RIMMEL Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Nude Eclipse, Shooting Star and Luna swatch & review

rimmel apocalips

Hello lovelies,

today I’m going to talk about Rimmel Apocalips liquid lipstick range. This post will feature the shades I don’t really like (mostly because they don’t suit my complexion).

The lipstick comes in a semi-transparent bottle; the lower part is transparent and shows the gloss, while the upper part is black. I really like the container, primarily because it is made in a way which allows you to see if the lipstick has been opened. The opening of the container is transparent too and once you pull out the wand, the lipstick pools there.

The doe foot applicator is not the softest, but it picks up enough lipstick. The lipstick is scented and, while some might find the scent unpleasing, I don’t mind it.

Here are the swatches of six shades I have:

rimmel apocalips 4

rimmel apocalips 3

The three shades reviewed here are very pigmented and they perfectly cover my natural lip color. The lip lacquer picks the best of both worlds – it has the pigmentation of a lipstick and creaminess and glossiness of a lipgloss. It is not tacky at all. The wear is good, in my opinion – up to two hours; however I don’t like that when it starts to wear off it actually flakes off. I need to completely remove it to reapply it.

In spite of disliking these shades, I like this lip lacquer and I think this will be my go to lip product for summer. I’m not a fan of a lipgloss – they are often too sticky and lipsticks melt in heat so Apocaliptic is the perfect solution.

Let’s see the swatches:

Nude Eclipse is a very beige, skin toned nude. I am very fair (NC15-20) and this one, once applied on the lips, looks very similar to my skin tone, giving me corpse-like look. This shade looks slightly patchy and uneven if I don not apply it carefully.

Shooting Star is slightly darker and peachier than Nude Eclipse, but still too light for my skin. I plan to mix these two shades with brighter lipsticks to tone them down.

Luna is a peachy orange which clashes with my skintone.

xoxo Tamara

Skincare Sunday: SISLEY Eau Efficace Review

eau efficacce

Hello lovelies,

the last few months I’ve been so focused on nail polish that I have forgotten about all other niches of cosmetics industry. Therefore, I decided that Sunday will be a day devoted to skincare. The first installment of the series will be dedicated to Sisley’s cleansing water Eau Efficace. Although it is not described as such, I’d called it overpriced micellar water.

It comes in a great packaging – to be honest, this was the decisive point – with a convenient dispenser on which you simply put a cotton round and press down (don’t press too hard, or the product will squirt all around). Once I’m done with this water, I plan to keep my toner inside. The bottle contains 300ml and costs GBP71. The consistency is water-like – therefore “eau” in the name. Like all other Sisley products, it has a light herbal scent which might take some time to grow on you.

The product is described as “a 3 in 1 cleansing treatment that deeply purifies, hydrates and desensitised the skin whilst removing all impurities and traces of pollution. Formulated with deeply cleansing plant-based saponins, Eau Efficace removes even the thickest make up and leaves the skin cleansed and toned without needing to rinse.” Seems great, huh? Well, as the majority of marketing claims, this is not true.

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URBAN DECAY Naked Basics Palette Swatch and Review

naked basics

Hello lovelies,

I have finally found some time to write down my review of my Naked Basics palette. I took these photos ages ago and they’ve been sitting in my computer folder. I’ve worn the shadows several times to see how they act.

As you probably know, Naked Basics is a 6-shade all matte palette from Urban Decay’s Naked range. If you are from Croatia, you can get Naked Basics (as well as other Urban Decay products) at Beautybay, HqHair or Lookfantastic (if they have it in stock) and it usually retails for 20 GBP.

It comes in a rubberized plastic compact which I find a bit difficult to open. In my case, opening it often includes broken nails. The compact includes the mirror, but you don’t get any other extra freebie like a brush or a mini sized product. Below are two photos for size reference:

As you can see, the Naked Basics is approximately half the size of the original Naked and a bit bigger than a Chanel nail polish bottle.

It contains six shades – 5 are real matte finish while one has satin finish. The shades are: Venus (satin ivory white), Foxy (matte yellow based beige), Walk of Shame (W.O.S. – matte champagne based beige), Naked 2 (matte light taupey brown), Faint (matte dark brown with taupe undertone) and Crave (matte blackened brown). Venus is the satin ivory shade. All shades perform well – they all have an excellent colour payoff, feel buttery smooth, apply and blend easily.

Below are closer photos of the shadows, as well as the swatches:

naked basics swatch

Quality-wise, I cannot find any fault in this palette (other than the packaging which is not easy to open). The eyeshadows are great (like all other Urban Decay shadows). They wear well without a primer, although with my super oily lids I prefer to use a base under the shadows.

However, I have issues with color selection. While I usually prefer to have more lighter than dark colours, I feel as if this palette is not well balanced. The main reason is probably the fact that they decided to limit it to six shades – I think 10 or even 12 shades all matte palette would be more versatile.

Basically, in Naked Basics you get a highlighting colour (Venus), yellow (Foxy) and champagne (Walk of Shame) toned lid colour, one light (Naked 2) and one darker (Faint) crease colour and a dark, almost black shade which you can use instead of an eyeliner (Crave). I can understand having more lid colours to cater warm and cold undertones, but I feel that the palette is missing at least one medium brown – darker than Naked 2, but lighter than Faint which looks darker on the skin than in the pan.

While I would like to see (and buy) a matte palette with versatile colour choice, I still like Naked Basics. Its size make it extremely compact and portable – it fits even the smallest bag. The color selection is very work appropriate, so this might be a great staple if you travel on a lot of business trips.

