NOTD Essie Butler Please stamped with Color Club Antiquated (+ testing of Born Pretty stamping plate)

notd essie butler please cc antiquated

Hello lovelies,

I know I have swatched Butler Please recently, but it is such a striking blue that I had to wear it again. However, I got bored quickly and couldn’t thought of how to spice up the manicure until I remembered that I have a new, never tried Born Pretty stamping plate. It is one of the big plates which you can find here for $5,99 (mine is #4).

I used Color Club Antiquated for stamping – it is pretty pigmented and transfers well. However, I’m not that happy with a manicure and that’s mostly because of the plate – the designs are simply too small and too narrow for my nails. The dimensions of the design are approximately 1,3 cm * 1 cm. At the moment, my nails are the shortest they can get and the design doesn’t even manage to cover my tiny pinky nail. It is really a shame, because the plate is good – I had no problem with picking out a design. I’m glad I didn’t pay much for it (I bought it with a credit I had), but now that I know the size, I won’t buy more.

No flash photo to show the stamping:

notd essie butler please cc antiquated 3

Flash photo:

notd essie butler please cc antiquated 2

Here you can see how big the whole design is on my thumb nail:

notd essie butler please cc antiquated 1

P.S I just browsed Born Pretty site and saw that holo polishes cost well over $12. WTF?!?! I certainly won’t buy their holo polish again, especially not when I can get 15 ml of indie holos for $10.

xoxo Tamara

Valentine’s Day NOTD (OPI & New CID)

vday mani opi new cid 2

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are enjoying Valentine’s day, whether as a couple or single.

Here’s a quick and simple Valentine’s day manicure. When I got OPI Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It, I knew I’ll want to use it on st. Valentine’s day. I first layered 2 coats of New CID Strawberry Gateau, followed by one coat of Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It. The hearts from OPI are pretty difficult to get on a brush, so I put the flaky part on all nails and then managed to fish out several hearts as an accent nail.

vday mani opi new cid

vday mani opi new cid 1

And here’s my 2 in 1 gift which is both for Valentines and 8th March – Van Cleef & Arpels Precious Oud fragrance from their Collection Extraordinaire.

vday van cleef arpels

Happy Valentine’s day and thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NOTD: China Glaze Mango Madness and Eveline Mini Max #807

notd ch mango madness eveline 1

Hello lovelies,

I’m still uninspired as ever when it comes to manicures – partly because of the lack of time and partly because of my laziness. This is a manicure I worn several days ago. I worn Eveline Mini Max #807 which I covered with two coats of China Glaze Mango Madness.

Mango Madness was actually a slight disappointment – from the photos I thought I was getting a flakie, but instead I got a color shifting glitter in an orangey base – it actually looks a lot like an orange version of Essence’s Party Princess. However, I love it in this combo more than I though I would.

P.S. I went a bit overboard with clean-up – the gap didn’t look so large in real life. I just can never get it right.

notd ch mango madness eveline

notd ch mango madness eveline 2

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

Quick NOTD: OPI If You Moust You Moust & Depend #363

notd pink opi depend 4

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been going through my photo folders looking for swatches I still haven’t published and ran into a quick manicure I did recently. I used OPI If you Moust You Moust and Depend #363 for this manicure. I actually wanted to put Depend in my “To use up” box, but first I wanted to see how it looks over lighter nail polish (you can see the swatch and how it looks over dark polish here).

I like the way it turned out. Surprisingly, Depend warmed up OPI. Here are several more photos.

notd pink opi depend

notd pink opi depend 3notd pink opi depend 2

notd pink opi depend 1

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NOTD with Emily de Molly Hardware and Catrice Let’s Talk About Barrie

Hello lovelies,

when I reviewed Emily de Molly Hardware, I mentioned that I’m planning to combine it with jelly finish nail polishes. I couldn’t wait to see how it will look so I combined it with the first jelly that crossed my mind: Catrice Let’s Talk About Barrie.

