bareMinerals Shine On Set Review and Swatches

bareminerals palette holiday

Hello lovelies,

I know this palette has been a part of Holiday 2012 collection, but I decided to review it as it sometimes pops up on feelunique and lookfantastic. The full price of the set was 24 GBP, but I got it on sale for 50%off.

The set comes in a bulky, flimsy plastic box which is a magnet for fingerprints. You also get a golden clutch, but I didn’t snap the picture of it.

bareminerals palette holiday 2

The set contains everything you need: 2 eyeshadows (Glitterati and Center Stage), a blush (The Big Break), an eye primer, an eyeliner (4PM), a lip gloss (A Lister), blush and eyeshadow applicators. The blush applicator can work on the go, but the sponge tip applicator is nothing special

bareminerals palette holiday 1

A blush is a pale peachy pink – a perfect everyday blush. Its lightness and satin finish can also make it a great highlighter for darker skin. On my NC15-20 skin it shows like a subtle blush. I definitely plan to use it (and possibly repurchase full size) on days when I’m in a hurry and don’t have the time to blend brighter blushes.

Center Stage is a satin dark purple, almost black eyeshadow. It swatched patchy, but it goes on evenly and blends easily.

Glitterati is a pale shimmery pink. It is very pigmented.

I don’t like the huge contrast between the eyeshadows – I would prefer a bit lighter shade instead of Center stage.

Round the Clock eyeliner in 4PM is an eggplant purple eyeliner. It is super creamy and soft – perfect for eyes and waterline. It sets quickly after application and stays on. I tried on my waterline and it left a pretty nice colour there and stayed on for over 4 hours without fading.

Primetime eyelid primer is very close to becoming a holy grail. It is a pale shimmery gold primer- It works great under the eyeshadow – it makes the eyeshadow last for the whole day without creasing or fading. Another bonus is that you can use the primer on its own as an eyeshadow. The primer sets quickly and, once it is set, it won’t budge.

The photo below shows what happens to the swatches of 4PM eyeliner and primer after scrubbing them with soap – the eyeliner faded a bit, but the primer is still there.

bareminerals palette holiday after cleansing

The last item is Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in A Lister. It is a shimmery nude peachy gloss – pretty pigmented and almost non-sticky. I’m not a fan of the fact that it contains mint – it unnecessarily irritates my lips – but other than this, the gloss is great.

I like that you can create a whole(albeit a bit shimmery) look with this palette only. The items you get complement each other, but even though the overall quality of the products is great and you get very generous amount of products, I would not pay the full price for it.


blush, center stage, glitterati, eyeliner:

bareminerals palette holiday 3

blush, center stage, glitterati, eyeliner, lipgloss, primer:

bareminerals palette holiday 4

eyeliner, lipgloss, primer (not blended), primer (blended):

bareminerals palette holiday 5

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara



RIMMEL Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Nude Eclipse, Shooting Star and Luna swatch & review

rimmel apocalips

Hello lovelies,

today I’m going to talk about Rimmel Apocalips liquid lipstick range. This post will feature the shades I don’t really like (mostly because they don’t suit my complexion).

The lipstick comes in a semi-transparent bottle; the lower part is transparent and shows the gloss, while the upper part is black. I really like the container, primarily because it is made in a way which allows you to see if the lipstick has been opened. The opening of the container is transparent too and once you pull out the wand, the lipstick pools there.

The doe foot applicator is not the softest, but it picks up enough lipstick. The lipstick is scented and, while some might find the scent unpleasing, I don’t mind it.

Here are the swatches of six shades I have:

rimmel apocalips 4

rimmel apocalips 3

The three shades reviewed here are very pigmented and they perfectly cover my natural lip color. The lip lacquer picks the best of both worlds – it has the pigmentation of a lipstick and creaminess and glossiness of a lipgloss. It is not tacky at all. The wear is good, in my opinion – up to two hours; however I don’t like that when it starts to wear off it actually flakes off. I need to completely remove it to reapply it.

In spite of disliking these shades, I like this lip lacquer and I think this will be my go to lip product for summer. I’m not a fan of a lipgloss – they are often too sticky and lipsticks melt in heat so Apocaliptic is the perfect solution.

Let’s see the swatches:

Nude Eclipse is a very beige, skin toned nude. I am very fair (NC15-20) and this one, once applied on the lips, looks very similar to my skin tone, giving me corpse-like look. This shade looks slightly patchy and uneven if I don not apply it carefully.

