REVIEW │ Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Protect Fluid SPF20

caudalie polyphenol fluid

Hello lovelies,

here’s the final product from Polyphenol C15 line. It is Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Protect Fluid SPF20.

The full sized product comes in a 40 ml tube and it retails for GBP 29. You can get it from feelunique. I am using a GWP sized 15 ml tube. I’ve been using it for a month, every day, and there’s still some product left.

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My Summer Skincare Routine

skincare routine 2014 summer

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are enjoying this nice summer weather. I certainly do :)

However, summer also means it is a time for a skin-care routine switch. Since I’ll be spending a lot of time outside in the sun (even with sunscreen), this means that I have to quit using acids and retinol (they make the skin photosensitive) until the late fall. This also means using creams that are not as rich as those in my winter routine, as well as exfoliating more often to properly remove sunscreen.

skincare routine 2014 summer 1

The first part of my routine is pretty similar to the winter one – it consists of cleansers and masks.

The first product on the photo is Clinique Mild Clarifying lotion. I did mention that I am avoiding acids during summer, but this one has such a low concentration that I’m using it now and then. Since the acid is weak, I don’t get exfoliating benefits.

At the moment, I’m using La Roche Possay Effaclar cleanser. I’ve been using it for half a year and so far I like it, although I might be tempted to try something else once it is finished. It works well for what it is – it cleanses my skin without stripping it too much – after all it is intended for oily skin.

In the centre is Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask. I’m not too happy with it. It is a nice mask, but the scent is overwhelming and irritating.

Bioderma Sebium exfoliator is my staple – this is the second time I’ve repurchased it and I plan to repurchase it again. It perfectly removes the dead skin cells, at the same time not being too irritating.

Sisley Floral Toning Lotion is the best (and the most expensive) toner I’ve ever used.

skincare routine 2014 summer 2

After I’ve received a deluxe sample ser as a GWP, I’ve decided to completely stick to Caudalie routine and to test all the products from Polypehnol C15 range simultaneously. I plan to write a more thorough review soon, but after using it for two weeks I have to say that I like the whole collection.

In the evening after cleansing I apply Polyphenol C15 Eye Contour Cream on the eye area and two to three drops of Polyphenol C15 Serum on the face. After five minutes (once the serum has sunk in) I apply Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. Once or twice a week I apply several drops of Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil.

In the morning I apply a couple drops of Polyphenol C15 Serum and follow with Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Protect Fluid SPF20. If I plan to spend some time outside, I apply additional sunscreen (at the moment I’m finishing up Uriage Tinted Sunscreen).

This routine doesn’t make my skin perfect (I don’t think there’s anything that could help with my pores), but it helps with dehydration and flaky skin. Also, it doesn’t break me out and leaves my skin pretty much clear.

Do you switch your skincare in summer?

xoxo Tamara

MAY 2014 Empties


may empties

Hello lovelies,

it’s again that time of the month when I show you my beauty trash bin. When it comes to empties, it doesn’t bother me that this month wasn’t the greatest because I can tell that June will be better.

Let’s start with the hair products.

may empties hair

I’m not really impressed with Matrix Biolage Hydrasource shampoo (2x) and conditioner (2x). The shampoo is ok (but only ok) while the conditioner did nothing for my hair. I’ve cut my hair recently, but my ends are still dry; however, the conditioner did nothing to help. It was as if I didn’t put anything on. I won’t be repurchasing it.

Schauma shampoo is nothing special, too.

I am a bit more satisfied with Redken Diamond Oil shampoo. I’m sad that I don’t have more samples, because these two weren’t enough for me to see how it performs, but the shampoo has a potential. once I’m done with Kerastase, I might repurchase full size.

However, I absolutely love Redken Diamond Oil conditioner. It is amazing – super creamy and moisturizing for my hair. My ends look much smoother and shinier whenever I use this. You can really feel that it moisturizes the hair. This is a definite repurchase.


may empties face

I’ve decided to start a new skin-care regime this June to properly test Caudalie Polyphenol range, but before starting it, I wanted to use up some samples.

I don’t think I’ll repurchase Bioderma Sebium Serum. It has a lightweight formula, with some acids added, but I didn’t feel like it actually does something for my skin

Sisley Floral Toning Lotion is great and I dread the day when I’m out of these mini bottles – at the moment I’m not willing to shell out $100+ on a full size.

