EMPTIES │ July Empties (the biggest empties so far)


july empties

Hello lovelies,

it seems that being persistent pays off. When the month started, I didn’t think I’d have so many empties, but I’ve determinately stuck with using up the products and the result is here – the biggest empties post so far. Even though there is a lot of small samples, there’s still quite a generous amount of full sized products. Surprisingly, several make-up items are gone, too (among which the unspendable Dior blush). In the light of my pre no-buy haul, I’m glad to have more space.

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july favourites

Hello lovelies,

my “favourites” type of posts will feature beauty product that I especially gravitated to the past month. I haven’t done favourites for a while, primarily because for the past six months I’ve been focusing on using up the make-up I chose for my 14 for 2014 project. After six months, I’ve used up more than half of the products, so I finally feel comfortable to dig into my huge collection. Let’s say I’m pretty happy I don’t have to wear the same look every day anymore.

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NEW IN │ Pre-100 Days No-buy Shopping (Caudalie, La Roche Possay, Yves Rocher, Catrice, Ciate and more) Part 1

newin july

Hello lovelies,

finally the majority of items I’ve ordered in a tiny time frame of 2 days have arrived. I’m still waiting for several nail polishes, which should hopefully arrive soon, as well as some Emma Hardie and other skincare products. After all, it’s been over 3 weeks. I think that once they arrive I’m finally set.

Now, let’s see what I’ve got so far.

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June Empties + No Buy Update


june empties

Hello lovelies,

what a match (USA vs. Belgium). It is a shame that both teams couldn’t pass to the next round. Still, it was a pleasure to watch, so I don’t regret staying up late.

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, I didn’t spend a lot of stuff in June. I hope that means that July will be much better. I did, however, manage to make quite a dent in my perfume samples.

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april empties all

Hello lovelies,

here’s another round of epic empties. I thought about separating it into two posts, but then I decided to squeeze it all here.


april empties makeup

Oriflame Very Me Preppy Chic eyeshadow – I didn’t actually spend it – it fell out of the pan. I managed to put it in, but when I touched it with a brush, it fell apart like this:

april empties es

Life’s too short to waste it on a ruined eyeshadow.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in Pink Dahlia – I love the color, but I’d prefer more moisturizing formula.

Oriflame Color Drop in Rose Elixir – I liked it – it is moisturizing, the shade is nice. The only thing that bugs me is the small amount you get in a bullet.

Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewell in Dusky Nude is another nice nude lipstick.



april empties body

Oriflame Silk Beauty Body Cream is a holy grail. I love everything about it – the formula, the scent and the price. I definitely need to repurchase it.

Dead Sea Shower Gel (2x)– ok shower gels

Nivea Cream – I can’t believe that I still haven’t written a review about it. I always have a jar of it – it is a must have during winter. I use it all over the body and it instanty repairs and soothes dry, damaged skin.

SunDance Self Tanning Spray – I didn’t finish it because it sucks. Actually, I suck at applying spray self tanner. I used it only once and ended up all patchy. Good thing is that it doesn’t stink – it has a surprisingly nice smell for a self tanner. The spray is transparent and sinks immediately so I couldn’t see where I put it. I thought I did fine until the tan developed. Well, I wore long trousers for two weeks. I guess spray tanners are not for me.

Kerastase Ciment Anti-Usure is very close to becoming a holy grail. It makes my hair very soft. My hair is currently super damaged (need haircut, ASAP) but it managed to keep it in a nice condition.

Lancaster Tan Deepener is another product I’m throwing out. I used up half of it two years ago and then I didn’t use it at all last summer. Since it is opened for such a long time, I though the best would be to throw it away.


april empties

Sisley Eau Efficace is a very expensive cleansing water. It is not bad, but there are equally good (If not better) cheaper cleansing water.

Garnier Essentials Rose Extract Toner – I thought this might be a good dupe for Sisley Floral Toning Lotion, but I don’t like the toner as much. It is not bad, but it didn’t make my skin feel moisturized like Sisley did.

Olaz Regenerist Serum is nothing special. It is a thicker, yellowish serum with a tiny micro shimmer (not visible on the face). I did not feel it did much for my skin. I definitely won’t repurchase.

Sisley Ecological Compund is an ok light moisturizer. I might repurchase it.