Do you own any of the Nakeds and how do you like them?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Volume de Chanel Mascara Review

chanel le volume de chanel

Hello lovelies,

let’s take a break from all the nail polish and switch to make-up instead :) Oriflame mascara in my last empties post reminded me that it’s been awhile since I reviewed a mascara. Today I went through my stash to pick my new mascara since I got rid of Oriflame and I picked a mini Chanel mascara.

It is Volume de Chanel  ($30) and I received this mini approximately a year ago with a magazine. I had a Chanel mascara before – it was Sublime de Chanel and I liked it as a nice daytime mascara. After wearing more natural mascaras for several years, I was looking forward to trying a volumizing one. However, while it is volumizing, Volume de Chanel won’t be entering my favourites mascaras list.

chanel le volume de chanel brush

Volume de Chanel has a silicone bristles brush – the bristles are shorter and there’s a lot of them. This means that the brush picks up a lot of product. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, in this cases it only helps to create clumps. It gives a volume, but the lashes aren’t smooth – mascara makes them look like I have a bunch of spider legs on my eyes.

Since the bristles are short, they often stick my lashes together so instead of a bunch separated lashes, I have three super thick lashes. This is easy to fix by combing the lashes (what I did).

I like the colour – it is very deep black.

The mascara isn’t waterproof, but it doesn’t smudge or flake off on me. Granted, I only wear mascara on the upper lashes, although I put it on my lower lashes for the purpose of review and didn’t get any smudging in the 6 hours I had it on.

To be honest, I think that there are better volumizing mascaras, at least for my lashes.

Click to see how it looks on my lashes

NEW CID COSMETICS I-line Professional Kohl Pencil in Soft Brown Swatch and Review

new cid eyeliner

Hello lovelies,

I’ve decided to break my nail polish posting routine and switch to make-up so today I’m going to review an eyeliner which I received as  a GWP from HqHair. The eyeliner is made by a brand New CID Cosmetics and the shade I’ll talk about is Soft Brown.

As the name suggests, Soft Brown is nicely pigmented medium dark brown shade. It is colder than Urban Decay 24/7 Bourbon and very similar to Sisley eyeliner in Ebony (although Ebony is a touch more grey). The eyeliner doesn’t contain shimmer. I find the shade a nice option for a neutral eye look.

As for the application, the eyeliner is soft (but not too soft) and applies evenly without tugging.

I never wear a pencil eyeliner on the waterline (honestly, the only thing that stays there is Guerlain Loose Kohl), but on my eyelid the pencil stays on for the whole day (8 hours) without fading.

Malo ću prekinuti rutinu postanja lakova i prebaciti se na šminku te ću danas recenzirati olovku za oči koju sam dobila kao poklon uz kupnju na HqHair stranici. Olovka za oči je marke New CID Cosmetics, a nijansa koju ću recenzirati je Soft Brown.

Kao što i ime kaže Soft Brown je dobro pigmentirana srednje smeđa boja. Nijansa je hladnijeg podtona ako se uspoređuje s Urban Decay 24/7 olovkom u nijansi Bourbon, a jako je slična Sisley olovci u nijansi Ebony (iako Ebony vuče više na sivo). Olovka za oči nema shimmera. Mislim da je to izvrsna nijansa za neutralnu šminku na očima.

Olovka je mekana (ali ne previse) te se lijepo i ravnomjerno nanosi.

Nikad ne nosim olovku u unutarnjem rubu oka (jedino što tu traje je Guerlain Loose Kohl), ali na kapcima olovka stoji 8 sati.

Here are the photos:

new cid eyeliner close

new cid eyeliner swatch

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

ORIFLAME Colour Drop Lipstick in Rose Elixir Swatch and Review

oriflame colour drop

Hello lovelies,

it’s been a while since my last make-up related review, so I thought it’s time for another.

Recently Oriflame launched Color Drop lipstick line which promises intense moisturizing and comfort. I like moisturizing lipsticks, especially during winter when my lips need all the help they can get.

Another feature of this lipstick is its shape – it is shaped in a curve to fit the lip shape.

Although I prefer brighter colors, I opted for a nudish one. I picked the shade Rose Elixir which is a pinkish nude. It is not too pale for my skin tone and looks very natural. It looks like a slightly darker version of Benefit’s Lady’s Choice. The lipstick glides on the lips, it is very light and moisturizing - almost like a lip balm. The colour is very opaque – it doesn’t look so on the skin swatch, but I have naturally dark lips and this completely covers my lip colour.

It wears well – two hours is great for a moisturizing lipstick.

The minus is a tiny amount – only 2 grams. It is not too expensive – around $10, although you can find it on sale cheaper.

This will definitely be my go-to winter lipstick :)

Prošlo je dosta vremena od zadnje make-up recenzije, pa je došlo vrijeme za drugu.

Oriflame je nedavno lansirao Color Drop liniju ruževa za usne koja obećava intenzivnu hidrataciju i udobnost. Volim hidratantne ruževe, osobito zimi kad moje usne trebaju svu moguću pomoć.

Ovaj je ruž poseban zbog svojeg oblika koji je zakrivljen tako da savršeno sjeda na usne.

Iako volim jarke boje, odabrala sam rozu nude nijansu Rose Elixir. Nijansa nije presvijetla u odnosu na moj ten I izgleda vrlo prirodno. Podsjeća me na malo tamniju verziju Benefitovog ruža u nijansi Lady’s Choice. Ruž je na usnama veoma lagan i hidratantan poput balzama za usne. Ruž je jako pigmentiran – iako ne djeluje tako swatchan na koži, potpuno prekrije moju prirodnu boju usana (tamono crvena).