Caudalie Vinosource Sorbet is a lightweight moisturizer. I think it would be best suited for oily to combination skin as I don’t think it does a lot for dehydrated parts of my skin. However, I’ll hold my judgment for a while and give more thorough review after using up another mini sample.

Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water is Caudalie’s take on micellar waters. I don’t think it is a bad product, but I certainly had better. It removes light, non-waterproof makeup, but I would not trust it to remove heavy make-up. I don’t think I’ll repurchase it; I still prefer Bioderma.


may empties body

Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Tiare Flower is one of my favourite shower gels. I think that the fact that I’ve repurchased it twice tells enough. It is affordable, smells nice and mild for the skin.

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir is not my favourite take on jasmine, but it is still a nice everday scent. However, I don’t think I’ll repurchase it.

Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible is an ok fragrance, but nothing worth repurchasing.

Ferre Ferre fragrance is another nice everyday scent which I don’t think I’ll repurchase it. I need to add that I’m very particular about the scents I wear and, with the exception of Lidl’s Suddenly Madame Glamour I prefer stronger scents – I like strong notes of tiare, jasmine, oud, vanilla and violet.

Caudalie Thé des Vignes shower gel is a nice, scented shower cream. It doesn’t later well and it is exceptionally mild for the skin so I think it might be well suited for those with sensitive skin (if you can handle the scent). I have repurchased another Caudalie shower gel and I might purchase this one again, too.






2014 TOTAL


MINI: 34


Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

New In part 1: Caudalie, Freeman, Oleo Therapy, Alnatura (Skincare Haul)

newin caudalie skincare

Hello lovelies,

It’s high time to show you all the shopping I’ve done /gifts I’ve got recently. I wanted to post this haul earlier, but I waited for everything to arrive (I’m still waiting for Dior and some other stuff).

The first part is skincare-related. All the make-up will be in the second part (featuring Naked 3, which is great palette).

Let’s start with the products on the photo above. I got these Caudalie mini sets with lookfantastic discount code (I think it was 20 or 25% off). The first set is Caudalie Must Have Set (full price GBP22) and the other two are Travel Kit sets(GBP12,50). The sets are pretty good value, especially with discounts. There is also a third Travel kit, which is already unpacked, so I didn’t put it on the photo.

newin caudalie skincare 1

Caudalie Must Have Set contains a full sized lip balm, mini hand cream (30ml), mini Vinosource moisturizer (10ml), mini Beauty Elixir (30ml) and micelle water (50ml). All the raves across the internet made me want to buy Beauty Elixir and, with the price of a mini size being almost the same as the discounted set price, I thought this might be a good way to try it, as well as other Caudalie products.

newin caudalie skincare 5

Caudalie Travel Kit contains a 30 ml micelle water, 10 ml of Vinosource moisturizer, 15ml of Divine oil and 30ml of Fleur de Vigne Shower Gel. Based on a sample I had a chance to try, I like Huile Divine, but I’d like to test it a bit more before I shell out for a full size. This is again a great way to test Caudalie products.

newin caudalie skincare 4

Having spent all my eye contour moisturizer samples, I’ve found myself in dire need for an eye contour cream. Normally, I’d get something from Bioderma or Avene, but their creams are not moisturizing enough me and I don’t want to use Retinol during summer. Being in Caudalie mode, I ordered Pulpe Vitaminee eye contour cream. I’m using it for a week and so far I like it.

I also decided to try Freeman masks – they get all the raves on other blogs. I currently use their Avocado mask and I’m not too happy, but I hope that Enzyme and Dead Sea minerals masks will be better.

newin caudalie skincare 2

Positive effects of macadamia and avocado oils on my skin encouraged me to include more natural oils in my skincare routine. I picked up Oleo Therapy castor seed oil for my hair and Alnatura unrefined coconut oil for hair and nails.

newin caudalie skincare 3

The final product is a GWP from Caudalie – a mini set of their new Polyphenol line – a serum, moisturizer, eye contour cream and oil. I can’t wait to try them. I estimate that the products are big enough to last me a month of daily use, which will give me enough time to test them properly.

Well, this is it. The part 2 will follow soon.

xoxo Tamara

Skincare Sunday: SISLEY Ecological Compound Review and Ingredients

ecological compound

Hello lovelies,

today’s Skincare Sunday is devoted to a product that’s been present in my routine for several years: Sisley Ecological Compound.

