100 Days Cosmetics no-buy Final Update

no buy title

Hello lovelies,

this is the final update of my failed 100 Days cosmetics no-buy project. I really hoped that I’d manage to survive 100 days without buying beauty products, but I did not. I’m a bit embarrassed, to be honest. Still, even though the project hasn’t fulfilled its main goal, it made me realize some things about my beauty purchase patterns.

1. I tend to shop more when I’m bored; especially after I started to shop online. Not so nice weather we had in the first three months also contributed.

2. I don’t think a capsule make-up collection is for me. I admire those who can create a collection of several, well-picked items, but I prefer a bit of variety.

3. I’m a total nail polish addict, and I don’t think this addiction will stop soon. I’ve purchased approximately 80 nail polishes during my no-buy.

4. I can enter the drugstore/perfumery without buying anything. The same goes for on-line stores. Even though I’ve bought so much, the number of items I’ve bought doesn’t even come close to the number of items I’ve put in my cart and then returned back to shelves.

What’s going to happen in the future.

1. Longer no-buy projects aren’t for me. I think I can handle a short – month long – no-buy, but longer no-buys are sure to fail.

2. I’m better at using up products than at not buying them. My other project – 14 for 2014 is going great.

3. Never, ever am I to create a list of permitted items during my no buy. Those 8 nail polishes are one of the main culprits (together with my lack of self-control) for the fail. If it is a no-buy, than it is a no-buy. If I think that I might end up without an essential product during no buy, I have to buy it before a no buy, so that I don’t even have an excuse of shopping anywhere.

Now, I want to show you (along with a bunch of previously shown nail polishes.

rimmel apocalips haul

The first are Rimmel Apocalips lip glosses. Basically, I’m not a lip gloss person – I prefer to use lipstick. However, lipsticks are horribly inconvenient to carry during hot summer temperatures because they melt. I’ve heard great things about Rimmel Apocalips and decided to get a few… six to be exact. The worst thing is that I don’t like a half of them.

Here are more color accurate swatches on the skin:

rimmel apocalips swatches

Basically, I hate the three lightest shades. Though they don’t look so, the first two are the worst kind of nudes for my complexion – those pale, concealer-like lipsticks/lip glosses. I browsed a bunch of swatches and they didn’t seem as light. The third shade – Luna – applies unevenly. Don’t worry, I’ll review them once I properly test them.

The last three shades, on the other hand, are perfection.

Elizabeth Arden isn’t much talked about in the beauty community, but I there was a GWP promo, so I decided to grab some items from their Summer collection. First, look at the packaging – I adore nautical theme.

elizabeth arden haul

I got a crayon lipstick (Sunrise), duo eyeliner (Midnight Sail) and cream eyeshadow (Sand Dollar). The eyeshadow reminds me of Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre in Emerveille.

elizabeth arden gwp

The GWP came in a gigantic green and yellow bag (I don’t like the colour, but I like the size) and consisted of 8 Hour hand cream, Visible Difference lotion and lip gloss in the shade Sunset.

darling diva holo haul

The final purchase is Darling Diva holo nail polishes. I accidentally ran into a promo they had – 10% off the items and, since I wanted Landslide (bright green) forever, I ordered it… Together with 4 other nail polishes. Still, I only regret not buying the rest of the White Witch collection. The holos are very strong and I’ve got a feeling that Darling Diva is about to become my favourite indie brand.

I almost forgot to mention several Deborah Lippmann and Butter London nail polishes, but I forgot to take a photo of those.

I also bought a lot of make-up for my birthday which has yet to come and this make-up will be stashed away until then.

How is your no-buy going?

xoxo Tamara

14 for 2014 Challenge – Update #1

14 for 14

Hello lovelies,

I thought that the end of March would be appropriate time to post an update of my 14 for 2014 challenge. I’ve started this challenge in February by picking 14 make-up products which I must finish in 2014. This update will show how much I’ve managed to spend.

Let’s start with eye and some face products:

14for14 3m update eyes

Oriflame concealer is at least 2/3 full. It is very thin and lightweight so a little goes a long way.

Uriage Bariesun is over half full.

Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero is much shorter than it was in the first post.

The same goes for Urban Decay 24/7 in Bourbon.

Oriflame Preppy Chic Eyeshadow trio – I am close to hitting the pan on the lightest shade and the brown shade has a pretty good dent in it. I didn’t use the taupe as much.


14for14 3m update lips

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby is finished and the other three shades are close to being finished, too.


14for14 3m update face

Dior Diorblush is finally showing some signs of wear. I finally believe that I’ll be able to finish it.

Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats is also pretty close to being finished.

Even though there’s only little product left around the edge, I think YSL Poudre de Soleil will still last me a long time.

T. le Clerc Poudre has a decent amount of product left.

Guerlain Meteorites is the only product which I don’t think I’ll be able to finish. I’ve been using it almost daily (not to mention how much I used it the last year) and I have yet to hit the pan.

My current score is 1 product finished and I have a good hunch that I’ll be adding three more finished lipsticks soon.

I’ve thought about adding a replacement product once I’ve spent one – that way I’d always have 14 products on the list, but I think it would limit me too much. In the end I decided to simply spend the products from the list and then enjoy in my stash.

xoxo Tamara

Make-up Monday – My Lipstick Collection (Sisley, MAC, Guerlain, YSL, Oriflame)

lipstick collection

Hello lovelies,

in the first installment of Make-up Monday I decided to show you my current lipstick collection and share my impressions.

I am definitely a lipstick person, although I like the convenience of a lipgloss in summer. I prefer creamy, sheer but buildable moisturizing formulas. I’m not so concerned about how long my lipstick will wear as I don’t have a problem reapplying it every half an hour. When it comes to colors, I adore bright pinky-coral and, as you can see, the majority of my collection consists of these shades. I’m not a fan of concealer-beige nude lipsticks so my collection of nude lipsticks gravitates towards meat-coloured pinks.

My all-time favourite lipstick brand, which can do no wrong in my opinion, is Guerlain. I’ve used up tons of their lipsticks and I’m always back for more. I adore creamy formula, moisturizing properties and color range of their lipsticks.