Postojanost je dobra – oko 2 sata, što je solidno za hidratantni ruž.

Minus je mala količina – samo 2 grama. Ruž nije preskup – redovna mu je cijena 59 kuna, a često se može naći na sniženju.

Ovo će definitivno biti moj must-have ruž za zimu :)

oriflame color drop


oriflame colour drop lipstick


oriflame color drop swatch


oriflame color drop lip swatch

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

URBAN DECAY Naked Palette Swatch and Review (En attendant Naked 3 :) )


Hello lovelies,

as you know, Urban Decay is launching Naked 3 palette. From the Naked 3 review and swatches on Temptalia, it is considerably more pink toned than the two previous and it will be available in the States in November. I’m glad I found out about it because I was debating getting Naked 2 which was, luckily, out of stock and which is very similar to original Naked palette which I have (plus it contains black eyeshadow which I rarely use). When I pay for a palette, I expect to use every shade and this wouldn’t be the case with Naked 2.

naked closed

Okay, back to original Naked palette. It is a very warm toned palette. It comes with a mini version of Urban Decay Primer Potion and an eyeshadow brush.

The brush is okay – it is very soft and applies the makeup well. The palette is made of cardboard wrapped in brown velvet which gets dirty easily and it is hard to clean later. It has magnetic closure.

The palette retails for 37GBP on hqhair, but I got a great deal – Naked and Naked Basic for 56GBP plus 20% off which means I got both palettes for around 45GBP. Unfortunately, such sets aren’t currently available, but feel free to stalk hqhair – they’ll probably restock soon.

Still, even at the full price, it is a great value. The palette contains twelve full-sized Urban Decay eyeshadows in the following shades:

naked back

It is very travel friendly and has a good variety of shades. I’d probably add another lighter eyeshadow and more satin or matte ones, but this palette is appropriate for a variety of looks – from neutral work appropriate look to sexy smokey eye. Here are all the shadows swatched:

naked swatch all

The quality of the eyeshadows is amazing – they are buttery soft and apply like a dream. All the shades are pigmented, although some are more than the other. The shadows wear well with the primer – over 12 hours. It is important to mention that I have super oily lids and without a primer nothing lasts for more than half an hour. With primer, I can get approximately 6-8 hours of wear from other eyeshadows.

The finish of the eyeshadow varies – some are matte, some are pearl, some are shimmer and some have glitter finish. I have separate the shadows in groups of three and I’ll talk more about each eyeshadow.

Virgin, Sin, Naked:

VIRGIN is a satiny light beige. Although it looks like, it is not completely matte. I like to use this shade in the inner corners of my eyes to highlight.

SIN is a pearly champagne with a hint of pink. It is a great highlighting shade.

NAKED is dark beige matte shade. I had no issues with applying it – mattes sometimes can be powdery, but this is not the case with naked.

Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked:

SIDECAR is a shimmery medium bronze brown. Quality wise this is one of my favourite shades. It is so pigmented and easy to apply.

BUCK is a medium dark matte brown. Again no complaints -perfect application and texture.

HALF BAKED is my all-time favourite summer eyeshadow. It is a pearly coppery bronze. I already have this shade in my BOS2, but I’m coming very close to hitting a pan, so it’s great to have a back-up.

Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted

SMOG is a medium dark bronze.

DARKHORSE is a brownish bronze with a bit of shimmer. It is slightly less pigmented than previously mentioned shades, but still very good

TOASTED is a shimmery pinky brown.

Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

HUSTLE is a shimmery mocha

CREEP shimmery dark grey. This is probably the sheerest eyeshadow in the palette.

GUNMETAL slivery grey with glitter. It has a bit of fall out, but it is great for smokey eye.

Overall, I love this palette, although I’d prefer maybe more not so shimmery/pearly shades and more lighter eyeshadows, since those are the shadows I use the most. It is still a great value and a definite must-have.

Do you own any Naked and are you looking forward to Naked 3?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

BY KILIAN Cruel Intentions EdP Review

Hello lovelies,

after several nail related post I thought I could break the routine with a post which has been in my Drafts folder for a year and a half.

Last spring I’ve gone a bit crazy over by Kilian fragrances. By Kilian fragrances are available in 30ml travel spray ($135), 30 ml refill for travel spray ($70), 50 ml bottle ($225) and 50 ml bottle refill ($125). The cheapest solution is to buy 30ml refills, but keep in mind that you don’t get a spray bottle with them, so you will have to transfer the fragrance into your own bottle. There is also the possiblity to buy a travel spray bottle separate, but the bottle itself costs almost as the travel set (I think that the bottle is around $100).

Cruel intentions is a fragrance I’m not sure I like 100%. It reminds me of Versace’s Crystal Noir – the same dark sexy oriental type.

On my skin it is a smoky and wet but slightly sweet oud with a hint of fruity tartness. As it dries down, the musk comes forward, making it heavy. My skin doesn’t like musk very much – it pulls out the cloying, almost dirty aspect of it.

The sillage is ok, nothing close to Montale, but still strong enough for EdP.

While I’ll gladly use up the fragrance, I won’t repurchase it.

The bottle is very heavy and the top attaches by strong magnets.

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

APIVITA Express Beauty with Grape Mask Review

apivita mask

Hello dear readers,

as a huge fan of moisturizing masks, I couldn’t help trying another one. So far, I’ve only used one Apivita product (a lip balm) and I found it pretty good so I was looking forward to try out more.

