DIOR Garden Party (Spring 2012) Preview

What is a better way to enter December than with an invitation to spring garden party?

Even though it is colour-wise very similar to other spring launches, Dior have this time made a breathtaking collection. This is definitely my favourite (even though I couldn’t pull off most of the colours). I’m definitely getting a Garden clutch in Granville Garden (brown one), maybe even the quint (although I have no idea what could force me to actually touch it – it is even prettier than anything that Guerlain have ever launched).

How do you like Dior Garden Party

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CHANEL Les Harmonies de Printemps (Spring 2012) Preview

Chanel alway offers great make-up collections, although the last holiday collection was a bit boring.

Chanel Les Harmonies de Printemps collection for Spring 2012 is an embodiment of spring spirit, but I’m afraid that this one too will disappoint me when I see it in person. Other than the blush, there isn’t any really eye-catching product.

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GUERLAIN Les Roses et Le Noir (Spring 2012) Preview

Here are the first promo pictures of Guerlain Les Roses et Le Noir make-up collection for Spring 2012.

The collection looks great, but I don’t understand why the promo pictures were released so early.

I have noticed that many brands are releasing the promo photos much in advance (there is also Chanel Spring 2012 preview available). To me it doesn’t seem like a good marketing strategy. I see the pictures, get all excited about the products, make the lemming list but I usually forget all about the collection by the time it has hit the counters. I can believe this had happened, but I have missed several collections for this reason.

But I’ll stop my rant and give you the time to enjoy the collection.

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