I only have one YSL lipstick, but I don’t think I’ll get more. There’s nothing wrong with the lipstick itself, but I prefer the formula of Guerlain whichs stays creamy, while YSL sort of dries on your lips.

Other bloggers have written odes to MAC lipsticks, but I won’t be one of them (although, they wear well). Again, nothing wrong with the lipstick, but the formula feels too dry on my lips, even though it doesn’t dry them out. On the other hand I adore the shade selection and whenever I find myself at a MAC counter I have a hard time picking up the lipstick. The three shades I currently own were love at first sight.

Sisley lipsticks are on the super high end side of my collection. I have two of them and they are very good, but they don’t make me want to buy more. TBH this is good because the price is $$$$$$$$.

When it comes to budget options, my favourite is Oriflame. They have really stepped up their game and they are affordable (when you buy them on a sale). They are not really long-lasting, but the formula is great. I only hope they will change the scent as I’m not the fan of it.

Here are all 11 of them lined up:

lipstick collection 3

The lipsticks: Guerlain Shalimar, Guerlain Rouge d’Enfer, MAC Lady Danger, Guerlain Nahema, MAC Vegas Volt, Sisley L9, MAC Impassioned, YSL Rose Dahlia, Sisley #11 Sheer Baby, Oriflame Color Drop Rose Elixir, Oriflame Giordani Gold Dusky Nude.

They are swatched in the same order:

lipstick collection 2

lipstick collection 1

Which lipstick colours do you prefer?

xoxo Tamara

February Empties :)

february empties

Hello lovelies,

even though February is the shortest month, when it comes to empties, it was epic. I usually kept my empties in a small box, but this time they couldn’t fit inside so I needed to find a new home for them. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve finished so much products.

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URBAN DECAY Naked Basics Palette Swatch and Review

naked basics

Hello lovelies,

I have finally found some time to write down my review of my Naked Basics palette. I took these photos ages ago and they’ve been sitting in my computer folder. I’ve worn the shadows several times to see how they act.

As you probably know, Naked Basics is a 6-shade all matte palette from Urban Decay’s Naked range. If you are from Croatia, you can get Naked Basics (as well as other Urban Decay products) at Beautybay, HqHair or Lookfantastic (if they have it in stock) and it usually retails for 20 GBP.

It comes in a rubberized plastic compact which I find a bit difficult to open. In my case, opening it often includes broken nails. The compact includes the mirror, but you don’t get any other extra freebie like a brush or a mini sized product. Below are two photos for size reference:

As you can see, the Naked Basics is approximately half the size of the original Naked and a bit bigger than a Chanel nail polish bottle.

It contains six shades – 5 are real matte finish while one has satin finish. The shades are: Venus (satin ivory white), Foxy (matte yellow based beige), Walk of Shame (W.O.S. – matte champagne based beige), Naked 2 (matte light taupey brown), Faint (matte dark brown with taupe undertone) and Crave (matte blackened brown). Venus is the satin ivory shade. All shades perform well – they all have an excellent colour payoff, feel buttery smooth, apply and blend easily.

Below are closer photos of the shadows, as well as the swatches:

naked basics swatch

Quality-wise, I cannot find any fault in this palette (other than the packaging which is not easy to open). The eyeshadows are great (like all other Urban Decay shadows). They wear well without a primer, although with my super oily lids I prefer to use a base under the shadows.

However, I have issues with color selection. While I usually prefer to have more lighter than dark colours, I feel as if this palette is not well balanced. The main reason is probably the fact that they decided to limit it to six shades – I think 10 or even 12 shades all matte palette would be more versatile.

Basically, in Naked Basics you get a highlighting colour (Venus), yellow (Foxy) and champagne (Walk of Shame) toned lid colour, one light (Naked 2) and one darker (Faint) crease colour and a dark, almost black shade which you can use instead of an eyeliner (Crave). I can understand having more lid colours to cater warm and cold undertones, but I feel that the palette is missing at least one medium brown – darker than Naked 2, but lighter than Faint which looks darker on the skin than in the pan.

While I would like to see (and buy) a matte palette with versatile colour choice, I still like Naked Basics. Its size make it extremely compact and portable – it fits even the smallest bag. The color selection is very work appropriate, so this might be a great staple if you travel on a lot of business trips.

Do you own any of the Nakeds and how do you like them?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Volume de Chanel Mascara Review

chanel le volume de chanel

Hello lovelies,

let’s take a break from all the nail polish and switch to make-up instead :) Oriflame mascara in my last empties post reminded me that it’s been awhile since I reviewed a mascara. Today I went through my stash to pick my new mascara since I got rid of Oriflame and I picked a mini Chanel mascara.

It is Volume de Chanel  ($30) and I received this mini approximately a year ago with a magazine. I had a Chanel mascara before – it was Sublime de Chanel and I liked it as a nice daytime mascara. After wearing more natural mascaras for several years, I was looking forward to trying a volumizing one. However, while it is volumizing, Volume de Chanel won’t be entering my favourites mascaras list.

chanel le volume de chanel brush

Volume de Chanel has a silicone bristles brush – the bristles are shorter and there’s a lot of them. This means that the brush picks up a lot of product. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, in this cases it only helps to create clumps. It gives a volume, but the lashes aren’t smooth – mascara makes them look like I have a bunch of spider legs on my eyes.

Since the bristles are short, they often stick my lashes together so instead of a bunch separated lashes, I have three super thick lashes. This is easy to fix by combing the lashes (what I did).

I like the colour – it is very deep black.

The mascara isn’t waterproof, but it doesn’t smudge or flake off on me. Granted, I only wear mascara on the upper lashes, although I put it on my lower lashes for the purpose of review and didn’t get any smudging in the 6 hours I had it on.

To be honest, I think that there are better volumizing mascaras, at least for my lashes.