Apivita has a huge range of Express Beauty masks , but I have picked up Express Beauty Mask with Grape because it claimed to moisturize the skin, plus it contains antioxidants (vitamins A and E).

The mask is supposed to firm the skin and remove lines (not that I can comment much on it). You shouldn’t apply it to the eye-contour area. The instructions say to rinse it off well with water after 10 minutes, but I prefer to to apply a thicker coat of it and leave it on over night. I have to warn you that I currently use Ystheal plus 20% glycolic acid peel, so my skin can handle a lot. If you have a sensitive skin, you might be better following the instructions.

The colour of the mask is light, light pink with a red dots here and there (I have no idea what are those). The consistecy is very light, almost lotion-like.

I do feel a light stinging after applying the mask, but it disappears quickly upon the application. Other than the stinging, there are no other irritations. The mask sinks in very quickly (even though I apply it liberaly).

The mask isn’t as moisturizing as, let’s say Sisley masks are, but overall, my skin really likes it. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t moisturize my skin – it does, but if I find myself with truly dehydrated skin, I’d use something else.

As for the efficiency, I really love the mask. Together with my current routine, it made my skin great (compared to how my skin usually behaves). Ever since I use it, I haven’t had any problems with flakey skin (which usually is the case in this time of the year). I cannot comment its firming properties, but this mask is a good choice for a radiant-looking skin.

The mask is really affordable compared to the rest of the Apivita range – you get two sachets (each containing 8 ml) for approximately $7. Each sachet lasts a long time – I think I’ll get at least 10 uses out of each.

Although I’ll probably experiment with more Apivita masks, I’ll always have a sachet of two of the Grape mask as a back-up. I recommend it :)



APIVITA Express Beauty with Grape Mask Review

Pozdrav dragi čitatelji,

kao velika obožavateljica hidratantinh maski nisam si mogla pomoći, a da ne probam još jednu. Do sada sam koristila samo jedan Apivitin proizvod (balzam za usne) koji mi je bio toliko dobar da sam poželjela isprobati još.

Apivita ima veliki izbor Express Beauty maski, a ja sam za početak izabrala masku s grožđem jer sadrži antioksidanse (vitamini A i E) i trebala bi hidratizirati kožu.

Maska bi također trebala učvrstiti kožu i ukloniti bore, što ne mogu komentirati. Masku ne bi trebali nanositi na područje oko očiju. U uputama piše da bi masku trebalo dobro isprati vodom nakon 10 minuta, ali meni je draže staviti deblji sloj maske i ostaviti ju na licu preko noći. Ipak vas moram upozoriti da ja trenutno koristim Ystheal i 20% glikolnu kiselinu, tako da je moja koža prilično otporna. Ukoliko imate osjetljivu kožu, savjetujem vam da pratite upute.

Maska je jako svijetlo roze boje, s komadićima crvene (nemam pojma što bi to bilo). Vrlo je lagane teksture tako da podsjeća na losion.

Nakon nanošenja osjećam lagano peckanje koje ubrzo prestaje i osim toga nema drugih iritacija. Maska se upija brzo.

Maska nije toliko hidratantna kao na primjer Sisley maske, ali sveukupno moja ju koža voli. To ne znači da maska ne hidratizira kožu, ali ukoliko mi je koža zaista dehidrirana prije ću posegnuti za nekom drugom maskom.

Što se učinkovitosti tiče, jako obožavam ovu masku. Zahvaljujuću maski (a i ostatku preparativne kozmetike koju trenutno koristim), moja je koža u jednoj od do sada najboljih faza. Od kad sam počela koristiti masku, nemam problema s perutanjem kože, što mi se inače redovito događa u ovo doba godine zbog suhog zraka. Ne mogu komentirati tvrdnje o učvršćivanju, ali ova je maska dobar izbor ako želite blistavu kožu.

Maska je relativno jeftina u usporedbi s ostalim Apivitinim proizvodima. Za cijenu od 38 kuna (nisam 100% sigurna) dobijete dvije vrećice od kojih svaka sadrži 8 ml. Svaka vrećica traje dosta dugo – pretpostavljam da će jedna vrećica biti dovoljna za 10 nanošenja.

Iako ću vjerojatno eksperimentirati i s drugim Apivitinim maskama, uvijek ću u zalihama imati vrećicu ili dvije ove maske. Preporučam :)

Voli vas,


ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Jewell Lipstick in Peach Kiss, Pink Secret and Mauve Dream Review and Swatch

oriflame gg jewell all

Hello dear readers,

as I have promised, today is the time for me to start reviewing Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewell lipstick line. I received one shade in full size as a GWP and I have ordered the mini samples of all other shades. So far, I’ve managed to get a decen swatch of only several shades – the rest turned out too dark.

The lipstick is really a step-up from Oriflame’s typicall packaging – the lipstick case is a heavy gold coloured with a relief at the bottom. The lipstick contains 4 grams and retails for approximately $18.

There are 10 shades in total and today I’ll review three shades: Peach Kiss, Pink Secret and Mauve Dream.


Bok dragi čitatelji,

kao što sam obećala, danas ću započeti s recenziranjem Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewell Ruža za usne. Jedan sam ruž dobila kao poklon uz kupnju, a usput sam naručila i mini uzorke ostalih nijansi. Trenutno imam swatcheve samo nekoliko nijansi, jer su ostali ispali pretamni.