I’m not really happy with the end result – even though it is jelly, Catrice was too pigmented and it completely covered the glitter. In shadow it looked bumpy. A bit of glitter was visible under direct light. I guess I need to find a sheerer jelly.

Here are several more photos:

notd red jelly sandwich

notd red jelly sandwich 1

PS. I forgot how hard are reds to clean up. They stain everything.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

New Year’s Eve NOTD

nye mani 2

Hello lovelies,

here’s just a quick post of the manicure I wore for New Year’s Eve. I decided to combine silver and gold so I put three coats of Orly Dazzle (perfect, non streaky silver) and I used three coats of Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #103 (tiny golden shimmer with rose gold glitter) as an accent nail.

What did you wear on you nails for this occasion?

nye mani 1

nye mani

xoxo Tamara

NOTD Waterfall Manicure with OPI

notd waterfall

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been going through my photo folders to see if there are some swatches I haven’t published yet and I found my attempt at waterfall manicure. Basically you need a medium long, thin striping brush and a nail polish.

I used OPI My Pointe Exactly as a base and I striped with Max Factor Ruby Fruit, Catrice Bloody Mary to Go and Golden Rose Silver Nail Art polish. The manicure doesn’t look very good at the cuticle area because I already had OPI on for 4 days and I did go a bit overboard with clean-up.

You can find how this manicure looks when it is done by a pro at Nailasaurus.

Pregledavala sam slike u folderima tražeći swatcheve koje još nisam objavila i naišla sam na moj pokušaj vodopad manicure. Sve što je za nju potrebno je srednje dugački tanki kist za nail art i lak za nokte.

Kao podlogu koristila sam OPI My Pointe Exactly, a linije sam radila s Max Factor Ruby Fruit, Catrice Bloody Mary to Go i Golden Rose Silver Nail Art lakovima za nokte. Manikura ne izgleda najbolje oko korijena nokta jer sam pretjerala s čišćenjem, a i OPI lak je već bio četiri dana na noktima pa se vidi izrast.

Kako bi ova manikura trebala izgledati kad ju radi netko talentiran možete vidjeti kod Nailasaurusa.

notd waterfall 1

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

Winter NOTD with Color Club and Konad

winter notd

Hello lovelies,

what’s holiday time without a bit of snow? I love snow (although I’ll sing a different tune once I have to clear it), especially in this time of the year and since we don’t have any snow (yet), I decided I’ll make my own. Here is my manicure created with Color Club Blue Heaven (from Halo Hues 2012 collection) stamped with Konad White Pearl nail polish. I used Born Pretty stamping plate for snowflakes.

While my idea was good, the execution was lacking. Blue Heaven is a bit too light nail polish which made the snowflakes not as visible. I probably should have used Beyond. Nevertheless, I still kind of like it:)

Što su blagdani bez snijega? Obožavam snijeg (iako ću pjevati drugu pjesmu kad ga budem morala čistiti), osobito u ovo doba godine i budući da još nije palo ništa (barem kod mene), odlučila sam sama napraviti svoj. Ovu sam manikuru napravila s Color Club holo lakom u nijansi Blue Heaven (iz Halo Hues 2012 kolekcije, kupljen kod sellera enospring na ebayu), a za štampanje sam koristila Konad White Pearl lak (kupljen kod nas u Studiu Di na Trešnjevci) i Born Pretty pločicu za štampanje s uzorkom pahuljica.

Iako je ideja bila super u teoriji, u praksi baš nije tako ispalo. Blue Heaven nije bio dovoljno taman, pa se pahuljice nisu isticale. Trebala sam kao podlogu staviti Beyond. Ipak, sad kad gledam slike, manikura se ne čini tako lošom :)

winter notd 1


winter notd 2

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NOTD: Snow White Nails with China Glaze and Golden Rose

notd gr cg 2

Hello lovelies,

it is not Snow White as in fairy tales, it is snow white as in white as snow :) . Basically, yesterday I swatched Golden Rose Classics Charming nail polish in shade #03 which is a white crème (and the review will follow soon). Needless to say, I didn’t like it at all. Then I remembered that I have China Glaze Snow Globe and that this would be a good time to try it. I put two coats of Snow Globe (opalescent glitter) over white and I have to say that I like my nails more.