Sisley Lyslait – a good but expensive cleansing milk.

april empties face

Sisley Intensive Day Cream – damn you Sisley for making this. This is very close to becoming my holy grail moisturizer (if it weren’t for a $300 price tag). It makes my skin moisturized and instantly fixes flaky parts. My skin has never looked as nice as it did while I was using it, but I have yet to talk myself into giving this amount of money for a basic moisturizer.

Sisley Tropical Resins Complex – I used it ages ago and I think they did a bit of reformulation, at least when it comes to scent. The full size product I had certainly didn’t smell so strong of slivovitz. Other than the scent, it worked well – it kept me mattified without being to drying.

Nuxe Contour des Yeux Prodigieux is a nice eye contour cream. I’d recommend it for first wrinkles/dehydration lines – it is light and moisturizing. I don’t think I’ll repurchase it, though. I am currently using Caudalie, which I like more.

Avene TriAcneal is a cream I don’t think I’ll repurchase. This cream was launched to replacec Diacneal which I liked more. I feel as if TriAcneal didn’t do anything for me.

Sisley Sisleya Global Firming Serum is an expensive moisturizing serum. Definitely not worth the price, IMHO.



april empties fragrance

Oriflame Amethyst Fatale – I don’t like the scent at all – it is too unremarkable.

Valentino Rock’n’Rose – I have no idea why I liked it several years ago. It is another bland, characterless scent, made to appeal a huge number of customers. It is a light floral with a hint of rose.

Cartier Eau de Cartier is a slightly citrusy, but otherwise unremarkable scent.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio smells like the ‘90s. It’s like a baby of Lancome Tresor and Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey. I don’t like such a floral-aquatic type on my skin.

Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour is my favourite daytime scent. I often use it when I need to use fragrance, but I don’t want to spend my good stuff. The scent is very similar to Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and a true bargain at $6 for 50ml. Unlike Coco Mademoiselle EdT which turns fruity, this develops richer oriental notes on my skin. Yes, I will repurchase it.





2014 TOTAL


MINI: 27


xoxo Tamara

MARCH Empties


march empties

Hello lovelies,

after a great February, here’s not so great March.



march empties eyes

Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Couleurs Jeu de Nacres – I can’t believe I’ve finally managed to use up an eyeshadow palette. These Guerlain palettes are giant – each pan contains 1.5 grams (a size of an average full sized eyeshadow) so it is no wonder that it took me several years to finish it.

Oriflame Mono Eyeshadow Midnight Black – I didn’t actually use up this eyeshadow. It was sitting in my traincase and one day I went to find a lipstick and my hand was all black. Somehow this eyeshadow managed to shatter all over my traincase. Well, good riddance. It wasn’t a good eyeshadow – too much fallout and hard to blend.



march empties face

Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream for Face – I’ve already reviewed it and it is too greasy for my skin.

Sierra Bees Cocoa Butter lip balm – a nice lip balm.

Sisley Confort Extreme – surprisingly good moisturizer. I was afraid that it would be too greasy and too heavy for my skin, but it wasn’t. It sufficiently moisturized my face. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for a super dry skin.

Sisley Tropical Resins Mask – I’ve used up a full size recently and I think they reformulated it. This sample differed in consistency and smell to my old full size. The effect is, however, the same – the skin is clearer, but the results aren’t too dramatic.

Chanel Le Jour de Chanel – I’ll stick to my previous review – it sucks and I’m not impressed.

Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF 50+ – sadly, it is too greasy. Otherwise, it is a good sunscreen, I’d just prefer if it had a formula of Photoderm AKN.

Eucerin Aquaporin Light – an ok lightweight moisturizer.

Nuxe Nirvanesque Light – even though the name says Light, it is actually pretty rich and moisturizing. I like it, although I’m not too fond of the scent. I might purchase the full size.

Eucerin Extra Light Sun Lotion SPF 30 – again, a good sunscreen, but slightly too greasy for my liking.



march empties body

Oriflame Chocolate Dream Shower Gel – I really need to learn to stop buying “chocolate” scented shower gels, because the scent doesn’t even come close. It is actually very milky, creamy scent. Another minus is that I went through this rather fast. Usually 200ml shower gel lasts me for at least two months (I shower every day), but this one lasted less than a month.

Lavozon After-Sun Lotion – I had it in my drawer from the last summer. My sister bought it for a trip but ended up not using it, so I decided to finish it up. It is very light-weight, but doesn’t sink in quickly. Overall, I don’t really like it and I won’t repurchase.