Ecological compound is a moisturizer/serum and it is available in two sizes: 50ml tube/bottle and 125 ml pump dispenser bottle. The smaller one retails for GBP 85, while the bigger one costs GBP 139.

This is what Sisley web site says about it:

“Ecological Compound is formulated with a synergistic complex of plant extracts including Centella Asiatica, Ginseng, Rosemary, Hops and Horsetail selected specifically for their stimulating and revitalising action. Its unique composition helps to moisturise the skin and restore its comfort and radiance while helping skin fight environmental stress such as pollution or cigarette smoke to create more toned, supple skin.

The Ecological Compound is also beneficial for preparing skin to receive other skin care treatments (applied subsequently). Its fluid, non-greasy texture leaves skin with a matte appearance.”


Water, Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Centella Asiatica Extract, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Propylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate, Fragrance (parfum), Stearyl Alcohol, , Benzoic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Methylparaben, Butylparben, Ethylparaben, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Humulus Lupulus (Hops) Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Propylparaben. (cont. linalool, coumarin, limonene, benzyl benzoate

Ingredients show that there’s nothing in there to justify the price – the main ingredients are water and mineral oil. Like a majority of high-end skincare, Ecological compound is way overpriced and doesn’t contain any effective anti-aging ingredient.

Ecological Compound has a very runny consistency and unusual scent. It takes some time to get used to it. A little goes a long way and it sinks immediately.

I’ve started using this a couple of years ago – I had several samples and, at that time, it turned out to be a great summertime moisturizer for my oily, dehydrated skin. I purchased several smaller full sizes since then. Ecological compound provided sufficient hydration to my skin – there were no flaky, dry patches – without making it greasy. A winning combination for summer. Even back then I didn’t find it sufficient during winter – dry air really wrecks my skin and it is no wonder that this lightweight serum couldn’t help much. I tried using it under a moisturizer to enhance its effectiveness, but it didn’t give any noticeable difference.

I’ve introduced it again into my routine this month and I can see that my skin has changed and that Ecological Compound is nowhere near effective. Last spring it worked, but this spring it seems like it doesn’t provide enough moisture. When I started using it, my skin was not dehydrated, but now I can see (and feel) that my skin is not as moisturized.

At this point, I’m not sure I’ll repurchase it. It is a nice moisturizer for someone with normal/combination skin, but my skin currently has different needs, so I’ll turn to other creams.

xoxo Tamara

SISLEY Sisleya Global Anti-Aging Cream Review

sisleya all

Hello dear readers,

I’ve been incapacitated for everal days and barely had enough strength to go to work. My skin was a complete mess too – extremely dehydrated and constantly flaking. To battle such a condition, I needed a real weapon: Sisleya Global Anti Aging Cream. I have several GWP  jars (5ml) which I use sparingly because I’m not willing to shell out over $470 for a jar.

The cream is very thick and has a nice herbal scent. To apply it, I take a small amount and warm it up by rubbing it between my fingers. This makes the consistency less thick so you can apply smaller amount and spread it easily. It won’t sink immediately, so I usually put it on an hour before I go to bed. It is possible to use it underneath the make-up, but be sure to use extremely small amount so that it can sink quicker.

As for the effects, Skinleya is great.  It instantly fixes up all the traces of dehydrated skin. Sisley Masks are good, but some things are even beyond their repair, so this is where Sisleya comes it. The skin is completely healed, renourished, smooth and soft.  My skin is typically oily and dehydrated, but this Sisleya isn’t too rich for me. My skin feels greasy, but only until the cream sinks in. However, if you have a drier skin type, you should probably look into the version for dry skin.

Skinleya is definitely one of my favourite creams, although the price makes me look for cheaper alternative. If you know one, feel free to recommend one :)

sisleya open


Zdravo drage čitateljice,

zaadnjih sam nekoliko dana bila izvan stroja, jedva imajući snage da se dovučem na posao. Koža je također bila u potpunom rasulu – jako dehidrirana i perutava. Kako bih ispravila to stanje, trebala sam naći pravi lijek: Sisleya Global Anti Age Cream. Iman nekoliko posudica kreme koje sam dobila kao poklon uz kupnju i koje jako štedim jer mi je puna cijena od cca 2500 kuna ipak malo previše.