Shooting Star is slightly darker and peachier than Nude Eclipse, but still too light for my skin. I plan to mix these two shades with brighter lipsticks to tone them down.

Luna is a peachy orange which clashes with my skintone.

xoxo Tamara

SISLEY and CHANEL Shopping

Hello everybody.

Since I’ve named this week Sisley week, it should only be appropriate to post another shopping. Other than Retinol and Glycolic acid creams + mascara and other products I have no back-up of (and maybe Chanel or Guerlain holiday quad), I think I’m done for this year. Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to manage money or credit cards, lol. Although, I wonder who could miss such a bargain.

Anyway, one of the perfumery chain had a 20% off of everything and they also offered a GWP with Sisley skincare purchase (and I’m a sucker for both Sisley and their GWPs). I got 4 GWPs in total (all four had the same products) – 3 for buying the products and 1 when I exchanged my points.

Well, I got the following products.

- Sisley Eau Efficace Gentle Make-Up Remover (I got is for $90, full-price is $120). I’m close to finising Bioderma Micelle Solution, and from the product description, Eau Efficace seemed like a Sisley version of Micelle water so it was a logical choice. Another thing that talked me to purchase it is how the water is dispensed (I’ll describe it more in my review).

- Sisley Ecological Compound Discovery set (I got it for $105, the full price is $145 ).

I’ve already used one bottle which I liked enough to buy another one. I’ll review Ecological compound during the next month because I want to remind myself why I liked it so much.

Basically, this set is worth almost double its full price if you count the value of the deluxe samples you get with it (10 ml of All Day All Year, 15 ml of Express Flower Gel and 5 ml of Eye and Lip Contour Balm).

- Phyto Lip Gloss in #3 Rose ($40, the full price $50). This is the new, fall launch and this beautiful pink with a hint of coral was on my wishlist ever since I’ve seen it.

- Hydrating Longlasting Lipstick in L9 ($44, the full price $55). The lipstick was on a whim purchase. It is another warm pink with a hint of coral shade which reminds me of my YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Pink Dahlia.

The GWPs contained the following products:

30 ml of Floral Toner

30 ml of Lyslait

10 ml of All Day All Year

10 ml of Black Rose mask

8 ml of Soir de Lune Body Lotion (I wonder if they’d ever stop giving this)

3 ml of Sisleya Radiance Concentrate

5 ml of Instant Perfect Primer

2 ml of Skinleya foundation


This shopping was a total bargain. For the total of approximately $280 I have spent on Sisley, I got additional over $1000 worth products, out of which 80% are my favourites and the rest are the products I’ve wanted to try for ages.

However, this means that besides the essentials, I shouldn’t purchase much more.

I have barely put my collection back under control and this has set me back for several months.


The last purchase is from Chanel. Even though I’m disappointed with how long (or better, how short) the Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadow lasts, I got another one. Currently my days are very busy and I appreciate every second of sleep, so my make-up routine is minimized. For that reason I got the shade Emerveille (pearly pink), so that I can only slap it on the lids, without bothering with primers and zillion other shadows.

Since it was suggested to me that I stored Mirifique in a wrong way, I’m storing Emerveille on the lid from the beigning. After six months I’ll update if this has taken any effect.

As for Mirifique – I put a drop of Duraline in it every time I use it and it works that way, although the shade is not as dymensional – there is no silvery sparkle.

Thank you for reading :)

You can share your recent purchases in the comments.

CHANEL Glossimers in Calypso and Sirocco Swatches (Summer 2012)

These are a quick swatches of Chanel Levres Scintillantes lip gloss for summer 2012. I haven’t purchased any as I’m not a fan of glossimer formula, but Calypso was certainly tempting.

The summer 2012 collection lipglosses come in two shades:

Sirocco – goldish-beige in the bottle, but completely transparent on the lips. (absolutely not worth the money, imho)

Calypso – red with orange undertones and excellent pigmentation.

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CHANEL Roses Ultimes de Chanel Glossimers Swatches

Roses Ultimes de Chanel collection has been available for some time. The collection includes 4 shades of nailpolish and 6 shades of glossimers.

In this post I’ll show you the swatches of Levres Scintillantes lip gloss.

The glossimers come in following shades:

162 Surprise. Very pale shimmery pinkish beige in the bottle, but completely transparent on the skin. The only thing that shows a bit is shimmer.