Sisley Phyto Svelt Global – very overpriced and nothing special.

Caudalie Divine Oil – I had only a tiny 3ml sample, but so far I really like it as a hair and body oil. It smells divine. I have several more on the way, so I’ll be able to give a more in-depth review.

Sisley Soir de Lune Body Cream – a good cream, but I dislike the scent. Luckily, I think this one is the last one. Yay!





2014 TOTAL:


MINI: 21


xoxo Tamara

14 for 2014 Challenge – Update #1

14 for 14

Hello lovelies,

I thought that the end of March would be appropriate time to post an update of my 14 for 2014 challenge. I’ve started this challenge in February by picking 14 make-up products which I must finish in 2014. This update will show how much I’ve managed to spend.

Let’s start with eye and some face products:

14for14 3m update eyes

Oriflame concealer is at least 2/3 full. It is very thin and lightweight so a little goes a long way.

Uriage Bariesun is over half full.

Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero is much shorter than it was in the first post.

The same goes for Urban Decay 24/7 in Bourbon.

Oriflame Preppy Chic Eyeshadow trio – I am close to hitting the pan on the lightest shade and the brown shade has a pretty good dent in it. I didn’t use the taupe as much.


14for14 3m update lips

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby is finished and the other three shades are close to being finished, too.


14for14 3m update face

Dior Diorblush is finally showing some signs of wear. I finally believe that I’ll be able to finish it.

Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats is also pretty close to being finished.

Even though there’s only little product left around the edge, I think YSL Poudre de Soleil will still last me a long time.

T. le Clerc Poudre has a decent amount of product left.

Guerlain Meteorites is the only product which I don’t think I’ll be able to finish. I’ve been using it almost daily (not to mention how much I used it the last year) and I have yet to hit the pan.

My current score is 1 product finished and I have a good hunch that I’ll be adding three more finished lipsticks soon.

I’ve thought about adding a replacement product once I’ve spent one – that way I’d always have 14 products on the list, but I think it would limit me too much. In the end I decided to simply spend the products from the list and then enjoy in my stash.

xoxo Tamara

Make-up Monday – My Lipstick Collection (Sisley, MAC, Guerlain, YSL, Oriflame)

lipstick collection

Hello lovelies,

in the first installment of Make-up Monday I decided to show you my current lipstick collection and share my impressions.

I am definitely a lipstick person, although I like the convenience of a lipgloss in summer. I prefer creamy, sheer but buildable moisturizing formulas. I’m not so concerned about how long my lipstick will wear as I don’t have a problem reapplying it every half an hour. When it comes to colors, I adore bright pinky-coral and, as you can see, the majority of my collection consists of these shades. I’m not a fan of concealer-beige nude lipsticks so my collection of nude lipsticks gravitates towards meat-coloured pinks.

My all-time favourite lipstick brand, which can do no wrong in my opinion, is Guerlain. I’ve used up tons of their lipsticks and I’m always back for more. I adore creamy formula, moisturizing properties and color range of their lipsticks.

I only have one YSL lipstick, but I don’t think I’ll get more. There’s nothing wrong with the lipstick itself, but I prefer the formula of Guerlain whichs stays creamy, while YSL sort of dries on your lips.

Other bloggers have written odes to MAC lipsticks, but I won’t be one of them (although, they wear well). Again, nothing wrong with the lipstick, but the formula feels too dry on my lips, even though it doesn’t dry them out. On the other hand I adore the shade selection and whenever I find myself at a MAC counter I have a hard time picking up the lipstick. The three shades I currently own were love at first sight.

Sisley lipsticks are on the super high end side of my collection. I have two of them and they are very good, but they don’t make me want to buy more. TBH this is good because the price is $$$$$$$$.

When it comes to budget options, my favourite is Oriflame. They have really stepped up their game and they are affordable (when you buy them on a sale). They are not really long-lasting, but the formula is great. I only hope they will change the scent as I’m not the fan of it.

Here are all 11 of them lined up:

lipstick collection 3

The lipsticks: Guerlain Shalimar, Guerlain Rouge d’Enfer, MAC Lady Danger, Guerlain Nahema, MAC Vegas Volt, Sisley L9, MAC Impassioned, YSL Rose Dahlia, Sisley #11 Sheer Baby, Oriflame Color Drop Rose Elixir, Oriflame Giordani Gold Dusky Nude.