Ruž je sam po sebi veliki korak naprijed od Oriflameove tipične ambalaže – pakiranje ruža je teško, zlatne boje s reljefom na dnu. Ruž sadrži 4 grama i, ukoliko se dobro sjećam, košta oko 100 kuna (a na sniženju se može naći i jefitinije). U liniji postoji 10 nijansi, a danas ću recenzirati tri: Peach Kiss, Pink Secret i Mauve Dream.

gg peach kiss

The shade Peach Kiss is in fact nude peachy shade (peachy beige). It doesn’t seem as pigmented – I had to pass several times to get a decent coverage, but surprisingly a thin layer of it covers the natural reddish colour of my lips well.


Nijansa Peach Kiss je breskvasta bež nijansa. Nije baš pigmentirana – na swatchevima sam morala nekoliko puta proći kako bi dobila dobru pigmentaciju. S druge strane, i tanak sloj ruža dobro neutralizira moju prirodnu crvenu boju usana.

gg peach kiss skin swatch

gg peach kiss swatch


gg pink secret

The shade Pink Secret is the one I wanted to order, but mistakenly I have ordered Dusky Nude. Pink secret is pinkish coral – just my kind of shade. On the lips it looks lighter than in the tube.


Nijansa Pink Secret je nijansa koju sam željela naručiti, a zabunom sam uzela Dusky Nude. Pink Secret je roza nijansa s primjesama kroaljne. Na usnama izgleda svijetlije nego u sticku.

gg pink secret skin swatch

gg pink secret lip swatch


gg mauve dream

The shade Mauve Dream is a berry plum. It really isn’t my kind of shade. Also, it turns out to be less pigmented on the lips than on the skin. It gives my lips slightly darker, dusky rose colour, but it doesn’t darken them too much.


Nijansa Mauve Dream je bobičasto ljubičasta. Ova nijansa baš i nije nijansa koju bih ja tipično nosila. Na usnama je slabije pigmentirana nego na swatchu na koži. Malo potamni moju prirodnu nijansu usana u prljavo ružičastu, ali nije pretamna.

gg mauve dream swatch

gg mauve dream lip swatch


As for the formula, it is same for all the shades. It is very silky, smooth and moisturizing. However, this affects the wear, so don’t expect the lipstick to stay on for longer that two hours.

The lipstick is scented, but the scent disappears upon the application.

All in all, the lipstick is a definite step-up when it comes to the presentation. The quality is here, but the choice of shades is not quite to my liking. So far I’d only repurchase Pink Secret.

Have a great week.

Love, Tamara


Što se teksture tiče, ista je za sve nijanse. Ruževi su svilenkasti i hidratantni. Doduše, nisu baš najtrajniji – ne traju mi više od dva sata na usnama bez popravljanja.

Ruževi imaju miris koji nestane nakon nanošenja.

Sve u svemu, kad je riječ o pakovanju i prezentaciji, ovi su ruževi iznad Oriflame razine. Kvaliteta je tu, ali mi izbor nijansi nije baš po guštu. Za sad bih jedino kupila nijansu Pink Secret.

Želim vam dobar tjedan.

Voli vas, Tamara

MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger Review and Swatch

mac lady danger opened

Hello lovelies,

today I have prepared the swatch of one of the best discoveries in the last year – MAC Lady Danger lipstick. I have to admit that I didn’t really like MAC cosmetics, but curiosity got the better of me. Lady Danger was the logical choice, since it was the shade I first noticed in the store.

Lady Danger is a bright, orange based matte red (like a more pigmented version of Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Nahema). Since the shade really sticks out, it is not the lipstick for those who want to blend in the crowd, because people will notice it.

This lipstick is really pigmented – probably the most pigmented out of all the lipsticks I own and not so easy to remove so you have to be extremely careful when applying it. I haven’t noticed that it bleeds out, so I don’t wear it with a lip liner, but lip liner would certainly help the application look more neat.

The lipstick has a vanilla scent which doesn’t disappear as quickly as I’d want, but it doesn’t bother me.

However, there are some bad sides.


Bok dragi čitatelji,

za danas sam pripremila swatch jednog od najboljih otkrića prošle godine – MAC ruža u nijansi Lady Danger. Moram priznati da me MAC kozmetika dosad baš i nije zanimala, ali kad sam bila u Grazu nisam mogla odolijeti znatiželji. Ruž Lady Danger bio je logičan izbor, budući da je to bila nijansa koju sam zapazila još s vrata. Inače, MAC se još ne može nabaviti u Hrvatskoj, a u Grazu cijena je ruža 20 eura.

Nijansa Lady Danger je jarka mat crvena s narančastim podtonom (kao pigmentiranija verzija Guerlain Rouge Automatique ruža u nijansi Nahema). Budući da se ova nijansa zaista ističe, ovo nije ruž za one koji žele ostati neprimijećeni.

Ruž je zaista pigmentiran – vjerojatno najpigmentiraniji od svih ruževa koje sam imala priliku probati i ne skida se lako, tako da ga treba oprezno nanositi. Za sad nisam primijetila da se razmazuje i prelijeva preko ruba usana tako da ne koristim olovku za usne, ali smatram da bi moje nanošenje bilo urednije kada bih koristila olovku.

Ruž ima okus vanilije koji se zadržava koji sat, ali me okus ne smeta.

mac lady danger

Since Lady Danger is a matte lipstick, it has a drier texture. Luckily, it doesn’t dry out the lips, but neither does it feel comfortable. I can remedy this with a lip balm or a transparent lip gloss, but I still prefer the consistency of, for example, Guerlain Rouge Automatiquer or YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks.