164 Plaisir. Pale pink in the bottle (no shimmer), with a hint of pink when swatched on the skin. You might get some colour if your lips are really, really light coloured, but it doesn’t show up on my lips.

165 Volupte. Medium dark peachy pink without shimmer. Much better payoff, but it still doesn’t show well on my lips.

166 Amour. Medium dark pink with a hint of coral and lots of shimmer. It swatches more like pink on the skin. Decent colour payoff on the skin, but it still doesn’t show well on my lips.

168 Desir. Intense medium dark pink with lots of shimmer. Decent colour payoff on the skin, but not so good on my lips.

169 Jalousie. The only colour that shows well on me. The colour is intense fuchsia without shimmer. It is well pigmented and the colour shows on my lips.

I’m not a fan of Glossimers formula – I find them too sticky and too goopy and very often, not so well pigmented, even though there are the colours I might like to try.

Overall Recommendations:

Instead of #162 and #164 you can simply use a transparent lip-gloss. You will like #165, #166 and #168 if the colour of your natural lips is pale, but it might not show up if your natural lip colour leans towards dark pink or red. #169 will show on all lip colour, but some might find the colour of this gloss a bit too bright.

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I think it’s high time for me to start to control my impulsive purchases and redirect the money I spend on cosmetics I don’t need on something else. I’ve had much more self-control before I started to get involved in beauty community. Before, I’d purchase something only when I would need it, but now I’ve been buying things only because they seem pretty or I think that I simply must have it (even though I’ll probably use it several times before the product is lost in my stash.

I don’t like feeling overwhelmed every morning when I’m doing my make-up with all of the products which I have. Sometimes it takes me literary 10 minutes only to decide which eyeshadow I should use. I’ve tried the concept of creating “looks” which would include several products and then wearing the look for the next week. It is a good concept, but this means that 90% of my stash sits there unused while I’m wearing the “look”.

I do not plan to use up all of my make-up. I’ll use eyeshadows only until I hit the pan (especially if it is a discontinued or LE product). The same goes with lipsticks. I always leave a millimetre or two of the lipstick in case I ever need to find a dupe. After that, I put the product in the original packaging and put it in my “finished products” drawer. I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, to keep the boxes after you have spent the product, but I have paid a lot for these products and I cannot imagine throwing the compact of, let’s say, Guerlain eyeshadow away.

I have taken a photo of all the items in my stash, for my reference (I’ll do the same the next year). Compared to the previous stash pictures, you can see that I have spent some items (yay! for me) and hit the pan on many others.


SISLEY Phyto Lip Star Lipgloss in Rose Quartz Review and Swatch


Phyto Lip Star ($55 or 30 euros for 6ml) is a glittery lipgloss. It comes with a brush-like applicator.

The packaging itself feels very cheaply made – it seems that with Sisley you really don’t pay for the pretty package. The packaging is a simple plastic tube with silver-coloured plastic cap. It is very light and doesn’t feel like a high-end packaging at all.

The gloss is scented with a fruity scent.



Rose Quartz is a light dirty pink with a lot of silvery and pink glitter and shimmer. The shade is relatively well pigmented for a lipgloss – it covers the natural colour of my lips. While there is a lot of glitter, the overall effect shows the quality of the gloss – the gloss looks sparkly, but not over-the-top.



I can’t believe that it took me so long to write a review about one of my favourite lipgloss.

The texture is slightly sticky, but I can ignore it because it makes the lipgloss last longer – it wears for 4 hours without a touch-up. When it fades out – it fades evenly. You can be sure that you won’t be left with tons of glitter on the dry lips.

When I have described a shade, I have emphasized that the gloss is very sparkly – there are billions of tiny glitter sparkles suspended in the gloss, but they do not feel gritty at all. The gloss gives the effect of fuller, sparkly wet lips.

The gloss feels slightly heavy on the lips, but it doesn’t dry the lips out. In fact, it seems like my lips are more moisturized after I take off the gloss.

The scent (and taste) is fairly strong – it lingers even after an hour, so this might be a deal-breaker for those who like scent-free products.

This gloss should definitely be taken into consideration if you are on a hunt for a high-quality lipgloss. Still, I have to notice that there are many cheaper (Chanel, Guerlain) lip glosses which will offer a decent quality for a half of the price. Another thing that bugs me with Sisley make-up in general is very horrible packaging, which doesn’t reflect the luxury of the prices at all – 90% of Sisley make-up line packaging looks like from a dollar-store.