They are swatched in the same order:

lipstick collection 2

lipstick collection 1

Which lipstick colours do you prefer?

xoxo Tamara

Skincare Sunday – Oriflame Silk Beauty Body Cream Review

oriflame silk beauty body cream

Hello lovelies,

it is time for another Skincare Sunday :)

I absolutely hated body creams/lotions and up to the last year I used them rarely – mainly during summer to moisturize tanned skin. I hate that they do not sink in quickly and often leave greasy coat on the skin. Last year I realized that my skin requires moisture and I went on a search for a body moisturizer. I found Clarins body milk (which I have to review), but I wanted to find something budget friendly and enter Oriflame Silk Beauty Body Cream.

I love it – that’s all I have to say. The pale pink coloured cream has a watery, gel-like consistency which feels like a whipped cream. The cream spreads easily and a little goes a long way (the amount I have on my hand below is enough for one leg). It leaves my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Another benefit is that is quickly absorbs into the skin.

The scent is nice – it reminds me of roses. Upon application it is strong but it weakens quickly and very soon you can smell it only if you put your nose on the skin.

The cream comes in a 200 ml jar and costs $10 (59 kn). I bought it on a sale, but I don’t remember how much it cost.

oriflame silk beauty body cream 1

My skin is not super dry so this cream is perfect for me. However, I would not recommend it for drier skin types. I, on the other hand, will continue to repurchase it.

xoxo Tamara

February Empties :)

february empties

Hello lovelies,

even though February is the shortest month, when it comes to empties, it was epic. I usually keep my empties in a small box, but this time they couldn’t fit inside so I needed to find a new home for them. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve finished so much products.

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14 for 2014 Challenge

14 for 14

Hello lovelies,

I think that 2014 will be the stash clear-out year. In the past several years I have bought a bunch of make-up, some of which is still barely used. I don’t like the feeling of practically throwing my money away because, no matter how much I say to myself that make-up is my hobby and that I collect it; if it is not used, it is a waste of money. Although I do not strictly stick to expiration dates, I really don’t want to use 10 years old eyeshadow when I can get a new one (of course, this would mean getting just one new eyeshadow).

I’m still not sure how will my no-buy go – so far it is good, but there are almost 70 days left – and I’d like to continue with it through the whole year; at least when it comes to make-up. I don’t want it to be too restrictive; after all, having the restrictions would only make me want to break them more, so I’ll get several exceptions like mascara or some super undupeable limited edition product. Of course, the continuation of my no-buy throughout the year at this point is just a speculation.

What is not a speculation is a new challenge I’m imposing on myself. I named it 14 for 2014 Challenge because in my attempt to make more space in my collection, I decided to pick 14 items which I must finish in 2014. I did create a list of 20-something items to use more frequently several months ago, but that list served only as a guideline. This list, on the other hand, will contain products which I really don’t want to have in 2015; meaning that they must be completely gone this year.

Click to see the chosen items

January Empties :)

jan empties

Hello lovelies,

I don’t know about you, but seeing a bunch of empties makes me really happy. The reason probably is the fact that I’m really set on minimizing my collection this year and so far January has been a great month for empties. It’s a pretty long post, so I’ll skip to the main part:

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ORIFLAME Power Shine Palladium Nail Polish in Fuchsia Palladium Swatch and Review

Hello lovelies,

today I have prepared the swatch of a very interesting nail polish. It is Oriflame Power Shine Palladium. I’m not actually sure how to classify it – I have suspected that it might be a holo nail polish, but the photos in the catalogue didn’t look really holo. Neither did the swatches I found on-line. It sparkled my curiosity, so I ordered the whole range, but only two shades were in stock and today I’m going to talk about Fuchsia Palladium.

Fuchsia Palladium is a raspberry pink. In the shadow it looks like it has a silver shimmer which transforms into a very weak linear holographic pigment. The holo effect is not really strong and it was hard to decide whether it is linear or scattered (trust me, I spent two hours outside on the sunshine staring at my nails). Basically, in the bottle it is linear, while on the nails it is a mixture of linear and scattered. As I’ve said, it is a very weak holo and don’t expect that you’ll see a whole rainbow on your nails – golden and reddish tones are more prominent, while you can see a sparkle of blue and green only under very strong sunlight. Even though it is not a holo in the full sense, it is very unique and shimmer gives it a new dimension.