Click to see how it looks on my lashes

14 for 2014 Challenge

14 for 14

Hello lovelies,

I think that 2014 will be the stash clear-out year. In the past several years I have bought a bunch of make-up, some of which is still barely used. I don’t like the feeling of practically throwing my money away because, no matter how much I say to myself that make-up is my hobby and that I collect it; if it is not used, it is a waste of money. Although I do not strictly stick to expiration dates, I really don’t want to use 10 years old eyeshadow when I can get a new one (of course, this would mean getting just one new eyeshadow).

I’m still not sure how will my no-buy go – so far it is good, but there are almost 70 days left – and I’d like to continue with it through the whole year; at least when it comes to make-up. I don’t want it to be too restrictive; after all, having the restrictions would only make me want to break them more, so I’ll get several exceptions like mascara or some super undupeable limited edition product. Of course, the continuation of my no-buy throughout the year at this point is just a speculation.

What is not a speculation is a new challenge I’m imposing on myself. I named it 14 for 2014 Challenge because in my attempt to make more space in my collection, I decided to pick 14 items which I must finish in 2014. I did create a list of 20-something items to use more frequently several months ago, but that list served only as a guideline. This list, on the other hand, will contain products which I really don’t want to have in 2015; meaning that they must be completely gone this year.

Click to see the chosen items

January Empties :)

jan empties

Hello lovelies,

I don’t know about you, but seeing a bunch of empties makes me really happy. The reason probably is the fact that I’m really set on minimizing my collection this year and so far January has been a great month for empties. It’s a pretty long post, so I’ll skip to the main part:

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100 Days No-Buy Update: Day 28 (72 more to go)

no buy title

Hello lovelies,

It’s been two weeks since my last update so I’m checking in with a new no-buy update. I’m happy to say that even after 28 days, I still haven’t caved in – my no buy is going as strong as it was on the first day. I even added the counter on the sidebar :)

I’ve been busy with creating a world document cosmetics inventory where I listed every single cosmetic item I own (be it full size or sample). To be honest, the numbers are scary and as of today (unless I find more stashed  somewhere in my handbags) I have 349 skincare and make-up products (222 full sized, 61 mini sized, 66 samples). Here it is important to mention that when it comes to eyeshadow, I counted each pan separately – so for example Naked palette counts as 12 eyeshadows, Guerlain quad as 4 etc. I have 55 fragrances (17 full sized and 38 samples), one candle and 300 nail polishes (scary when you realize that 200 were bought in the last three months) and 8 nail treatments. When it comes to nail polish, I’m not sure if I had mentioned it before, but I decided to limit the number of nail polishes I can buy this year to 200.

First two weeks were easy because I mostly stayed at home and I deliberately stayed away from lookfantastic, hqhair, feelunique and eBay (plus they didn’t have any tempting promos). The last two weeks were a bit more difficult – hqhair and lookfantastic stocked Naked 3. Naked 3 is one of the items from my “Allowed to buy” list (together with either Essie Spring and Summer minis or max of 8 ILNP) so I put it in the cart and almost clicked Checkout, even though I didn’t find any discount code. However, I went through my inventory and realized that I have over 100 eyeshadows and clicked little x in the corner instead. I think I’ll get Naked 3 once I put my eyeshadow count under 100.

I was forced to visit drugstores: Kozmo discounted fabric softeners (we always need those) and Muller had Milka chocolates (I’m addicted to Milka with Oreos, yum). I swear I’ve been good and didn’t buy anything but chocolate and fabric softener. Resisting temptation there made me visit dm and BIPA which didn’t tempt me at all. Then I went to Douglas and, while Terracotta powder from Guerlain Holiday collection seemed nice, I didn’t get it. On the other hand Martimex tempted me a lot – they had Meteorites pressed powder which I like 50% off (this one is discontinued), but I managed to talk myself out – after all, I barely touched Meteorites powder I have, not to mention poor Chanel and MAC which lay unloved while I’m attempting to use up Guerlain. I’m really happy that I’ve held up so well. This gives me hope that I’ll manage to stick to my no-buy and finally minimize my collection.

I’ve made a big step towards minimizing my collection by having a bunch of empties in January and I can’t wait to show them. I don’t think I ever had such an amount of finished products.

I’ve mentioned (a billion times) that I can buy ILNP polishes. When the first photos came out, I was so excited because multichromes seemed unique, but I saw some swatches and several multichromes look really close to Dance Legend Chameleons (ILNP Reminiscence = DL Wazowski and ILNP Sirene = DL Sulley). I’m not so sure anymore that I’ll buy them since I prefer Dance Legend (they seem smoother). However, there is definitely one polish worth buying (at least based on the swatches I’ve seen) and it is Kings & Queens which reminds me of Llarowe’s Dirty Diana. On the other hand, Dance Legend will launch holo multichromes in March and I kind of like them, although I’ll have to see more swatches. I think I should have simply put 8 nail polishes allowed, without specifying which brand :)

I know that some of my readers probably started their versions of no-buy or project pan and I would love to hear how your no-buys are going? While preparing for my no-buy I read the first 15 pages that come up in google and found great tips so I’d like to hear other experiences too. Feel free to share your links, I’m sure my readers and I will find them helpful :)

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara


MAKE UP FACTORY Mat Eyeshadow #08 Swatch & Review (Perfect for contouring on pale skin)

muf mat es 08 1

Hello lovelies,

I’ve already mentioned that I have found the best contouring product ever. I am very pale (NC15) and it is hard to find a good product which won’t look too orange or too dirty. Currently I’m using Guerlain blush or YSL bronzer, but they are a bit too warm for my skin. I’ve actually planned to get MAC blush in Harmony, but I have found my HG before I got the chance to visit MAC.

Već sam spomenula da sam pronašla savršeni proizvod za konturiranje. Koža mi je veoma svijetla (NC15) i jako je teško pronaći proizvod koji neće biti pretaman, izgledati prljavo ili narančasto. Trenutno koristim Guerlain rumenilo ili YSL bronzer, ali ipak su pretople nijanse za moju kožu. Namjeravala sam kupit MAC rumenilo u nijansi Harmony, ali sam srećom pronašla HG prije nego što sam išla do MAC-a.