Krema je jako gusta i ima krasan biljni miris. Nanosim ju tako da malu količinu kreme lagano protrljam među prstima kako bih ju zagrijala i kako bi krema postala lakšom za nanošenje. Krema se neće odmah upiti, tako da ju obično nanosim sat prije spavanja. Moguće je kremu koristiti ispod šminke, ali tada to trebaju biti jako male količine kako bi se krema što prije upila.

Što se tiče učinkovitosti, Skinleya je super krema. Odmah briše sve tragove dehidrirane kože. Sisleyeve maske su inače jako dobre u tome, ali u nekim situacijana ni one ne mogu pomoći te tada nastupa Sisleya. Koža je potpuno izliječena, nahranjena, glatka i mekana. Moja je koža obično masna i dehidrirana, ali ova krema nije prebogata. Krema je na koži malo masna, ali to nestaje kako se krema upija. Doduše, ukoliko imate suhu kožu, radije isprobajte verziju za suhu kožu.

Skinleya je definitivno jedna od meni najdražih krema, iako zbog cijene tražim jeftiniju alternativu. Ako znate koju, slobodno preporučite :)

SISLEY Hydraflash Formule Intensive Review and Ingredients

sisley hydraflash

Dear readers,

today I’ll review one of my favourite Sisley products – Hydraflash. It is a hybrid between a mask and a cream (you can use it both ways) which comes in a 60ml tube and retails for cca $150.

The mask claims that it contains beta-hydroxy acid, but I don’t see it listed on the ingredients list.

Hydraflash is a thick cream. As I have mentioned it can be used as a mask (you wipe it off after 10 minutes) or as a cream. It has a natural scent which reminds me of lavender and sage.

Hydraflash is supposed to leave your skin moisturized and radiant and on my skin it really performs as it should. I usually apply a generous amount of the cream twice or thrice per week and simply leave it on. Since I spend a lot of time outside (and the cold weather is killing my skin), this mask is a real saviour. I have noticed that when I use Hydraflash, my skin doesn’t require much of additional moisture and I have no problem with flakey skin.

The mask sinks in very quickly and leaves almost matte finish.

My only issue, and the reason why I’m so hesitant to purchase the full size, is the fact that it doesn’t last me a long time. I have to use really huge amount of the product for the mask to be effective and I simply can’t afford to spend $150 every two or three months.


Dragi čitatelji,

danas ću recenzirati jedan od meni najdražih Sisley proizvoda – Hydraflash. Hydraflash je zapravo kombinacija maske i kreme (može se koristiti na oba načina) koja dolazi u tubici zapremnine 60 ml te košta oko 1100 kuna.

Na proizvodu piše da sadrži BHA, ali ja tu kiselinu ne vidim izlistanu na sastojcima.

Hydraflash je gusta krema za koju sam već spomenula da se može koristiti kao maska (obrišete ostatak nakon 10 minuta) ili kao krema. Ima prirodan scent koji me podsjeća na lavandu i kadulju.

Hydraflash bi trebao hidratizirati kožu te joj dati blistavost. Na mojoj koži ta krema zaista tako funkcionira. Obično nanesem obilnu količinu kreme dva ili tri puta tjedno te ju ostavim na licu preko noći da se upije. Budući da provodim dosta vremena vani (a hladan zrak mi ubija kožu), ova maska me zbilja spašava. Primjetila sam da kad god koristim Hydraflash ne trebam koristiti nikakvu drugu hidratantnu kremu te nemam problema s perutanjem kože.

Maska se inače upija jako brzo te ostavlja gotovo mat finiš.

Jedini razlog zbog kojeg još nisam kupila punu veličinu nego koristim testere je činjenica da se maska brzo troši. Zbilja trebam nanijeti ogromnu količinu proizvoda da bi maska bila učinkovita i jednostavno mi je trenutno previše davati 1100 kuna svaka dva ili tri mjeseca (koliko bi mi, po mojim proračunima, trajala jedna tubica).


Sisley Hydraflash INGREDIENTS (sastojci):

sisley hydraflash ingredients

BIODERMA Sebium Hydra Moisturizing Cream Review

bioderma sebium hydra

During the last month I’ve been using Bioderma Sebium Hydra moisturizing cream. According to the pharmacist, this cream should moisturize skin without making it too greasy. I haven’t purchased the full-size, but the pharmacist gave me several 5ml samples to try.