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CHANEL Holiday 2011 Lip Products Review and Swatches

Last week I’ve been bored so I’ve decided to do some swatches and some at-the-counter testing of Chanel Holiday 2011 Collection. I haven’t managed to check all, but this post encompasses all the eyeshadows and the lip products.

I’ve taken the liberty to write the reviews based on my first impression because I believe that if I wasn’t impressed with the product at the counter, I probably won’t change my opinion later.

The products on the top picture are placed in this order. Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Triomphal, Rouge Allure Laque in Empire, Rouge Allure in Famous and Enviree, Glossimers in Sweet Beige and Sparkle d’Or.


My SUMMER Make-up Favourites

Summer is officially over and fall has brought cold, grey days and lots of rain. Still, I cannot let go the summerrrrr. I’ve comprised the list of the products I have used the most this summer, hoping that the pictures will bring back the warm sun (if only in my memory).

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DIOR Electric Tropics (Summer 2011) Swatches

Product pictures: from makeupandbeautyblog

Swatch pictures are mine.

I’ve been waiting (and saving money) for Dior Summer collection ever since I saw promo pictures. I’ve almost given up hope that it will arrive in my country (we always get collections a couple of weeks later). I’ve been browsing Chanel polishes, searching for the shade Morning Rose, when the SA told me that the new Dior collection has arrived and they have a gorgeous pink nailpolish. Mind you, I didn’t even listen after having heard that the new collection has finally arrived. I swear I’ve almost started jumping out of happiness (the SA must have thought I have gone insane).

Unfortunately, the collection didn’t live up to the promo pictures. On my shopping list, I’ve had both eyeshadow quints, lighter bronzing powder, Nude glow and at least one Crystal gloss. You can imagine my disappointment when all this products turned out to be nothing special.

Keep in mind, the products are far from being bad, but nothing stands out. I won’t be grading the products, as I haven’t tested them properly, but I’ll give my first impressions for every product.


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GUERLAIN Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss #460 Ambre Review and Swatch

Last September, I posted a brief review and swatched all the shades in the range. After some consideration, I have decided to get the shade #460 Ambre.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss comes in a narrow gold coloured case with a doe-foot applicator. 6ml of lipgloss retail for $28 (or 31 euros).

The shade Ambre is a mixture of nude beige and pink (though I’d say it is more on the beige side) with tiny microshimmer. It looks as if you have mixed Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss #440 Myrrhe and #461 Baie de Rose. The shade is decently pigmented. I have naturally red lips and this shade neutralizes them pretty well. The shimmer is very fine, multicoloured , it is not obvious and all in all makes the lips glossier and shinier.

As for the staying power, the lipgloss stays for at least 3-4 hours, which is pretty impressive in my book. The gloss is almost non-sticky.

Another benefit is that it is very moisturizing, so you don’t have to worry it will dry your lips out.

Overall impression:

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YVES SAINT LAURENT Gloss Pur #2 Pure Rose Review and Swatch

Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pure is creamy, non-sticky moisturizing lipgloss. It is the standard size – 6 ml of lipgloss in the tube.It comes with a tiny brush applicator.

The shade #2 Pure Rose is a light milky pink without shimmer.  It is a bit tricky colour to work with, as it might look cheap and trashy during summer, when my skin becomes darker. If you are pale all-year-round, I don’t think you’ll have problems with this shade.

The gloss is very pigmented, but it doesn’t apply evenly. You can see on the lip swatch how it settles into the lip lines. It really doesn’t look good even in the real life and I have to constantly smack the lips to blend the gloss.

Other than that, the gloss is almost non-sticky (although the texture feels a bit heavy on the lips), moisturizing and longlasting.

I have to mention one thing – a horrible fruity scent. It disappears quickly, but at the beginning it is really intense.

Overall impression:

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My Stash: Lip Products

Here is the second part of my stash. This time I’ll show you my lipsticks and lipglosses. I thought that there is much more, but when I saw it on the pictures, it doesn’t seem much. There are 9 glosses + one lipstain and 17 lipsticks, out of which 3 are almost finished. (I?ve just realized that I didn’t put lipstick samples)

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GIVENCHY Gelee d’Interdit Lipgloss Swatch and Review (Acid Summer Collection)

Top picture source: Temptalia

Other pictures are mine.