What I really like about this nail polish is that it is a total one-coater. It is extremely pigmented and opaque in only one thin coat. This is a good thing because the bottle it comes in is on the smaller side – only 5ml and it retails for $10.

If you are looking for a true holo, this is not it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it less beautiful. It definitely goes on my favourites list.

Danas ću recenzirati Oriflame Power Shine Palladium lak za nokte. Nisam načisto u koju bih ih grupu stavila – pretpostavljala sam da su holo lakovi iako ni na slikama u katalogu kao ni na swatchevima nisu izgledali holo. To je probudilo moju znatiželju pa sam naručila cijelu kolekciju (ali većina nijansi nije bila na zalihama) tako da ću danas recenzirati nijansu Fuchsia Palladium.

Fuchsia Palladium lak je boje maline. U sjeni izgleda kao da sadrži srebrenkasti shimmer koji se na suncu pretvara u slab holo pigment. Teško je bilo klasificirati holo efekt (vjerujte mi, dva sam sata stajala vani na suncu i proučavala nokte). Uglavnom, došla sam do zaključka da je u bočici definitivno linearan, a na noktima je nešto između linearnog i razbacanog. Kao što sam spomenula, kakav god bio, holo efekt je slab tako da ne očekujte cijelu dugu na noktima. Dominiraju zlatni i crveni tonovi, a plavo i zeleno se nazire tu i tamo samo pod snažnim svjetlom. Iako ovaj lak nije holo u pravom smislu, nijansa je jedinstvena, a shimmer joj daje novu dimenziju.

Jako mi se sviđa što je lak veoma pigmentiran tako da je za potpuno prekrivanje dovoljan samo jedan tanak sloj. To je također dobro jer bočica sadrži malu količinu – samo 5 ml. Lak dođe 55 kn, a može se naći na sniženju za 39,90 kn.

Ukoliko tražite pravi holo lak, ovo nije takav (U Hrvatskoj u Kozmu možete nabaviti Depend holo lakove); što ne znači da nije lijep. Ovaj lak definitivno ulazi na moju listu najdražih lakova.

Here are the swatches (1 coat of nail polish, no base or top coat)

oriflame fuchsia palladium


oriflame fuchsia palladium 5


oriflame fuchsia palladium 4


oriflame fuchsia palladium 3


oriflame fuchsia palladium 2

oriflame fuchsia palladium 1

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

ORIFLAME Colour Drop Lipstick in Rose Elixir Swatch and Review

oriflame colour drop

Hello lovelies,

it’s been a while since my last make-up related review, so I thought it’s time for another.

Recently Oriflame launched Color Drop lipstick line which promises intense moisturizing and comfort. I like moisturizing lipsticks, especially during winter when my lips need all the help they can get.

Another feature of this lipstick is its shape – it is shaped in a curve to fit the lip shape.

Although I prefer brighter colors, I opted for a nudish one. I picked the shade Rose Elixir which is a pinkish nude. It is not too pale for my skin tone and looks very natural. It looks like a slightly darker version of Benefit’s Lady’s Choice. The lipstick glides on the lips, it is very light and moisturizing – almost like a lip balm. The colour is very opaque – it doesn’t look so on the skin swatch, but I have naturally dark lips and this completely covers my lip colour.

It wears well – two hours is great for a moisturizing lipstick.

The minus is a tiny amount – only 2 grams. It is not too expensive – around $10, although you can find it on sale cheaper.

This will definitely be my go-to winter lipstick :)

Prošlo je dosta vremena od zadnje make-up recenzije, pa je došlo vrijeme za drugu.

Oriflame je nedavno lansirao Color Drop liniju ruževa za usne koja obećava intenzivnu hidrataciju i udobnost. Volim hidratantne ruževe, osobito zimi kad moje usne trebaju svu moguću pomoć.

Ovaj je ruž poseban zbog svojeg oblika koji je zakrivljen tako da savršeno sjeda na usne.

Iako volim jarke boje, odabrala sam rozu nude nijansu Rose Elixir. Nijansa nije presvijetla u odnosu na moj ten I izgleda vrlo prirodno. Podsjeća me na malo tamniju verziju Benefitovog ruža u nijansi Lady’s Choice. Ruž je na usnama veoma lagan i hidratantan poput balzama za usne. Ruž je jako pigmentiran – iako ne djeluje tako swatchan na koži, potpuno prekrije moju prirodnu boju usana (tamono crvena).

