Chanel packaging which contains 3,5 grams of the product. The shade Teheran is a bright, slightly pink coral.


While the rest of the world was raving about new Chanel lipsticks, I wasn’t impressed. The colour range especially seemed very boring (although I’m glad that they added more shades) . The only shade that I liked was Teheran.

The pigmentation is excellent (all the shades in the range offer an excellent colour pay-off). This shade looks very bright in the stick, but it appears more muted and more pink on the lips.

Its staying power is decent, the lipstick last for at least 5 hours on the lips.

What I dislike is that when I apply it, the lipstick feels very dry (I have the same issue with the Rouge Allure) and I don’t think it moisturizes much.

Overall, I think this is not the best lipstick Chanel can offer. I prefer the Rouge Allure Laque range.

Rouge Coco in #56 Teheran on the lips:

Rouge Coco in #56 Teheran swatch:

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