The cream has a very thick consistency, but it isn’t greasy. It spread easily, but I need to use quite a lot for my face. It has a very mild scent which shouldn’t bother anyone.

My skin is oily and dehydrated with huge pores. As for the efficiency on my skin, I find the cream okay. It helped (to some extent) with dehydration, but my skin needs much more moisture in the winter. From what I can notice, the cream hasn’t clogged my pores or caused any breakouts.

Since it didn’t make my skin greasy, I think this might be a nice solution for late spring or summer.


Proteklih mjesec dana koristila sam Bioderma Sebium Hydra hidratantnu kremu. Ova krema bi trebala hidratizirati kožu bez mašćenja (barem mi je tako magistra rekla). Nisam kupila punu veličinu (mislim da košta oko 80 kuna), ali mi je magistra dala par testera of 5ml da isprobam.

Krema je dosta gusta, ali se ne čini masna. Lako se razmazuje, ali usprkos tome trebam dosta veliku količinu kreme sa lice. Ima jako lagan, jedva primjetan miris koji ne bi trebao ikom smetati.

Moja koža je masna i dehidrirana s ogromnim porama. Što se tiče učinka kreme na mojoj koži, ova krema mi je samo ok. Pomaže koliko-toliko dehidriranoj koži, ali trenutno moja koža traži puno više hidratacije. Dok sam koristila kremu, nisam primijetila da čepi pore ili uzrokuje prištiće.

S obzirom na to da nije mastila moju kožu, ova mi se krema čini kao idealno rješenje za kasne proljetne ili ljetne mjesece.

SISLEY All Day All Year Review and Ingredients

All Day All Year is, together with Creme Reparatrice, Floral Toning Lotion, Express Flower Gel and Lyslait, one of Sisley’s signature products. I’ve been listening the glowing reviews for years and I’ve always wanted to try it, but I could never get a sample so I didn’t want to risk.

The full-size All Day All Year comes in a 50ml pump bottle and retails for $398. Luckily, I got 5 GWP samples, each containing 10 ml, so I practically got the full-size for free. I’ve been using it once per day (in the morning) for two weeks and I haven’t even spent a half of the tube.

All Day All Year has a slightly unpleasant scent, which disappears upon the application.

When I squeeze it out, the consistency feels whipped, but when I spread it on the face, it feels thick, greasy and sticky (like a heavy sunscreen). However, half a minute after it dries up to a matte finish. I use it underneath the make-up – it is a great base to put underneath the foundation.

All Day All Year boasts with sunscreen, but it never says which SPF it has, so I wouldn’t put much confidence in it to protect me from UVA/UVB rays.

Ever since I’ve started using this (in conjuncture with some other products – Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar, Ecological Compound, Sisleya Radiance Serum and Floral Toning Lotion), my skin feels and looks great – soft, radiant skin with minimal oiliness and no dehydration.

I was a bit worried that it will break me out, but luckily it didn’t.

I recommend this cream as a basic day-time moisturizer because it protects my skin primarily from the environmental damage (cold and dry air). I trust the claim about UV filters to protect me during cloudy winter days, but it wouldn’t be my go to sunscreen in spring, summer or fall. The only drawback is the price, which is steep for something so basic, but I hope that the samples will last me a long time.


Water (aqua), ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, squalane, isopropyl palmitate, cetearyl alchohol, corylus americana (hazel) seed oil, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), sesamum indicum (sesame) extract, pyrus malus (apple) fruit extract, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, propylene glycol, polysilicone-14, cetearyl glucoside, phenoxyethanol, salix alba (willow) leaf extract, potassium cetyl phosphate, dimethicone, tocopherol, butylene glycol, polyacrylamide, ceteareth-33, methylparaben, C13-14 isoparaffin, xanthan gum, silica, juniperus communis fruit oil, salvia officinalis (sage) oil, arginine, oryza sativa (rice) bran extract, butylparaben, thymus mastichina herb oil, ethyparaben, laureth-7, disodium edta, citric acid, propylparaben. (cont. linalool, limonene).

DECLARÉ Hydro-Energy Moisture Boost Cream-Gel Ingredients and Review

Hydro-Energy was my introduction to the Swiss brand Declaré.

I was intrigued by it for a very long time; however, while not too pricey, it was still too expensive to buy it without previous testing.

When I saw that they offer travel-sizes of some of their creams, I couldn’t resist. I’ve bough Hydro-Energy for a start, although in winter I may try something richer.