Današnja manikura nije o Snjeguljici:) . Jučer sam swatchala Golden Rose Classics Charming lak za nokte u nijansi #03 (krem bijela koju ću uskoro recenzirati) i nikako mi se nije svidjelo kako lak izgleda na noktima. Sjetila sam se da imam China Glaze lak u nijansi Snow Globe, pa sam ga odlučila isprobati preko bijelog. Stavila sam dva sloja Snow Globe preko Golden Rose Classics Charming #03 i moram priznati da mi se manikura sada puno vise sviđa.

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NOTD: Sparkly Pink with Ados and Essence

notd ados essence 2

Hello lovelies,

here’s my recent manicure. Ados #532 started to wear off at the tips, so I added a bit of sparkly Essence Party Princess glitter. It doesn’t look bad, but it didn’t turn out as I wanted. Ados was a bit too dark so the opalescent glitter didn’t really show well.

Ovo je moja nedavna manikura. Ados #532 lak se počeo brisati na vrhovima noktiju, pa sam dodala malo Essence Party Princess šljokica. Manikura nije ispala lose, ali nije baš onako kako sam željela. Ados lak bio je malo pretaman, pa se glitter iz Essence laka ne vidi previše.

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NOTD I Love Nail Polish Ultrachrome Gradient Manicure

ilnp notd bottle

Hello lovelies,

on 22 November I Love Nail Polish will launch 16 new nail polish shades, among which are holographic ultrachromes (♥). There was also a pre-order period at the beginning of November. Since I’ve been so happy with the Ultrachromes I already own (Birefringence and Mutagen), I had to order something during pre-order. I opted for holographic Cygnus Loop – even though I wanted to buy almost 90% of all new polishes, it would be too expensive (not to mention horrible shipping price) – this was the shade I regretted not ordering with my first order.

I also ordered two holos: Molly which looks to be a fuchsia holo and A.C. Slater (greyish holo) which kind of reminded me of OPI My Private Jet. I will also receive a GWP – a bottle of blue holo called Absolute Zero.

While the polishes are on their was to me, I wanted to remind myself how magnificent Ultrachromes are so I did this gradient manicure with Birefringence and Mutagen.

First I applied 2 coats of Mutagen – this one is a bit sheer. Then I applied Mutagen and Birefringence with a sponge, creating a gradient. Afterwards, I sponged a bit of Birefringence on the tips, to create a fuller coverage.

ilnp notd

Here are underwater shoots.

And a bit more photos to illustrate the colour-changing quality :

I am absolute loving this manicure and I don’t even have to say that it’s so amazing that I am constantly looking at it. :) I can’t help myself.

Did you ever tried something from ILNP?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

BORN PRETTY Nail Art Sticker Decoration Bling Glitter Powder Ball Pattern 9 In 1 Set + NOTD

bp glitter bottles

Hello lovelies,

Today I’m going to review Born Pretty Nail Art Glitter set and I’ll show you the manicure I did using this set.

Born Pretty Nail Art Sticker Decoration Bling Glitter Powder Ball Pattern 9 In 1set* is available in 5 different patterns (shimmer powder, hexagonal glitter, “caviar” pearls, glitter stripes and star/heart shaped glitter. Each set retails for $3.64 on Born Pretty Store, but you can get 10% off with TSG10 code :)

I have picked the pattern #5 (hexagonal glitter). This set is a great value with enough variety and a great option if you want to dab into a nail art without spending much money.

The set is packed in a cardboard box inside of which is a thin plastic box which keeps everything organized. There were random glitter particles over the plastic box, but they probably ended there during manufacturing as all the glitter bottles were sealed.