Postojanost je dobra – oko 2 sata, što je solidno za hidratantni ruž.

Minus je mala količina – samo 2 grama. Ruž nije preskup – redovna mu je cijena 59 kuna, a često se može naći na sniženju.

Ovo će definitivno biti moj must-have ruž za zimu :)

oriflame color drop


oriflame colour drop lipstick


oriflame color drop swatch


oriflame color drop lip swatch

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

ORIFLAME Preppy Chic Eyeshadow in Brown Swatch and Review

oriflame preppy

Hello lovelies,

here’s another non-nail polish related post. I’m searching for a neutral, not too shimmery and travel friendly neutral eyeshadow palette. My main candidate is Urban Decay Naked Basic, but I haven’t purchased it yet because overall it is too light – four light shades, one medium dark brown and one black (which I probably wouldn’t wear). When I saw Oriflame eyeshadow trio I thought that this might be a good replacement, but unfortunately it isn’t.

Oriflame Peppy Chic eyeshadow trio in Brown features three neutral, slightly shimmery shades: a champagne beige, medium dark bronze brown and medium dark taupe brown. All shades contain shimmer, but it is not too visible once applied.

oriflame preppy closeup

All three shades are buttery smooth, but the pigmentation isn’t consistent. The least pigmented is a champagne shade – as you can see on the swatch, it is barely visible and I had a lot of trouble getting anything to show on the skin. The shadow is definitely a disappointment – it doesn’t sit on the skin nicely and has a fallout.

On the other hand, two other shades are perfect – pigmented, smooth and no fallout. They are the complete opposite to the champagne shades. I simply love them :)

I have oily lids, so nothing stays on without a primer, but with the primer all shades wore for over 10 hours.

Overall, if it weren’t for the champagne shade, it would not be a bad eyeshadow for the price (cca $6).

Here are the swatches, made without the primer:

oriflame preppy brown swatch

oriflame preppy chic brown eyeshadow

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

New In: ORIFLAME and BORN PRETTY Shopping + swatches

oriflame born pretty

Hello, lovelies.

I hope you are enjoying your day. Today I’m going to show you what I’ve found in my mail recently. I haven’t had much time for shopping during the past several months so when I found some, I went a bit overboard.

After several months I finally made my Oriflame order. For a long time, they didn’t offer anything interesting, but recently they have launched their BB cream version. Even though BB creams are huge rage for several years, and I’ve been intrigued by their multifunctionality, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon way too late. The main reason is that I wasn’t comfortable ordering the “real” Asian BB creams and all those available in drugstores were very, very dark. Oriflame offer their cream in three shades and I got the lightest.

I also threw in two hand creams in jumbo sizes since they were on sale.

I’ve succumbed to the lure of holographic nail polish (who wouldn’t) and order 7 Born Pretty nail polishes (3 from the official Born Pretty store and 4 from e-bay). I’m still waiting for other 3.

born pretty store polish holo

The polishes themselves are excellent – the holographic effect is pretty good and two coats sufficient. I’ll review them fully once I receive my Born Pretty store order.

However, I couldn’t wait to show you at least swatches made on swatching sticks. I’ve put two coats of each shade on the stick and even though they look sheer here (sticks are transparent) on the nail the polish is completely opaque.

Here are the shades #3, #4, #8 and #11.

born pretty holo polish swatch

If you want to get swatch sticks, I recommend e-bay seller hkiron-aus ($2.58 for 50 sticks).

Thank you for reading :)

xoxo Tamara

ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick in Rose Blossom and Plum Desire swatch and review

oriflame gg jewell all

Hello dear readers,

I have planned to review Orifalme Giordani Gold Jewel lipsticks in series of three, but cloudy days prevented me from taking all the photos so I only have two shades for today.

You can find the swatches of Peach Kiss, Pink Secret and Mauve Dream as well as some general info about the packaging and price here.

Today I’ll review Rose Blossom and Plum Desire.


Pozdrav dragi čitatelji,

Željela sam recenzirati Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewell ruževe za usne u serijama po tri nijanse što nije bilo moguće zbog oblačnog vremena, tako da samo imam ok slike za dvije nijanse.