The travel-size creams come in a 15ml jar and Hydro-Energy retailed for $8. Others cost approximately in the range of $10-15. If I remember correctly the full-size of the cream costs somewhere around $20-25.

The travel-size cream doesn’t come in a box, but the opening is sealed with a foil which is pretty difficult to open.

The consistency of Hydro-energy is just like the name suggests: a creamy gel; a bit more creamy than, let’s say, Sisley Floral mask. The cream has a light mint colour and light, inoffensive scent which disappears upon application. A little goes a long way – a pea-sized amount was more than enough for my face.

Once applied, it sinks in quickly and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

As for the effect, it is amazing. Since it is a cream-gel I didn’t expected it to be so moisturizing, but it is. My skin type is oily, but very dehydrated so I’m always trying to find something that will moisturize without being greasy. Hydro-Energy perfectly moisturizes my skin without making it too oily. It works well under make-up, too.

It definitely fixed my skin after Dior One Essential Serum ruined it. Hydro-Energy didn’t give me any breakouts.

All in all, Declaré is the brand I’ll pay more attention to in the future and I can’t wait to test some of the richer creams in the winter.


L’OCCITANE Shea Ultra Gentle Moisturizer Review

I have received two samples of the new Shea Ultra Gentle Moisturizer with my purchase. Each sample contains 1ml, while the full-size product comes in a 50ml pump bottle and retails for $40.

Even though it is fragrance free, it has a very weak scent – probably the natural smell of ingredients.

The moisturizer contains 8% of shea butter. It has a light, slightly runny consistency. A little goes a long way – 2 ml I had lasted me for eleven days. However, I wasn’t as thrilled as I hoped to be.

The moisturizer provides enough hydration for my skin, at least during summer. I have dehydrated, but oily skin which often gets flaky, but Ultra Gentle Moisturizer kept dehydration under control.

In spite of being moisturizing, the cream hasn’t made my skin oiler that it usually is.

Its light texture and quick sinking into the skin make it a good choice to wear under the make-up.

My main issue with this cream is that it breaks me out. This was a bit shocking to me, since I have tried many L’Occitane moisturizers, some even very rich, but neither has broken me out.

I would still recommend it if you are looking for a light moisturizer, but be sure to test it before purchase.


OLAY Complete Daily UV Fluid Review



After being pretty satisfied with Olay Complete Night Cream, I have tried several more Olay products. I’m currently on my second bottle of Daily UV Fluid and I’m afraid it will be my last.

Daily UV Fluid for normal/oily skin comes in a 100ml bottle with a tiny opening on the top. It has SPF15

The consistency is a bit runny and it feels very light. A little goes a long way. After you apply it, you have to wait for several minutes (10 to 20) for it to properly sink in.

I have oily but dehydrated skin with enlarged pores. I’m normally NC15-20 and my skin tans easily without burning.

I have primarily bought it to use it as a daytime moisturizer/sunscreen during winter/early spring/late fall. I thought that this way I’ll get both – extra moisture that my skin is craving during those periods, and a light sunscreen (since the sun at that time isn’t as strong so I don’t want to use SPF50).

As a moisturizer it did its job pretty well. My skin was noticeably less dry while I was using it. However, I don’t advise to use it under make-up – it takes a long time to properly set and it can flake off from the skin when you try to apply foundation over it.

However, as a sunscreen it was a total fail. Usually during winter I loose that bit of summer tan I got and I’m super pale in spring. With Olay Daily UV Fluid, I lost almost none of the summer tan. The foundation I was using at that time was too light – usually it is a correct match or even too dark. I don’t think that SPF15 is too low – I used Lancôme Primordiale which had SPF15, spent the whole day on the March sun and my skin didn’t tan at all (my sister, on the other hand, got pretty good sunburn – she’s more sensitive to sun than me). I applied a huge amount, so this couldn’t be the cause too. I’m currently using it on my arms just to spend the bottle.

Another huge “no” is the fact that Daily UV Fluid is perfumed. This is not the problem per se, but if I apply it too close to eyes, or even if I only wave with the hand I was applying the fluid with in front of the eyes, they start to water. My eyes usually are not sensitive, but something in the fragrance irritate my eyes.

I can recommend it as a moisturizer, but don’t count on it to protect from sun – use something else with it as a sunscreen.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the ingredients, since I’ve thrown the box away, but I’ll update if I find out.