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E-BAY Brushes (Real Techniques dupes/lookalikes) Review

ebay brushes

Hello lovelies,

as you probably know, I really, really like Real Techniques brushes, but I don’t like their European price. You can get them for cheaper on iHerb, but they rarely have discounts and when you include the shipping, it is not really that much cheaper. While I was browsing e-bay (my favourite entertainment), I ran into a familiar looking brushes. These brushes, even though are not really a true copy of Real Techniques, are made on a same principle – with a very long ferrule which is also a handle and a rubberized end. They come in several colours: gold, pink (like real Real Techniques) and blue. I picked the blue handles since I didn’t want to confuse them with Real Techniques.

My brushes have no brand name on the handle and the whole set of 5 brushes cost me $12. The brushes arrived in a padded envelope. Duofibre brush arrived a bit damaged – you’ll see from the photos that the ferrule is slightly dented. I’ll fully review each brush in detail below, but I can say that the bristles are as soft as those on Real Techniques and none of the brushes shed.

The brushes, with the exception of the duofibre brush are all very dense and appropriate for buffing in foundation or powder.

I’d definitely recommend them – although the set lacks a couple of fluffier brushes for light powder and brush application, it is a great set for the price.


Kao što već znate, jako obožavam Real Techniques kistove, ali ne volim koliko koštaju u Europi. Mogu se nabaviti jeftinije na iHerbu, ali kad se uračuna poštarina, onda to i nije neki popust. Dok sam bezveze pretraživala e-bay (moj omiljeni hobi), naletila sam na kistove koji izgledom jako podsjećaju na Real Techniques. Iako ti kistovi nisu direktna kopija Real Techniques, slično izgledaju – drška u boji s gumom na krajevima. E-bay kistovi dolaze u nekoliko boja: zlatna, roza (kao i pravi Real Techniques) i plava. Odabrala sam plavu tako da ih na prvi pogled razlikujem.

Moji kistovi nemaju nikakvo ime brenda na sebi, a cijeli set od 5 kistova me koštao samo $12. Kistovi su stigli u omotnici s mjehurićima. Samo je bockalica malo oštećena – -izlomljen je metalni dio. Svaki ću kist u detalje recenzirati niže u postu, ali ovdje mogu još spomenuti da je dlaka (sintetička) jednako mekana kao i na pravim Real Techniques kistovima i da mi još niti jedna dlaka nije ispala.

S iznimkom bockalice, svi su kistovi gusti i pogodni za utrljavanje pudera.

Ove bih kistove svakako preporučila – iako bi bilo bolje da set sadrži kist za lagano nanoštenje pudera i za rumenilo, ipak je za cijenu sasvim dobar set.

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december empties


Hello lovelies,

here are the items I spent the last month. It is not too much, but I’ve managed to use up the eyeshadows I had for a while, as well as an eyeliner. Also, in my next empties post (January) I’ll start with counting the items in several categories: skincare/haircare, make-up, fragrance, full-size product, mini/gwp product, sample. I consider a mini/GWPs as facial/make-up/products which contain 5 or more milliliters, but less than a full size or hair/body products which contain 10 or more milliliters. Nailpolishes containing 5 or less milliliters are also considered as a mini size.

Ovo su proizvodi koje sam potrošila ovaj prosinac. Nije previse, ali uspjela sam potrošiti dva sjenila i olovku za oči. Također bih željela najaviti da ću od sljedećeg posta potrošene proizvode zapisivati u nekoliko kategorija: njega kože ili kose, dekorativna kozmetika, parfemi, puna veličina, mini veličina, tester. Kao mini veličinu smatram sve proizvode za njegu lica/šminku/lakove za nokte koji sadrže 5 ili vise mililitara (ali manje nego puna veličina) i proizvode za njegu kose koji sadrže 10 ili vise mililitara. Lakovi od 5 i manje mililitara su također mini.

Onto the products.

december empties 2

I’ll start with sample foils: the first is Sisley Soir de Lune body cream, which is a great product if you like the scent. The next is Sisley Eye Contour Mask. I like it and I think this is my last sample, which makes me sad. I don’t think I’ll purchase a full size, but I’ll probably try to find a cheaper version.

Apivita Express Beauty with Grape is a good mask with really strong scent.

SVR Chronolys Eye Contour cream is a nice introductory eye cream.

Sisleya Anti-Aging Concentrate is an overpriced serum which does nothing special. It moisturizes the skin, but other than this I didn’t find any other benefits.

Prva na redu je Sisley Soir de Lune krema za tijelo. Ukoliko vam se sviđa Soir de Lune miris, obožavat ćete ju. Zatim je na redu Sisley okoloočna gel-maska. Sviđa mi se, ali mislim da je ovo bio zadnji tester zbog čega sam malo tužna. Ne vjerujem da ću kupiti punu veličinu, ali ću portažiti jeftiniju varijantu.

Apivita Express Beauty with Grape je dobra maska, ali ima prejak miris za moj ukus.

SVR Chronolys je dobra početna krema za okoloočno područje.

Sisleya Anti Aging Concentrate je preskup serum koji nema nekakav poseban učinak. Hidratizira, ali to je sve.

december empties 3

The next are bigger products. First is a random shower gel. It is a mini size and I have found a bunch of these so I’ll continue to use them up. It has a nice pine and incense like scent.

Eveline Silm Extreme Peeling Massage Shower Gel is more of a shower gel than peeling. I would use it if I were on a seaside and had to wash off super heavy sunscreen, but as an exfoliator it is too mild.

Sisley Floral Toning Lotion is my go to toner.

Yves Rocher Monoi Dry Oil is a nice oil with a tiare scent which is perfect for summer. I’m definitely repurchasing it.

Na redu su malo veća pakiranja. Prvi je na redu nekakav gel za tuširanje. Našla sam hrpu tih mini gelova u ormariću s kozmetikom (pojma nemam otkud se to stvorilo), pa ću ih nastaviti koristit. Gel inače miriše malo po crnogorici i tamjanu,

Eveline Slim Extreme Peeling Massage Shower Gel je više gel za tuširanje nego piling. Kupit ću ga ponovno ako odem na more i treba mi gel za tuširanje koji će sigurno skinuti naslage kreme za sunčanje i soli, ali kao piling je preblag.