Another minus is that the lipstick wears off irregularly – usually the lipstick in the centre of the lips is gone after an hour or two, but it remains on the edge of the lipline. I have small lips and it makes me look ridiculous if I don’t touch-up often.

Still, in spite of its minor flaws Lady Danger is still one of my favourite lipsticks ever.


Ruž ima i neke loše karakteristike. Budući da je ovo mat ruž, tekstura je ruža suša. Ruž doduše ne isušuje usne, ali nije ugodan na usnama. To se može popraviti ukoliko se preko ruža nanese balzam ili prozirno sjajilo, ali meni je još uvijek draža tekstura Guerlain Rouge Automatique i YSL Rouge Pur Couture ruževa.

Još je jedan minus činjenica da se ruž skida nepravilno, to jest, u sredini usana nestane u roku od sat ili dva, a ostane na rubovima usana te, ukoliko ga stalno ne popravljam, izgledam smiješno budući da imam male usne.

Sve u svemu, usprkos svim manama Lady Danger mi je i dalje jedan od najdražih ruževa ikad.

mac lady danger lipstick

Lady Danger swatch:

mac lady danger swatch

Lady Danger lip swatch.

mac lady danger lip swatch

mac lady danger lip

SISLEY Sisleya Global Anti-Aging Cream Review

sisleya all

Hello dear readers,

I’ve been incapacitated for everal days and barely had enough strength to go to work. My skin was a complete mess too – extremely dehydrated and constantly flaking. To battle such a condition, I needed a real weapon: Sisleya Global Anti Aging Cream. I have several GWP  jars (5ml) which I use sparingly because I’m not willing to shell out over $470 for a jar.

The cream is very thick and has a nice herbal scent. To apply it, I take a small amount and warm it up by rubbing it between my fingers. This makes the consistency less thick so you can apply smaller amount and spread it easily. It won’t sink immediately, so I usually put it on an hour before I go to bed. It is possible to use it underneath the make-up, but be sure to use extremely small amount so that it can sink quicker.

As for the effects, Skinleya is great.  It instantly fixes up all the traces of dehydrated skin. Sisley Masks are good, but some things are even beyond their repair, so this is where Sisleya comes it. The skin is completely healed, renourished, smooth and soft.  My skin is typically oily and dehydrated, but this Sisleya isn’t too rich for me. My skin feels greasy, but only until the cream sinks in. However, if you have a drier skin type, you should probably look into the version for dry skin.

Skinleya is definitely one of my favourite creams, although the price makes me look for cheaper alternative. If you know one, feel free to recommend one :)

sisleya open


Zdravo drage čitateljice,

zaadnjih sam nekoliko dana bila izvan stroja, jedva imajući snage da se dovučem na posao. Koža je također bila u potpunom rasulu – jako dehidrirana i perutava. Kako bih ispravila to stanje, trebala sam naći pravi lijek: Sisleya Global Anti Age Cream. Iman nekoliko posudica kreme koje sam dobila kao poklon uz kupnju i koje jako štedim jer mi je puna cijena od cca 2500 kuna ipak malo previše.

Krema je jako gusta i ima krasan biljni miris. Nanosim ju tako da malu količinu kreme lagano protrljam među prstima kako bih ju zagrijala i kako bi krema postala lakšom za nanošenje. Krema se neće odmah upiti, tako da ju obično nanosim sat prije spavanja. Moguće je kremu koristiti ispod šminke, ali tada to trebaju biti jako male količine kako bi se krema što prije upila.

Što se tiče učinkovitosti, Skinleya je super krema. Odmah briše sve tragove dehidrirane kože. Sisleyeve maske su inače jako dobre u tome, ali u nekim situacijana ni one ne mogu pomoći te tada nastupa Sisleya. Koža je potpuno izliječena, nahranjena, glatka i mekana. Moja je koža obično masna i dehidrirana, ali ova krema nije prebogata. Krema je na koži malo masna, ali to nestaje kako se krema upija. Doduše, ukoliko imate suhu kožu, radije isprobajte verziju za suhu kožu.

Skinleya je definitivno jedna od meni najdražih krema, iako zbog cijene tražim jeftiniju alternativu. Ako znate koju, slobodno preporučite :)

BIODERMA Sebium Hydra Moisturizing Cream Review

bioderma sebium hydra

During the last month I’ve been using Bioderma Sebium Hydra moisturizing cream. According to the pharmacist, this cream should moisturize skin without making it too greasy. I haven’t purchased the full-size, but the pharmacist gave me several 5ml samples to try.

The cream has a very thick consistency, but it isn’t greasy. It spread easily, but I need to use quite a lot for my face. It has a very mild scent which shouldn’t bother anyone.

My skin is oily and dehydrated with huge pores. As for the efficiency on my skin, I find the cream okay. It helped (to some extent) with dehydration, but my skin needs much more moisture in the winter. From what I can notice, the cream hasn’t clogged my pores or caused any breakouts.

Since it didn’t make my skin greasy, I think this might be a nice solution for late spring or summer.


Proteklih mjesec dana koristila sam Bioderma Sebium Hydra hidratantnu kremu. Ova krema bi trebala hidratizirati kožu bez mašćenja (barem mi je tako magistra rekla). Nisam kupila punu veličinu (mislim da košta oko 80 kuna), ali mi je magistra dala par testera of 5ml da isprobam.

Krema je dosta gusta, ali se ne čini masna. Lako se razmazuje, ali usprkos tome trebam dosta veliku količinu kreme sa lice. Ima jako lagan, jedva primjetan miris koji ne bi trebao ikom smetati.