BIODERMA Sebium AKN Purifying Correcting Care Review

I’ve been using this cream for quite some time – in fact, I have finished it a couple of days ago, so I decided that it is high time for me to write a review.

Bioderma Sebium AKN Purifying Correcting Care cream comes in a 30ml tube and retails for around $16. I have bought mine when thtey had it in the set with Sebium Micellar Solution and at the same time got 20%off, so I got quite a deal (just micellar water costs around $13).

The cream promises to clean out the pores and  minimize the production of sebum without drying the skin out. It sounds like a miracle but it doesn’t perform so miraculosly.

The cream has a very light, almost gel-like texture and light smell, which disappears immediately upon application. A little goes a long way. I needed approximately a pea-sized amount to cover the whole face.

I haven’t noticed any noticeable difference in clogged pores and the production of sebum. My skin has improved, but I can’t say that this is strictly because of this cream.  

However, I have to admit one thing – this cream won’t dry out your skin. I have dehydrated, but oily skin and soem creams really can make my skin flaky. It was not the case with Bioderma. It didn’t put additional moisture on my skin (but it isn’t supposed to do this), but my skin was never dry, dehydrated or felt tight.

You can apply it under make-up. I haven’t noticed that it prolongs the wear of make-up (but even if I put make-up on my naked face, it will last for at least 8 hours), but it doesn’t interferes with foundation.

Overall, I liked the cream, but I’m not sure about repurchase. There is also Bioderma Sebium Hydra cream which should moisturize. I have 5ml sample and I’d like to test this version prior to repurchasing Sebium AKN.


SISLEY Hydra-Global Anti Age Cream Review

I have received several samples of Sisley Hydra-Global anti ageing cream with my purchases. So far, I have used up 10 ml, which lasted me for approximately 2 weeks of daily usage. The pump bottle of 40ml retails for $250.

My skin is oily but dehydrated and I’m in a constant chase for a product that will properly moisturize my skin. The closest to the holy grail was Diadermine Hydra Matt Cream. Sisley claims that Hydra-Global “helps restore optimum hydration normally found in young skin”. Sadly, the product fails to deliver.

I’ve started using Hydra-Global immediately after I have spent Diadermine cream, so my skin was at its best when it comes to the moisture level. From then onwards, my skin got drier and drier. I cannot say that Hydra-Global dried out my skin, but it has certainly reversed the good effect of Diadermine.

The consistency of the moisturizer is extremely light – almost gel-like. It has a light scent that disappears upon application and it doesn’t bother me.

All in all, this was a great disappointment. I’ll probably use up the rest of the samples during summer, when I don’t need much moisture, but I wouldn’t recommend Hydra-Global in treating the dryness.


DIADERMINE Hydra Matt Day Cream Review

Ever since finishing Sisley Creme Reparatrice, I’ve been using Diadermine Hydra Matt Day Cream. So far, I’m pretty happy with it.

The cream comes in a heavy 50ml glass jar and retails for around $5-6.

My skin is oily, yet very dehydrated, so I usually pick more moisturizing creams since flaky skin to me is far worse than oiliness.

Diadermine cream is a thick cream, but it spreads easily. It is very moisturizing – ever since I have started using it, I have almost no problems with flaky skin.

As for the mattifying claims – I don’t think they are something special. My skin didn’t feel anything less oily than usually.

The cream doesn’t clog my pores, so this is another plus.

The one thing that baffles me is that they claim that the cream has SPF, but I couldn’t find which factor, although I have found UV filters listed in ingredients.

I have to add that I haven’t been using foundation for two weeks and my skin has greatly improved in appearance – it seems that I have less whiteheads and bumps, and the pores look much cleaner and tighter. Since Diadermine helped with dryness, I could say that my skin is as close to perfect as possible :)


SISLEY Creme Reparatrice (Restorative Facial Cream) Review

Claimed to be their most famous cream, Crem Reparatrice retails for $185 for 50ml jar. Since its major claims are that it protects and repairs skin damaged from sun and wind exposure, I thought this would be the right time to test it.

So far I have used up two samples of 4 ml which totals to 8 ml of the cream. These two samples lasted for approximately month and a half of once per day usage.

First, I’d like to describe the scent. This is one of the most pleasantly scented Sisley creams – the scent reminds me slightly of a Coca Cola mixed with lemon (it’s weird, but this was my first association). The scent disappears upon application.