Sisley Floral Toning Lotion moj je svakodnevni tonik.

Yves Rocher Monoi Oil je krasno suho ulje s mirisom gardenije s Tahitija koji je savršen za ljeto. Definitivno ga ponovno kupujem.

december empties 1

The last is make-up. I have spent Guerlain Retractable Eyeliner in Bohemian after several years of using it. The colour was nice (purple), but the pencil itself was too hard to apply.

The next are two Artdeco eyeshadows: shades 208 and 218 (brownish taupe and brown). I like them, but there was only a bit left and it cluttered my space so I decided to use them up.

Emporio Armani Diamonds is a fragrance which left no impression on me. I am a fan of heavier fragrances, but this one was so bland I can’t even remember if I like it or not.

Zadnja na redu je šminka. Nakon par godina upotrebe konačno sam potrošila Guerlain olovku za oči. Nijansa je bila krasna, ali se jako teško nanosila.

Zatim su tu dva Artdeco sjenila: nijanse 208 i 218 (sivo-smeđa i smeđa). Sviđaju mi se, ali budući da je ostalo samo malo sjenila uz rub, odlučila sam ih do kraja potrošiti.

Emporio Armani Diamonds je miris koji na mene nije ostavio nikakav dojam. Inače volim jače mirise, ali ovaj je toliko bezličan da se ne mogu sjetiti sviđa li mi se ili ne.

Do you keep records of the products you spent?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

New In: MAC

mac haul

Hello lovelies,

Being very busy the past week, a quick trip to Austria was a welcomed vacation. Of course, when I’m in Austria I can’t not go to the MAC store  (actually a counter at Marionnaud) and this time was not different. So far all my visits to MAC stores resulted in only one lipstick (I have way too much eyeshadows and blushes and I have cheaper brush options which work fine for me), but this one made up for all the times I’ve been there and bought nothing.

Recently I created an inventory and with that in mind I decided to get (mostly) the products I need. I had several more items on the list (the one I didn’t buy) which were an eyeshadow in Vex (but I have a bunch of eyeshadows), blush in Harmony for contouring (but I recently found my perfect contouring product and I’ll show it to you the next week) and Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightcdscapade (but I kind of decided that it looks too shimmery and that, if I get a highlighter, it will be Shiseido).

Budući da sam prošli tjedan bila prezauzeta, jedva sam dočekala put u Austriju. Naravno, kad sam tamo uvijek posjetim MAC dućan (tj. stand u parfumeriji Marionnaud). Rezultat svih mojih dosadašnjih posjeta MAC dućanima bio je samo jedan ruž (imam i previse sjenila i rumenila, a našla sam i dobre, a jeftinije kistove), ali sam ovaj put nadoknadila sve propušteno.

Nedavno sam poslikala svu kozmetiku i na temelju toga odlučila kupiti (uglavnom) proizvode koji mi nedostaju. Uz ovo što sam kupila, još su neki proizvodi na wishlisti: sjenilo u nijansi Vex (ali već imam previše sjenila), rumenilo u nijansi Harmony za konturiranje (ali sam nedavno nasal savršeni proizvod za to o kojem ću vam više reći idući tjedan) i Mineralize Skinfinish u nijansi Lightscapade (za njega sam zaključila da je previše sjajan i da ću ipak uzeti Shiseido highlighter).

mac haul1

I got two face products: Pro Longwear concealer in NC15. My Lancôme Effacernes will finally be finished (it’s about time, I’ve had it for like 10 years). The bonus is that it only contains 9ml so I hope it will take me less than 10 years to finish it :)

My skin is reacting to dry winter air by being even more oilier, so I bought MAC Blot powder in the shade Light. I’ve heard raves about it all over the internet so I hope it will live up to expectation.

By the way, I finally know which is my MAC foundation shade – it is NC15; it will be useful for future foundation references.

Uzela sam Pro Longwear korektor u nijansi NC15. Korektor koji trenutno koristim (Lancôme) je pri kraju (konačno, jer ga imam oko 10 godina). Peo Longwear sadrži 9 ml, pa se nadam da mi neće opet trebati 10 godina da ga potrošim).

Zahvaljujući suhom zimskom zraku koža lica mi se jače masti, pa sam kupila MAC Blot puder u nijansi Light. Hvale ga svuda po internetu, pa se nadam da neće razočarati.

Usput, konačno sam otkrila koja sam MAC nijansa pudera: NC15.

mac haul2

I couldn’t resist getting more lipsticks. This time I got two shades: Impassioned (warm bright pink) and Vegas Volt (orange coral). These are Amplified line, so I hope it will be less fussy than matte line. The colors are not really true to nature – it is dark and cloudy so I couldn’t get a decent light.

Have you tried some of these products? What other MAC products would you recommend?

Uzela sam još par ruževa: Impassioned (topla jarka roza) i Vegas Volt (narančasto koraljna). Te su nijanse iz Amplified linije, pa se nadam da s njima neću imati problema kao s matte linijom. Boje nisu baš najbolje prikazane jer nemam dobro svjetlo.

Jeste li isprobali koji od ovih proizvoda? Koje biste druge MAC proizvode preporučili?

Thank you for reading,

xox Tamara

NEW CID COSMETICS I-line Professional Kohl Pencil in Soft Brown Swatch and Review

new cid eyeliner

Hello lovelies,

I’ve decided to break my nail polish posting routine and switch to make-up so today I’m going to review an eyeliner which I received as  a GWP from HqHair. The eyeliner is made by a brand New CID Cosmetics and the shade I’ll talk about is Soft Brown.

As the name suggests, Soft Brown is nicely pigmented medium dark brown shade. It is colder than Urban Decay 24/7 Bourbon and very similar to Sisley eyeliner in Ebony (although Ebony is a touch more grey). The eyeliner doesn’t contain shimmer. I find the shade a nice option for a neutral eye look.

As for the application, the eyeliner is soft (but not too soft) and applies evenly without tugging.