Swatcheve nijansi Peach Kiss, Pink Secret i Mauve Dream, kao i neke opće informacije i cijenu možete pronaći ovdje.

Danas ću, dakle, recenzirati nijanse Rose Blossom i Plum Desire.

gg rose blossom

Rose Blossom is a dirty medium dark pink. It looks darker on the skin swatch, but on the lips it becomes the prefect elegant neutral shade appropriate for all occasions.


Rose Blossom prljavo je roza nijansa. Na koži izgleda tamnije, ali se na usnama pretvara u bezvremensku, elegantnu neutralnu nijansu koja je prikladna za svaku priliku.

gg rose blossom swatch

gg rose blossom lip swatch


gg plum desire

Plum Desire is that kind of shade which I always want to wear but I know it won’t look good on me. The lipstick looks almost black, but it is considerabley sheerer once applied. It is a burgundy plum, still dark enough to make you look vampy.


Plum Desire nijansa je ruža koju bih voljela nositi, ali mi nikako ne stoji. Ruž u sticku izgleda gotovo crno, ali je puno transparentniji nanesen na usne. Bodo ljubičaste je boje i dovoljno je taman da bih ga svrstala u vamp nijanse.

gg plum desire swatch

gg plum desire lip swatch

Both shades apply evenly (Plum Desire a little less). As the previous shades, these shades are silky smooth, too, but they won’t stay on for longer than two hours. The lipsticks are very pleasant to wear plus they moisturize the lips.

Well, that was it for today. I hope that the weather will be kind and that I’ll manage to swatch other five shades soon.

Have a great weekend.




Obje se nijanse ravnomjerno nanose (doduše Plum Desire ipak ne tako dobro). Kao prethodno spomenute nijanse, i ove dvije su svilenkaste, ali ne traju duže od dva sata na usnama. Ovi su ruževi jako ugodni i hidratantni na usnama.

Evo, to bi bilo sve za danas. Nadam se da će mi se vrijeme smilovati i da ću uskoro uspjeti poslikati i ostale nijanse.

Želim vam ugodan vikend.

Voli vas,


ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Jewell Lipstick in Peach Kiss, Pink Secret and Mauve Dream Review and Swatch

oriflame gg jewell all

Hello dear readers,

as I have promised, today is the time for me to start reviewing Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewell lipstick line. I received one shade in full size as a GWP and I have ordered the mini samples of all other shades. So far, I’ve managed to get a decen swatch of only several shades – the rest turned out too dark.

The lipstick is really a step-up from Oriflame’s typicall packaging – the lipstick case is a heavy gold coloured with a relief at the bottom. The lipstick contains 4 grams and retails for approximately $18.

There are 10 shades in total and today I’ll review three shades: Peach Kiss, Pink Secret and Mauve Dream.


Bok dragi čitatelji,

kao što sam obećala, danas ću započeti s recenziranjem Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewell Ruža za usne. Jedan sam ruž dobila kao poklon uz kupnju, a usput sam naručila i mini uzorke ostalih nijansi. Trenutno imam swatcheve samo nekoliko nijansi, jer su ostali ispali pretamni.

Ruž je sam po sebi veliki korak naprijed od Oriflameove tipične ambalaže – pakiranje ruža je teško, zlatne boje s reljefom na dnu. Ruž sadrži 4 grama i, ukoliko se dobro sjećam, košta oko 100 kuna (a na sniženju se može naći i jefitinije). U liniji postoji 10 nijansi, a danas ću recenzirati tri: Peach Kiss, Pink Secret i Mauve Dream.

gg peach kiss

The shade Peach Kiss is in fact nude peachy shade (peachy beige). It doesn’t seem as pigmented – I had to pass several times to get a decent coverage, but surprisingly a thin layer of it covers the natural reddish colour of my lips well.


Nijansa Peach Kiss je breskvasta bež nijansa. Nije baš pigmentirana – na swatchevima sam morala nekoliko puta proći kako bi dobila dobru pigmentaciju. S druge strane, i tanak sloj ruža dobro neutralizira moju prirodnu crvenu boju usana.

gg peach kiss skin swatch

gg peach kiss swatch


gg pink secret

The shade Pink Secret is the one I wanted to order, but mistakenly I have ordered Dusky Nude. Pink secret is pinkish coral – just my kind of shade. On the lips it looks lighter than in the tube.