On the promo pictures, Givenchy Acid Summer collection was bursting with bright colours. Reality is not as bright.

Here are swatches of the new Givenchy lipgloss from Acid Summer (Summer 2011) collection.

You can click here for the Le Prismissime Acid Lights eyeshadow palette swatch.

Givenchy Gelee d’Interdit lipgloss retails for 25 euros.

The glosses seem so vibrant and intense in the tube and I really thought that they would seem so on the lips. However, what you get with most of the shades is clear gloss with some glitter.

I haven’t swatched all the shades, because they were not available at the counter, but those that are swatched are very disappointing.

I have swatched:

#1 Tempting Rouge. There’s nothing tempting in this shade. It is a bright jelly red in the tube, but on my NC20 skin it is almost transparent. I have thought that this might be very similar to Chanel Aqualumiere in Party Red, but it is not as nearly pigmented and it didn’t swatch evenly. The little colout you can see is there because I swatched it very heavily (at least four coats).

#5 Explosive Raspberry. This shade is actually among pigmented ones (even thought it is heavily swatched). It is a bright pink (slightly on the colder side) with glitter.

#6 Frozen Rose. Again, one of transparent shades with lots of glitter.

#7 Blooming Pink. The best shade in the range (and the only one worth getting IMHO). It is rose pink colour (on thte warmer side) with glitter. This is the most pigmented shade among the swatched ones.

#8 Electric Purple. Again, nothing electric about it. It is transparent (although whan I packed it on, I could see a hint of lilac) with tons of glitter.

#9 Neon Orange. Almost-transparent orange with glitter.

#12 Elegant Nude. Warm beige-pink shade. It is not very pigmented, but it is neither transparent.

On the lips, the lipgloss is slightly sticky and moisturizing. The lipgloss gives a shiny, jelly-lips effect, but in most cases it looks like a transparent gloss with glitter. The lipgloss stays on the lips for 2 hours.

To sum up: among the 7 shades I have swatched, only one is decently pigmented, 2 shades are so-so, and 4 are practically transparent.

While this is a good quality lipgloss, the lack of colour is the problem which I cannot overlook.

Overall impression:


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Project 10 Pans: Update #1

As most of you probably know, not long ago I’ve started my Project 10 pans, which will help me to finally spend some of the items that I’ve been keeping half-spent in my stash for years (I think that the oldest item is Guerlain Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine lipstick, which is over 5 years old, and surprisingly, even now it is the same as it was the day I bought it – it didn’t changed the texture or the smell).

The list of all the items I’m planning to spend can be found here:




Today, I reporting on my first two weeks of the project.

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GUERLAIN Kiss Kiss Gloss #864 Rose Sunset Review & Swatch

The shade Rose Sunset is a warm bright pink shade with microshimmer. Although the shimmer is tiny, it makes the texture of the gloss gritty. I would prefer if the shimmer particles were finer.

The gloss is sticky, although it is less stickier than Chanel Glossimers. On the lips, it lasts for over four hours without touch-ups. The gloss is very viscous and it will be difficult to get the last amount of lipgloss out of the tube.

The applicator is a brush and it applies the gloss evenly.

I have to warn  that this lipgloss has a strong fruity violet scent, which will disappear after you put the gloss on the lips.

Kiss Kiss Gloss retails for $30.

This is one of my favourite lipglosses (despite stickiness and grittiness) – I love the colour and the pigmentation is excellent.

Overall impression:

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MAX FACTOR Vibrant Curve Effect Lipgloss #14 Majeste Review

I’ve got a mini size of this in Max Factor set. The mini size has 4,5 ml,but the full size packaging is bigger.

The gloss has melon scent. I don’t mind it, but it might bother some persons. The texture is surprisingly good, the lipgloss isn’t sticky, although it feels a little heavy on the lips.

I especially like the applicator which has a slightly concave shape, so it really fits the shape of the lips.

The shade #14 Majeste is bronze with tiny glitter. Unfortunately, this shade isn’t pigmented at all. I have pigmented lips, so this might be a part of the problem, but when I put it on, it seems as if I’ve put on just some clear lipgloss. I don’t have a problem with that, as the effect is very nice – it is not very glossy (don’t expect water shine effect), but it gives a subtle natural shine; but if you think you’re going to get the shade in the tube, you’re wrong.