I never wear a pencil eyeliner on the waterline (honestly, the only thing that stays there is Guerlain Loose Kohl), but on my eyelid the pencil stays on for the whole day (8 hours) without fading.

Malo ću prekinuti rutinu postanja lakova i prebaciti se na šminku te ću danas recenzirati olovku za oči koju sam dobila kao poklon uz kupnju na HqHair stranici. Olovka za oči je marke New CID Cosmetics, a nijansa koju ću recenzirati je Soft Brown.

Kao što i ime kaže Soft Brown je dobro pigmentirana srednje smeđa boja. Nijansa je hladnijeg podtona ako se uspoređuje s Urban Decay 24/7 olovkom u nijansi Bourbon, a jako je slična Sisley olovci u nijansi Ebony (iako Ebony vuče više na sivo). Olovka za oči nema shimmera. Mislim da je to izvrsna nijansa za neutralnu šminku na očima.

Olovka je mekana (ali ne previse) te se lijepo i ravnomjerno nanosi.

Nikad ne nosim olovku u unutarnjem rubu oka (jedino što tu traje je Guerlain Loose Kohl), ali na kapcima olovka stoji 8 sati.

Here are the photos:

new cid eyeliner close

new cid eyeliner swatch

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

ORIFLAME Colour Drop Lipstick in Rose Elixir Swatch and Review

oriflame colour drop

Hello lovelies,

it’s been a while since my last make-up related review, so I thought it’s time for another.

Recently Oriflame launched Color Drop lipstick line which promises intense moisturizing and comfort. I like moisturizing lipsticks, especially during winter when my lips need all the help they can get.

Another feature of this lipstick is its shape – it is shaped in a curve to fit the lip shape.

Although I prefer brighter colors, I opted for a nudish one. I picked the shade Rose Elixir which is a pinkish nude. It is not too pale for my skin tone and looks very natural. It looks like a slightly darker version of Benefit’s Lady’s Choice. The lipstick glides on the lips, it is very light and moisturizing - almost like a lip balm. The colour is very opaque – it doesn’t look so on the skin swatch, but I have naturally dark lips and this completely covers my lip colour.

It wears well – two hours is great for a moisturizing lipstick.

The minus is a tiny amount – only 2 grams. It is not too expensive – around $10, although you can find it on sale cheaper.

This will definitely be my go-to winter lipstick :)

Prošlo je dosta vremena od zadnje make-up recenzije, pa je došlo vrijeme za drugu.

Oriflame je nedavno lansirao Color Drop liniju ruževa za usne koja obećava intenzivnu hidrataciju i udobnost. Volim hidratantne ruževe, osobito zimi kad moje usne trebaju svu moguću pomoć.

Ovaj je ruž poseban zbog svojeg oblika koji je zakrivljen tako da savršeno sjeda na usne.

Iako volim jarke boje, odabrala sam rozu nude nijansu Rose Elixir. Nijansa nije presvijetla u odnosu na moj ten I izgleda vrlo prirodno. Podsjeća me na malo tamniju verziju Benefitovog ruža u nijansi Lady’s Choice. Ruž je na usnama veoma lagan i hidratantan poput balzama za usne. Ruž je jako pigmentiran – iako ne djeluje tako swatchan na koži, potpuno prekrije moju prirodnu boju usana (tamono crvena).

Postojanost je dobra – oko 2 sata, što je solidno za hidratantni ruž.

Minus je mala količina – samo 2 grama. Ruž nije preskup – redovna mu je cijena 59 kuna, a često se može naći na sniženju.

Ovo će definitivno biti moj must-have ruž za zimu :)

oriflame color drop


oriflame colour drop lipstick


oriflame color drop swatch


oriflame color drop lip swatch

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

URBAN DECAY Naked Palette Swatch and Review (En attendant Naked 3 :) )


Hello lovelies,

as you know, Urban Decay is launching Naked 3 palette. From the Naked 3 review and swatches on Temptalia, it is considerably more pink toned than the two previous and it will be available in the States in November. I’m glad I found out about it because I was debating getting Naked 2 which was, luckily, out of stock and which is very similar to original Naked palette which I have (plus it contains black eyeshadow which I rarely use). When I pay for a palette, I expect to use every shade and this wouldn’t be the case with Naked 2.

naked closed

Okay, back to original Naked palette. It is a very warm toned palette. It comes with a mini version of Urban Decay Primer Potion and an eyeshadow brush.

The brush is okay – it is very soft and applies the makeup well. The palette is made of cardboard wrapped in brown velvet which gets dirty easily and it is hard to clean later. It has magnetic closure.

The palette retails for 37GBP on hqhair, but I got a great deal – Naked and Naked Basic for 56GBP plus 20% off which means I got both palettes for around 45GBP. Unfortunately, such sets aren’t currently available, but feel free to stalk hqhair – they’ll probably restock soon.

Still, even at the full price, it is a great value. The palette contains twelve full-sized Urban Decay eyeshadows in the following shades:

naked back

It is very travel friendly and has a good variety of shades. I’d probably add another lighter eyeshadow and more satin or matte ones, but this palette is appropriate for a variety of looks – from neutral work appropriate look to sexy smokey eye. Here are all the shadows swatched:

naked swatch all

The quality of the eyeshadows is amazing – they are buttery soft and apply like a dream. All the shades are pigmented, although some are more than the other. The shadows wear well with the primer – over 12 hours. It is important to mention that I have super oily lids and without a primer nothing lasts for more than half an hour. With primer, I can get approximately 6-8 hours of wear from other eyeshadows.

The finish of the eyeshadow varies – some are matte, some are pearl, some are shimmer and some have glitter finish. I have separate the shadows in groups of three and I’ll talk more about each eyeshadow.

Virgin, Sin, Naked:

VIRGIN is a satiny light beige. Although it looks like, it is not completely matte. I like to use this shade in the inner corners of my eyes to highlight.

SIN is a pearly champagne with a hint of pink. It is a great highlighting shade.