The consistency is thicker – it is definitely not one of those „a little goes a long way“ moisturizers. It sinks into the skin relatively quickly, but I need to use a greater amount compared to other, lotion-like creams.

As for its efficiency, I think that saying the cream repairs the skin is going a bit too far. However, it is one of the best winter-time moisturizers I have encountered so far (keep in mind that I have dehydrated oily skin). It works great for me, but I don’ t think it will be enough for severely dry skin.

The cream doesn’t clog my pores. I haven’t noticed any other changes on my skin after a month of usage besides more moisturized skin and no flakes.

To conclude, Creme Reparatrice is good, but not $185 good.


L’OCCITANE Ultra Rich Face Cream with Shea Butter Review and Ingredients


Ultra Rich Face Cream with Shea Butter costs $40 for 50 ml. It claims that a high percentage of Shea Butter (25%) protects and nourishes the skin.

The cream comes in a jar.


The cream is relatively thick – it is just a slightly thinner than Shea Butter Hand Cream. Unlike many of L’Occitane moisturizer, this cream does not feel like a silicone primer (even though it contains a bit of dimethicone). The cream doesn’t spread as easily as I’d like (because of its thickness) and you’ll need slightly larger amount to cover the face.


I’ve used 3 samples (each containing 1ml of cream). 3ml lasted me for 12 days of once per day usage, which surprised me as you need quite a lot of moisturizer to cover the face.

The cream is advertised for dry and dehydrated skin, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you have serious problems with dryness.

My skin is oily but very dehydrated, especially now, during winter. My cheeks are especially flaky. Since it is called “Ultra Rich” I have expected it to be more emollient and maybe even slightly greasy, but this was not the case. The cream went on feeling almost matte on the skin.

Ultra Rich Face Cream didn’t do much to combat dehydration. I admit that my skin felt more comfortable, but the tell-tale signs of dehydration (flakes) were still present.

The cream’s thicker texture didn’t cause me any heavy breakouts or more blackheads.

The cream has a light, non-offensive scent – the same as the rest of Shea Butter line. I wouldn’t worry about the scent much – it is very light and disappears immediately.


Project 10 Pans and Sample Challenge Update #4

It’s been ages from my last update. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally spend all of these products. However, I haven’t been as disciplined when it comes to the new purchases. I’ve got several nailpolishes and a primer. I’m also planning on a foundation purchase (even thought I have half a bottle of Clarins Everlasting and half a bottle of Dior Airflash) if the foundation I’m currently testing proves it is worth it.

Here are the original posts: Project 10 Pans, Sample Challenge

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THALGO Ultra-Matte Moisturizing Fluid Review

Thalgo Ultra Matte Moisturizng Fluid promises a matte skin that is at the same time moisturized.

I have a total of 4ml of this fluid and during the week I’ve been using this, I have spent only half.

I was hoping that this might be a much more affordable (and more moisturizing) version of Sisley Tropical Resins Lotion, but alas, it is not.

The fluid has a very light consistency and a light scent. It spreads easily and a little goes a long way. It is mattifying, but only upon the application. The effect unfortunately doesn’t last for a very long time – the maximum is an hour and a half.

It delivers more on the moisturizing part. My skin is oily, but dehydrated and it starts to flake as soon as I use a product which is not very moisturizing. After a week of using Thalgo fluid, my skin is still as normal as it can get. I haven’t noticed any dehydration.

During this period, the fluid didn’t break me out. (If the product is bad for me, I’ll usually break out in the first two days of using it).

I would not recommend this product for oily skin as there are much better products (afore-mentioned Sisley or L’Occitane Rice Fluid) out there. However, this might be a nice choice for someone with normal to combination skin.



Project 10 Pans Samples Challenge

During spring, I’ve made a plan of finally finishing some products from my stash. I haven’t updated it for a while, but it is only because I haven’t managed to spend anything. Later I have also announced a possibility to include more samples in the challenge.

Last week I have finally managed to find some time so I’ve been rearranging my cosmetics storage and I have figured out that I have tons of samples and testers. As I’m a bit afraid that they don’t go bad, I’ve picked several products I would like to spend. Some of these are already reviewed, as I’ve been using them before, but some I’ll have to test for the first time. I will only write a review if the product was tested for at least a week of daily usage.

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