Moja koža je masna i dehidrirana s ogromnim porama. Što se tiče učinka kreme na mojoj koži, ova krema mi je samo ok. Pomaže koliko-toliko dehidriranoj koži, ali trenutno moja koža traži puno više hidratacije. Dok sam koristila kremu, nisam primijetila da čepi pore ili uzrokuje prištiće.

S obzirom na to da nije mastila moju kožu, ova mi se krema čini kao idealno rješenje za kasne proljetne ili ljetne mjesece.

APIVITA Lip Care with Propolis Review

apivita propolis opened

Hello, dear readers.

It’s been awhile since the last decent blog update. I apologise, but a lot of things were going on and I simply couldn’t find time to update.

Today, I’ll review Apivita lip balm. I’ve bought it several weeks ago. I was in a desperate need of a lip balm (up to then I used lipstick, but then you can’t wear lipstick at night) and Apivita seemed like a convenient choice.

The balm doesn’t feel too waxy – since it contains beeswax, I was afraid that I’ll have problems with difficult application, but it goes on smoothly. It has a dusty coconut scent – not something I’m fan of, but I can tolerate it.

As for the care, it really nourishes my lips, especially during night. It doesn’t disappear quickly, so sometimes when I wake up, I can still feel that there’s some balm left on the lips after all night sleep.

Quality wise, it is a good product for an affordable $10 (contains 4.4 grams of product).

The only issue I have is the packaging. It literary feels like it is going to fall apart in my hands. It feels super cheap and of bad quality.

The repurchase of this (or some other lip balm from Apivita line) depends on how well will the packaging hold. I don’t expose it to any extreme condition – it simply sits on my table, so I don’t expect much problems, but you can never be sure.

ORIFLAME More by Demi EdP Review


I’ve been looking for a cheaper daytime fragrance to wear to work, since I don’t want to use the nicer ones daily. I was interested in Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire, but to me it smells exactly like Pink Sugar Sensual (the one in the black bottle), so Guerlain was off. Anyway, this fragrance came with a free Giordani Gold Jewell lipstick, so I took the deal.

The fragrance comes in a 50 ml bottle and retails for $45 ($25 on the sale).

It comes in a glass bottle – the front and the back size are opaque gold colour, while the sides are transparent (so you can see how much you have left). The cap is made of gold coloured plastic and it is a bit difficult to take off or put on.

As for the fragrance itself – it is a floral with a hint of oriental on my skin. The opening is a fruity floral bouquet – I can smell peach and citruses, but the floral part is undetermined. As the fruit wanes, jasmine and ylang ylang come in the front. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with ylang ylang, so I can detect this note really well. As it dries down, floral part is still present, but it is creamier, grounded by spicy sandalwood.

One thing I can unmistakeably smell is an Oriflame note – a note which I cannot describe, but which I can smell in the opening of the 90% of Oriflame fragrances.

As for its lasting power – it lasts for ages – even better than some of By Kilian fragrances. I can still smell it on my hair and clothes the next day.

While I’m not the fan of the top notes, the dry-down is appealing enough to me.I’m really glad that this fragrance wasn’t a miss.

ORIFLAME Intense Hand Protection Concentrate Review

At work, I very often come in contact with the substances which dry out hands. Currently, a hand cream is something that I can’t live without. After spending Eucerin hand cream, which was very good, I wanted to find a cheaper solution and I’ve found it in Oriflame Intense Hand Protection Concentrate. It is not as cheap as I have hoped for – I got it on the sale for $4 for 50ml tube (Eucerin costs around $10 for 75ml).

The cream is very thick, but it spreads easily. However, it won’t sink immediately – it will take at least 5 to 10 minutes for it to sink in completely. This makes the cream not so work-friendly, as in this case you need something that will sink in quickly.

As for its effectiveness, it is very good – I usually apply a two pea-sized amount and it moisturizes pretty well (especially if I apply it in a thicker layer and use it over night). It works well for the cuticles, too.

The cream has a light, inoffensive scent, which needs some time to disappear completely.

All in all, a nice option, although I’d prefer if it would sink in more quickly.

SISLEY All Day All Year Review and Ingredients

All Day All Year is, together with Creme Reparatrice, Floral Toning Lotion, Express Flower Gel and Lyslait, one of Sisley’s signature products. I’ve been listening the glowing reviews for years and I’ve always wanted to try it, but I could never get a sample so I didn’t want to risk.

The full-size All Day All Year comes in a 50ml pump bottle and retails for $398. Luckily, I got 5 GWP samples, each containing 10 ml, so I practically got the full-size for free. I’ve been using it once per day (in the morning) for two weeks and I haven’t even spent a half of the tube.

All Day All Year has a slightly unpleasant scent, which disappears upon the application.

When I squeeze it out, the consistency feels whipped, but when I spread it on the face, it feels thick, greasy and sticky (like a heavy sunscreen). However, half a minute after it dries up to a matte finish. I use it underneath the make-up – it is a great base to put underneath the foundation.

All Day All Year boasts with sunscreen, but it never says which SPF it has, so I wouldn’t put much confidence in it to protect me from UVA/UVB rays.

Ever since I’ve started using this (in conjuncture with some other products – Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar, Ecological Compound, Sisleya Radiance Serum and Floral Toning Lotion), my skin feels and looks great – soft, radiant skin with minimal oiliness and no dehydration.

I was a bit worried that it will break me out, but luckily it didn’t.