The set contains:

bp glitter set 1

- mini nail file (very gentle and good on the go)

- mini wooden stick (perfect for picking up the glitter)

- mini glue (I haven’t tried it – I’ll explain later)

bp glitter set 2

- a set of 6 mini bottles of hexagonal glitter

The glitter comes in 6 colours: orange, pink, silver, white, blue and gold.

Each bottle is very tiny, but it is packed with glitter. These bottles will go a long way.

bp glitter set size

On the photo  below you can see how the bottle size compares to the size of Born Pretty Holo polish.

bp glitter set c

And here are the close-ups of the bottles (you can click on each photo to enlarge):

Finally, here’s the manicure. I put the glitter only as an accent because I thought it would be too time consuming to apply the glitter on every nail. Actually, the application is very quick. You have to moist the tip of the wooden stick so that you can pick the glitter up and apply it on the nail.

I didn’t use the glue which came with the set. Instead I put a coat of a slow drying transparent nail polish and then applied the glitter. I used silver glitter (with holo flashes) and white glitter which, applied over Born Pretty holo #9 flashed green and blue.

bp glitter notd

bp glitter notd2

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

* = pr sample

NOTD: Purple and Glitter

purple glitter notd 3

Hello lovelies,

I wanted to remove several untried polishes from my list and here’s the result.

I used the following polishes for the manicure:

purple glitter notd polish

Eveline Mini Max #800 (light purple)

Moment #204 (purple glitter)

Golden Rose Paris #98 (holo glitter)

I love this manicure, but I’ve discovered one thing – removing glitter from the tips of nails is a hard work. My nails were constantly bending, I thought I’d break them. It made me want to file my nails down to nubs :)

purple glitter notd


purple glitter notd 2

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

Gradient Butterfly NOTD (with Born Pretty Store stamping plate)

butterfly notd 3

Hello lovelies,

here’s my first NOTD using the Born Pretty stamping plate* I received several days ago. I picked butterfly motif and decided to spice it up by making it a gradient.

I think I should have picked a lighter background color, but pure white shows off the gradient nicely. Of course, I couldn’t help myself and I had to add a sprinkle of holographic glitter :)

butterfly notd born pretty plate

The plate is marked with m76 and it is very well made. It comes in a plastic bag and it is protected with a blue foil which you have to remove prior to doing nail art. The motifs transfer easily and true to the picture. I plan to show you other motifs later next week.

For $0.99 this is a nice beginner plate which features a variety of cute motifs. The plate is available on Born Pretty Store.

Here’s a list of polishes I used for the nail art:

butterfly notd polishes

Golden Rose Classics Charming #01 (white)

Golden Rose Paris #98 (holographic glitter)

Essie Come Here (coral red)

Essie First Timer (turquoise blue)

Chanel Holiday (orange red)

Chanel Splendeur (fuchsia)

butterfly notd 2

I wanted to stamp the butterfly on the tips of my nails, but they were bending when I pressed the stamper, so I put it lower on the nail bed.

butterfly notd 4

butterfly notd

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

Black NOTD (Chanel + Golden Rose)

black notd 2

Hello lovelies,

this is my recent NOTD. I’ve used Chanel Black Satin (black crème) and Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 101 (flaky). As you can see, I still haven’t mastered the proper clean-up. The black polish got under my cuticles and I couldn’t remove it. I hope that I’ll improve – either clean-up or application :)

Golden Rose #101 has huge flakes – mostly bright blue and turquoise, but with occasional purple/pink and gold flake. Sometimes the flakes tend to stick out a bit, so I had to put several coats of top coat to even it out a bit.