The lipgloss isn’t very longlasting – it lasts for half an hour max.

In general, I’m disappointed with this gloss. for a gloss which promises glossiness and pigmentation, it certainly fails to deliver on both counts.

Overall impression:

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This is my recent haul from Max Factor.

The set contains:

Masterpiece mascara in Black (full size)

Vibrant Curve Effect lip-gloss in #14 Majeste (mini size)

Nailfinity nail polish in #900 Ruby Fruit (mini size)

Second Skin Foundation in #70 Natural (mini size)

Kohl Pencil in Black (mini size)


I’m planning to purchase Chanel Inimitable mascara, but I’m not willing to shell out $30, since I’ve never used mascaras with such a  brush. I’ve noticed that many compare Max Factor Masterpiece mascara with Chanel’s, so I’ve decided to check a cheaper version.


My Favourite Cosmetics Products in 2010

I probably should have published this earlier, but it was a bit hard to decide which items I should put on the list. I didn’t want to de recommendation for every category because I simply haven’t tried every new product that has been released in 2010 and I’d feel stupid recommending something if I haven’t tried all other products from the same category.

I’d like to talk about the products I’ve found in 2010 and which have become my HG (holy grails) and irreplaceable items in my stash.


In 2010 I’ve stopped being a skincare snob. For a long time I’ve been using only high-end French cosmetics, because my dermatologist (he is also a skincare snob) told me that French make the best skincare. In spite of that, in 2010 I have finally ventured in drugstore skincare. Today, I’m so glad I did it, because I have found some excellent skincare items there:

OLEA Moisturizing Toner. I cannot rave enough about this product. It is so cheap and yet so good. This is a definite replacement for Sisley Floral Toning Lotion

OLAY Complete Night. Excellent moisturizer, which moisturizes without making me greasy. It made me want to try out the Day version and Beauty Fluid

HYGIEIA Zincia face cleanser. (not on the picture) One of the rare items in my skincare routine which I have repurchased. Naturally, I have to combine it with cleansing milk when I have to remove make-up, but this is the most gentlest, the most non-irritating cleanser I have found.


There are also some high-end items which I won’t give up:

SISLEY Gel Express aux Fleurs. Excellent moisturizing mask for times when I need that extra boost of moisture.

SISLEY Creme Gommante. Very gentle exfoliator, which I also use as cleansing mask.


Also my favourite hair care item has become:

GARNIER Natural Beauty Vanilla shampoo and conditioner. It lathers well, the hair isn’t dried out and it has a lovely smell.


As a body exfoliator, I’ve only used:

L’OREAL Exfotonic. Body exfoliator with AHA which is neither too mild not too strong. I was afraid that it is discontinued, but I regularly find it in my drugstore.




As far as the make-up is concerned, in 2010 I haven’t discovered many new HG items, but there are a few worth mentioning:

GUERLAIN Cherry Flower Blush. At first I hated it, but now I cannot live without it. This is a wonderful neutral peachy-pink.


GUERLAIN Jeu d’Ombrelles eyeshadow quad. Purple eyeshadow usually makes me look sick, but this is an exception.


GUERLAIN Rouge G #61 Gaela. Even though the lipstick could be more moisturizing, it has a lovely bright pink colour and it is very longlasting.


SISLEY Phyto-Lip Star Rose Quartz. Excellent non-sticky pink lipgloss with tons of silver and pink microglitter.


CLARINS Everlasting Foundation. I think I have said everything about it in my recent review.


CATRICE Nail Lacquer in Bloody Mary To Go, Clay-Ton My Hero, Let’s Mauve On and Caught on the Red Carpet. These four shades are my favourites so far. They offer excellent pigmentation where only one layer is necessary to get almost exact shade as it is in the bottle.


SEPHORA #45 Mineral powder brush. It is the only brush I have backups of. You can use it in various ways: as a stippling brush for liquid foundation, for loose powder both regular and mineral, for blush, for cream foundation, etc…


GUERLAIN Meteorites #3 Teint Dore. I love everything about meteorites and this shade is my favourite. I use it instead of loose powder and the result is soft glowy skin.



And my final discovery is the perfume:

GUERLAIN L’Heure Bleue. I have debated for so long about this fragrance and finally I have caved in and purchased EdT version. I adore the soft violet and vanilla scent.