I recommend this cream as a basic day-time moisturizer because it protects my skin primarily from the environmental damage (cold and dry air). I trust the claim about UV filters to protect me during cloudy winter days, but it wouldn’t be my go to sunscreen in spring, summer or fall. The only drawback is the price, which is steep for something so basic, but I hope that the samples will last me a long time.


Water (aqua), ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, squalane, isopropyl palmitate, cetearyl alchohol, corylus americana (hazel) seed oil, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), sesamum indicum (sesame) extract, pyrus malus (apple) fruit extract, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, propylene glycol, polysilicone-14, cetearyl glucoside, phenoxyethanol, salix alba (willow) leaf extract, potassium cetyl phosphate, dimethicone, tocopherol, butylene glycol, polyacrylamide, ceteareth-33, methylparaben, C13-14 isoparaffin, xanthan gum, silica, juniperus communis fruit oil, salvia officinalis (sage) oil, arginine, oryza sativa (rice) bran extract, butylparaben, thymus mastichina herb oil, ethyparaben, laureth-7, disodium edta, citric acid, propylparaben. (cont. linalool, limonene).

SISLEY Sisleya Radiance Anti Aging Concentrate Review

The full-size Sisleya Radiance Anti Aging Concentrate comes in a 30 ml pump bottle and retails for $510. I haven’t purchased the full-size, but I have 6 samples, each containing 3 ml, so this sums up to a little more than half the full-size.

So far, I have spent two samples. One sample usually lasts for 9 to 10 days, if I use it once per day.

Sisleya Radiance Anti Aging Concentrate is a very light yellow-coloured serum. A little goes a long way – I use a pea sized amount for the whole face. It spreads easily and sinks in immediately. The serum is scented – a herbal scent on which I’m still trying to get used to, but the scent disappears quickly upon the application.

During the two and a half weeks, I’ve been using this serum in the evening, after cleansing and applying a toner. An hour or two after applying the serum, I used Ecological compound, for an extra moisture boost. Every morning, I applied All Day All Year.

The effect of this serum is amazing. At first, I’ve planned to spend all six tubes, but now I think that I’ll save some for later.

My skin is oily, but dehydrated with giant pores (I can’t do nothing about it, unfortunatelly) and whitehead bumps. I can count on one or two cystic acne per week. Of course, when a cystic acne is gone, you can count on the fact that it will leave a reminder in the form of redness which isn’t gone for ages.

After using it for two and a half weeks, my skin appears more even. In this whole period, I only got one hormonal cystic acne, which was gone pretty quickly, without leaving a red mark (I expected more of them). The redness is minimal and all in all, my skin looks the best it could be (if only this worked on pores).

I didn’t notice more blackheads – actually, they seem to be pretty diminished. I’ve also noticed the diminished size of the whiteheads. My skin is no longer dehydrated and the oiliness diminished.

I am truly amazed by this serum and yes, I consider repurchasing it. However, I’d like to try some other, cheaper, serums first, because the price of this serum is a bit out of my league.

EVELINE Slim Extreme 3D Anti Cellulite Peeling Massage Shower Gel Review and Ingredients

Eveline is one of my favourite budget friendly companies, especially when it comes to body care, although they make make-up and skincare, too.

Slim Extreme 3D Anti Cellulite Peeling Massage Shower Gel is one of my favourite body exfoliator (others being L’Oreal Exfotonic which is discontinued and Sisley Foaming Exfoliant which is expensive).

Eveline Peeling Gel comes in a 200 ml flip top opening tube and retails for around $5. This is both the shower gel and exfoliator in one. It also claims that it helps to reduce cellulite in combination with Eveline anticellulite creams, but I haven’t tried it that way, so I cannot comment the claims.

The exfoliating beads are tiny, but there could be more of them – for my skin that amount of beads works if I use it daily. However, if I only use it from time to time, it is not strong enough.

A bonus is that it can be used as a 2 in 1 (especially if you don’t have sensitive skin) which makes it the perfect product for travelling.

As a shower gel, it foams up and it cleanses well. It has a slightly minty scent.

I like it, but I’m not sure I love it. However, for the price, it is still my favourite choice.

SISLEY Phyto Lip Star in Deep Tourmaline Swatch and Review

Phyto Lip Star contains 7 ml and retails for around $50. It comes with a brush applicator. As almost all Sisley make-up, the packaging feels a bit on the cheap side.

I got this lip gloss as a part of a set called White Orchid Make-up Pouch which I have found on an insane sale, so it made the price much easier to bear.

Deep Tourmaline is the second lip gloss from the Phyto Lip Star range that I own (other being Rose Quartz).

Deep Tourmaline is a warm muted medium dark burgundy red with a lots os tiny shimmer in various colours – from silver to pink, red and burgundy. My major problem with shimmering lip glosses is that the shimmer feels gritty (even when it comes to the high-end lip glosses). Fortunately, this is not the case with Sisley – I cannot feel grittiness at all. Another bonus is that when it fades, it fades evenly, so you are not left with shimmer on dried out lips.

The lip gloss feels slightly heavy on my lips, but it is not sticky. In this weather heaviness is a bonus, because the lip gloss doesn’t budge for hours, so it protects my lips, too.

The lip gloss is pretty pigmented, although on my lips this is a bit hard to see, because it is practically the same shade as my natural lip colour.

I also have to warn that the lip gloss has a pretty strong fruity scent. The scent has grow on me, but some might not like it.

Overall, this is my go-to sparkly lip gloss and I still think that it is one of the best sparkly lip glosses on the market.

P.S. I haven’t put the photo of the lip swatch, because I couldn’t get any even half-acceptable photo. I will upload it when I get a good one.