Nijansa Pink Secret je nijansa koju sam željela naručiti, a zabunom sam uzela Dusky Nude. Pink Secret je roza nijansa s primjesama kroaljne. Na usnama izgleda svijetlije nego u sticku.

gg pink secret skin swatch

gg pink secret lip swatch


gg mauve dream

The shade Mauve Dream is a berry plum. It really isn’t my kind of shade. Also, it turns out to be less pigmented on the lips than on the skin. It gives my lips slightly darker, dusky rose colour, but it doesn’t darken them too much.


Nijansa Mauve Dream je bobičasto ljubičasta. Ova nijansa baš i nije nijansa koju bih ja tipično nosila. Na usnama je slabije pigmentirana nego na swatchu na koži. Malo potamni moju prirodnu nijansu usana u prljavo ružičastu, ali nije pretamna.

gg mauve dream swatch

gg mauve dream lip swatch


As for the formula, it is same for all the shades. It is very silky, smooth and moisturizing. However, this affects the wear, so don’t expect the lipstick to stay on for longer that two hours.

The lipstick is scented, but the scent disappears upon the application.

All in all, the lipstick is a definite step-up when it comes to the presentation. The quality is here, but the choice of shades is not quite to my liking. So far I’d only repurchase Pink Secret.

Have a great week.

Love, Tamara


Što se teksture tiče, ista je za sve nijanse. Ruževi su svilenkasti i hidratantni. Doduše, nisu baš najtrajniji – ne traju mi više od dva sata na usnama bez popravljanja.

Ruževi imaju miris koji nestane nakon nanošenja.

Sve u svemu, kad je riječ o pakovanju i prezentaciji, ovi su ruževi iznad Oriflame razine. Kvaliteta je tu, ali mi izbor nijansi nije baš po guštu. Za sad bih jedino kupila nijansu Pink Secret.

Želim vam dobar tjedan.

Voli vas, Tamara

ORIFLAME More by Demi EdP Review


I’ve been looking for a cheaper daytime fragrance to wear to work, since I don’t want to use the nicer ones daily. I was interested in Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire, but to me it smells exactly like Pink Sugar Sensual (the one in the black bottle), so Guerlain was off. Anyway, this fragrance came with a free Giordani Gold Jewell lipstick, so I took the deal.

The fragrance comes in a 50 ml bottle and retails for $45 ($25 on the sale).

It comes in a glass bottle – the front and the back size are opaque gold colour, while the sides are transparent (so you can see how much you have left). The cap is made of gold coloured plastic and it is a bit difficult to take off or put on.

As for the fragrance itself – it is a floral with a hint of oriental on my skin. The opening is a fruity floral bouquet – I can smell peach and citruses, but the floral part is undetermined. As the fruit wanes, jasmine and ylang ylang come in the front. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with ylang ylang, so I can detect this note really well. As it dries down, floral part is still present, but it is creamier, grounded by spicy sandalwood.

One thing I can unmistakeably smell is an Oriflame note – a note which I cannot describe, but which I can smell in the opening of the 90% of Oriflame fragrances.

As for its lasting power – it lasts for ages – even better than some of By Kilian fragrances. I can still smell it on my hair and clothes the next day.

While I’m not the fan of the top notes, the dry-down is appealing enough to me.I’m really glad that this fragrance wasn’t a miss.

ORIFLAME Intense Hand Protection Concentrate Review

At work, I very often come in contact with the substances which dry out hands. Currently, a hand cream is something that I can’t live without. After spending Eucerin hand cream, which was very good, I wanted to find a cheaper solution and I’ve found it in Oriflame Intense Hand Protection Concentrate. It is not as cheap as I have hoped for – I got it on the sale for $4 for 50ml tube (Eucerin costs around $10 for 75ml).

The cream is very thick, but it spreads easily. However, it won’t sink immediately – it will take at least 5 to 10 minutes for it to sink in completely. This makes the cream not so work-friendly, as in this case you need something that will sink in quickly.

As for its effectiveness, it is very good – I usually apply a two pea-sized amount and it moisturizes pretty well (especially if I apply it in a thicker layer and use it over night). It works well for the cuticles, too.

The cream has a light, inoffensive scent, which needs some time to disappear completely.

All in all, a nice option, although I’d prefer if it would sink in more quickly.