Still, I adore this combo (in spite of the bad clean-up job). I couldn’t stop looking at my nails :)

black notd

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

NOTD: Simple Beige and Golden Glitter Nail Art

notd beige

Hello lovelies,

believe it or not, this is my first nail art – the first time I did something other than simply painting the nails and putting a glitter top coat. Unfortunately, my nail art brushes haven’t arrived , so I used a nail art striping tape which was a bit too narrow so it looks slightly messy.

notd beige 2

I’ve used the following polishes:

Rimmel Lycra Pro in French Ivory – 2 coats over the whole nail.

Chanel Le Venis in Frenzy to make greige lines

Chanel Le Vernis in Beige to draw beige lines

L.A. Color Art Deco in 24K Glitter

notd beige 3

Thank you for looking :)

xoxo Tamara

GOLDEN ROSE Paris Nail Polish #91 (pink neon) Review, Swatch and NOTD

golden rose neon 91


I’ve thrown myself into my pile of untried nail polishes and picked this beautiful Golden Rose Paris #91 neon pink nail polish. The color is on the cold side which got me worried because warm toned shades look better on me. There was no cause for worry with this one - it provides perfect electric neon pink color in 2 coats.

The consistency is on a thicker side, but I can work with it. The brush is easy to use. On my nails, it lasts up to three days without chipping (which is typical lasting time). The price of this polish is super affordable (cca 2.5$ – 15 kn) and they have a huge range of shades and I want them all :)

golden rose pink neon 91 sun

I’ve decided to swatch it , but then just the neon looked a bit bleak – I’ve decided to add an accent nail with Golden Rose Paris #98 scattered holographic shimmer.

notd golden rose neon

Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t realize how magnificent holographic effects are, so it refused to capture them in their full glory.

notd golden rose


I’m not discouraged, I’ll find a way to outsmart the camera and to show you holographic fabulousness :)

Until the next time :)

xoxo Tamara

NOTD Chanel Rose Cache + Golden Rose #68

I have bought this beautiful Golden Rose nail polish just recently – at first it seemed like an ugly silver glitter, but then I have noticed that there are flecks of red, green and blue glitter. I couldn’t wait to try it, so I put it over my current nail polish: Chanel Le Vernis in Rose Cache.

The ingredients:

2 coats of Chanel Le Vernis Rose Cache

2 coats of Golden Rose #69

I wanted to put the glitter in gradients – so that there is less glitter close to the nail beds and a lot on the tips of the nails. I put one really thin layer of Golden Rose #69 polish over the nail. After it has dried, I’ve put a large drop of Golden Rose #69 polish on the tip of the nail. I’ve waited for 15 seconds and then spread the drop with the light swipe towards the nail bed. This way, the biggest concentration of glitter was on the nail tip.

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NOTD: L.A. Girl in Garnet + Inglot #202

If you love nail polish, you certainly know about one of the legends of the nail polish world: Clarins #230. It is a multicoloured shimmer suspended in the purplish-red base. Depending on the angle, the colour goes from red, yellowish and orange to green. I have fallen in love with this nail polish the moment I saw it. The polish has been long time discontinued, but it is still possible to find bottles on the eBay for insane amount of money. I’m still not into giving $60+ for a nail polish bottle, no matter how pretty it is, but I wanted to find something which could capture the rainbow colour-changing ability of Clarins.

The combination of L.A Girl nail polish and Inglot is certainly very as far from the proper dupe as you can get – after all, Inglot is flaky nail polish, while Clarins is shimmery; however, the combination has a slightly similar captivating ability to change colours.

For this reason, I have decided to put this combination as my first proper NOTD (nail of the day).


L.A. Girl Nail Lacquer in Garnet

Inglot Nail Enamel in #202

Put two coats of L.A. Girl polish in Garnet. Then layer with one or two coats of Inglot #202. I have used two coats, to get enough flakes to cover the nail.

Depending on the angle, the polish will go from red to orange and deep green. It looks very effective and very eye catching. Instead of L.A. Girl in Garnet, you could probably use any burgundy red shimmering nail polish, because the key is in the opalescent flakes. The flakes can be duped with any flaky polish – the most important is that the flakes in the bottle change colour from orange to green.