NAKED is dark beige matte shade. I had no issues with applying it – mattes sometimes can be powdery, but this is not the case with naked.

Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked:

SIDECAR is a shimmery medium bronze brown. Quality wise this is one of my favourite shades. It is so pigmented and easy to apply.

BUCK is a medium dark matte brown. Again no complaints -perfect application and texture.

HALF BAKED is my all-time favourite summer eyeshadow. It is a pearly coppery bronze. I already have this shade in my BOS2, but I’m coming very close to hitting a pan, so it’s great to have a back-up.

Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted

SMOG is a medium dark bronze.

DARKHORSE is a brownish bronze with a bit of shimmer. It is slightly less pigmented than previously mentioned shades, but still very good

TOASTED is a shimmery pinky brown.

Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

HUSTLE is a shimmery mocha

CREEP shimmery dark grey. This is probably the sheerest eyeshadow in the palette.

GUNMETAL slivery grey with glitter. It has a bit of fall out, but it is great for smokey eye.

Overall, I love this palette, although I’d prefer maybe more not so shimmery/pearly shades and more lighter eyeshadows, since those are the shadows I use the most. It is still a great value and a definite must-have.

Do you own any Naked and are you looking forward to Naked 3?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara


declutter all makeup

Hello lovelies,

do you find yourselves looking at some make-up item from your collection and wondering: “When did I get it?”, “I didn’t know I have a zillion pink blushes?” or worse “Why did I buy this ____ [insert item like neon yellow eyeshadow that you'll never wear]?”

Gone are the days when I could name every single item from my collection out of my head. Nowadays, if I want to do an inventory post, I need to have all the makeup with me. What’s worse, a considerable part of my “collection” are items that are close to being finished.

I usually reserve such posts for January, but I’ve been watching several pinksofoxy videos and, while I wasn’t as radical (meaning I won’t throw or give my make-up away), I decided to organize my collection. I didn’t really put any effort into taking pictures – it took me so long to sort everything out.

The following collage represents my whole make-up collection:

When I see this collage, I’m glad that the only cosmetics related thing I bought in the UK is Sally Hansen top coat. It was hard to resist the temptation, but luckily I have the majority of the brands I’m interested in available on-line. I’ve been close to pulling the trigger on Clarins mini lip set, but I managed to resist and at the airport I didn’t have much time left to browse cosmetics (plus they had no good offers).

Anyway, I decided to pick out all the products that are either close to being finished (damn you Dior blush, you are impossible to spend) or that I simply want to finish because I have something similar and/or better waiting for me. Of course, there are also items which I use daily and have no dupes of.

Here are the products I’ve picked in my “use-it-up” box:

- eyeshadow palettes:

declutter palettes

The top left is almost finished. I plan to use it a bit, but since it is a limited edition, I won’t use it up completely. I recently acquired two Naked palettes, which are much better quality than Guerlain eyeshadow, so I want to finish Brun Mordore and Perles des Mers quads. Guerlain duo is actually a great product, but I put it here because sometimes I need a quick fool-proof look. Two Art Deco eyeshadows are almost done. Guerlain Jeu de Nuit quad is very dark and I often use it as an eyeliner. The final Guerlain quad is a bit dark and not of a superb quality.

- eye liners, mascaras, brows, single eyeshadows:

declutter eye products

First Oriflame mascara is almost done and Wonderlash is my regular mascara. Essence primer is half-way done. I use Duraline to transform shadows into eyeliners. Guerlain eyeliner is almost done, and I have several uses of Urban Decay and Sisley liners. Chanel is my go-to eyebrow product while Anastasia is a bit too warm for my brows, so I might use it as an eyeshadow.

I have way too much pink eyeshadows and I’m thinking of getting rid of Catrice Gilbert’s grapefruit (not on picture) because it is simply horrible. Loreal Infallible is great, so I added it for a variety. Sisley is almost while Inglot is half-way done. The other two Ingot eyeshadows are used as an all over lid shade.

- lipsticks and lipglosses:

declutter lips

Two lip balms on the left are almost done, Guerlain lipstick is almost not used, YSL is half way done, Oriflame is new, the other Guerlain is half way done.

Guerlain lipgloss is almost finished, just like the red  Yves Rocher gloss. Sisley and transparent Yves Rocher are almost full.

I have put my only two lipliners here just in case.

- foundations, powders and primers:

declutter face

I currently rarely use a foundation and I prefer Oriflame BB cream or Uriage tinted SPF cream. The primer is a sample of Sisley Instant perfect (have a full-size back-up) and I hope that I’ll finally finish Lancôme concealer. Oriflame concealer is almost full.

I’m currently using Nacre des Mers powder, but I’ll probably switch to Mythic Parfait. There are also Meteorites in Teint Dore.

- blushes and bronzers:

declutter blush

Here is, of course, the impossible to spend Dior blush. There is also Guerlain blush which I really like and which is discontinued, but I’ll use it up a bit before retiring it. I was supposed to finish this bronzer this summer, but I wasn’t in a mood for bronzy look. I’ll try to use it for contouring (if it is not too warm). The peachy Guerlain blush is put on the list because I have a Sisley blush in the back-up, while the broken one is my favourite contouring/highlighting product. I use pink Meteorites as a subtle blush.

In an ideal situation, my decision would be not buying a single product unless I have finished five products from this post, but I know that I won’t be able to stick with it. I’ve been on similar projects before and, while they were partially successful, I didn’t manage to stick to the rules, so I won’t put any rules this time. What makes it easier is the fact that other than Chanel holiday palette, Naked 2 palette and Bourjois foundation, nothing make-up related doesn’t tempt me. Nail polish, on the other hand, I have a super long list.

I plan to going back to write monthly empties posts and I also plan to do my skincare and later nail polish inventory.

Did you undertake such a project? Was it successful?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara


NEW IN: Huge Urban Decay, Deborah Lippmann, Essie and other Haul

haul big


Hello lovelies,

here are some items I ordered in October. I think I need to keep my hands off make-up and nail polish for a while :), even though I got quite a deal on some items. Anyway, let’s see.


haul ud

Several years after its launch, I finally have Naked Palette. I got a Naked Palette set and used 20% off from HqHair. It would be a shame to let it pass. I also received an amazing GWP – a set of New CID Cosmetics which I’ll show you later.

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette

2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette


haul essie

I think I have Essie addiction :) I found an ebay seller with acceptable shipping, so each Essie was under $10. Some polishes are from Wedding 2013 collection and some are permanent.

3. My Better Half

4. Using My Maiden Name

5. Sexy Divide

6. Vanity Fairest

7. Braziliant

8. Knockout Pout

9. Pink Glove Service



haul d lippmann

I can say “thank you ebay” for these polishes, too. I have found a seller with reasonable shipping, so the polishes are a bit more expensive than US retail price. These polishes are also available on Beautybay, but way more expensive.

10. Mermaid’s Dream

11. Glitter In The Air

12. Mermaid’s Kiss


haul cid

I am not very familiar with this brand, but I received a 37 GBP value set as a GWP. They didn’t say what’s in the set, so I browsed a little around and found that the set should contain a nail polish, a lipstick and a primer. However, when it arrived, I was quite surprised. My set contained a nail polish (10GBP), an eyeliner (13GBP) and a cream eyeshadow (14GBP). Much better, in my opinion. Also, the polish contains a led lamp in the cap.

13. I-line Professional Kohl Pencil in Soft Brown

14. I-colour Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Diva

15. I-polish Light Up Nail Polish in Strawberry Gateau


haul ch gr

Finally, some of my other polishes. I wanted Deborah Lippmann Stairway to Heaven, but I found a comparison site and China Glaze Snow Globe looked way nicer. I also got some Golden Rose Jolly Jewels.

16. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels in #103

17. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels in #116

18. China Glaze Snow Globe

19. China Glaze Prism

Well, that would be it. Share your hauls in the comment :)

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara


















ORIFLAME Preppy Chic Eyeshadow in Brown Swatch and Review

oriflame preppy

Hello lovelies,

here’s another non-nail polish related post. I’m searching for a neutral, not too shimmery and travel friendly neutral eyeshadow palette. My main candidate is Urban Decay Naked Basic, but I haven’t purchased it yet because overall it is too light – four light shades, one medium dark brown and one black (which I probably wouldn’t wear). When I saw Oriflame eyeshadow trio I thought that this might be a good replacement, but unfortunately it isn’t.

Oriflame Peppy Chic eyeshadow trio in Brown features three neutral, slightly shimmery shades: a champagne beige, medium dark bronze brown and medium dark taupe brown. All shades contain shimmer, but it is not too visible once applied.

oriflame preppy closeup

All three shades are buttery smooth, but the pigmentation isn’t consistent. The least pigmented is a champagne shade – as you can see on the swatch, it is barely visible and I had a lot of trouble getting anything to show on the skin. The shadow is definitely a disappointment – it doesn’t sit on the skin nicely and has a fallout.

On the other hand, two other shades are perfect – pigmented, smooth and no fallout. They are the complete opposite to the champagne shades. I simply love them :)

I have oily lids, so nothing stays on without a primer, but with the primer all shades wore for over 10 hours.

Overall, if it weren’t for the champagne shade, it would not be a bad eyeshadow for the price (cca $6).

Here are the swatches, made without the primer:

oriflame preppy brown swatch

oriflame preppy chic brown eyeshadow

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick in Rose Blossom and Plum Desire swatch and review

oriflame gg jewell all

Hello dear readers,

I have planned to review Orifalme Giordani Gold Jewel lipsticks in series of three, but cloudy days prevented me from taking all the photos so I only have two shades for today.

You can find the swatches of Peach Kiss, Pink Secret and Mauve Dream as well as some general info about the packaging and price here.

Today I’ll review Rose Blossom and Plum Desire.


Pozdrav dragi čitatelji,

Željela sam recenzirati Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewell ruževe za usne u serijama po tri nijanse što nije bilo moguće zbog oblačnog vremena, tako da samo imam ok slike za dvije nijanse.

Swatcheve nijansi Peach Kiss, Pink Secret i Mauve Dream, kao i neke opće informacije i cijenu možete pronaći ovdje.

Danas ću, dakle, recenzirati nijanse Rose Blossom i Plum Desire.

gg rose blossom

Rose Blossom is a dirty medium dark pink. It looks darker on the skin swatch, but on the lips it becomes the prefect elegant neutral shade appropriate for all occasions.


Rose Blossom prljavo je roza nijansa. Na koži izgleda tamnije, ali se na usnama pretvara u bezvremensku, elegantnu neutralnu nijansu koja je prikladna za svaku priliku.

gg rose blossom swatch

gg rose blossom lip swatch


gg plum desire

Plum Desire is that kind of shade which I always want to wear but I know it won’t look good on me. The lipstick looks almost black, but it is considerabley sheerer once applied. It is a burgundy plum, still dark enough to make you look vampy.


Plum Desire nijansa je ruža koju bih voljela nositi, ali mi nikako ne stoji. Ruž u sticku izgleda gotovo crno, ali je puno transparentniji nanesen na usne. Bodo ljubičaste je boje i dovoljno je taman da bih ga svrstala u vamp nijanse.

gg plum desire swatch

gg plum desire lip swatch

Both shades apply evenly (Plum Desire a little less). As the previous shades, these shades are silky smooth, too, but they won’t stay on for longer than two hours. The lipsticks are very pleasant to wear plus they moisturize the lips.

Well, that was it for today. I hope that the weather will be kind and that I’ll manage to swatch other five shades soon.

Have a great weekend.




Obje se nijanse ravnomjerno nanose (doduše Plum Desire ipak ne tako dobro). Kao prethodno spomenute nijanse, i ove dvije su svilenkaste, ali ne traju duže od dva sata na usnama. Ovi su ruževi jako ugodni i hidratantni na usnama.

Evo, to bi bilo sve za danas. Nadam se da će mi se vrijeme smilovati i da ću uskoro uspjeti poslikati i ostale nijanse.

Želim vam ugodan vikend.

Voli vas,