FINISHED! June Edition

The last month has been really productive. I’ve sorted out all of the products which are close to finishing and I’ve been almost exclusively using them for the last month. Some products still aren’t finished, but many are.

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LANCOME Genifique Serum Review and Ingredients

Several weeks ago, Lancome was giving mini samples of the famous Genifique serum. I have one 7ml sample and I’ve been testing it.

The serum comes in 20ml (limited edition), 30ml and 50 ml bottles with a dropper. It is considerably cheaper in US than in Europe (30 ml bottle retails for around $100).

I have to mention that this serum has almost 100% identical ingredients as L’Oreal Youth Code Serum (unfortunately, I cannot find it in Croatia).

Now, onto the review. I’ve been using it once per day for a little over two weeks. I need one drop of the serum for the whole face.

The serum is very runny, almost like water and it has silicon feeling. As I have mention, a little goes a long way, so I have almost half a bottle left.

The serum sinks into the skin immediately.

So far, I haven’t noticed any improvment on my skin. Actually, Genifique caused a serious breakout – 10 cystic acnes on the jawline. I will stick to this regime until I finish the sample, but I doubt that my skin will turn better.

All in all, I suggest you to try the sample first. I have checked reviews on Makeup alley and many had the same problem – Genifique was making them break out.



I think it’s high time for me to start to control my impulsive purchases and redirect the money I spend on cosmetics I don’t need on something else. I’ve had much more self-control before I started to get involved in beauty community. Before, I’d purchase something only when I would need it, but now I’ve been buying things only because they seem pretty or I think that I simply must have it (even though I’ll probably use it several times before the product is lost in my stash.

I don’t like feeling overwhelmed every morning when I’m doing my make-up with all of the products which I have. Sometimes it takes me literary 10 minutes only to decide which eyeshadow I should use. I’ve tried the concept of creating “looks” which would include several products and then wearing the look for the next week. It is a good concept, but this means that 90% of my stash sits there unused while I’m wearing the “look”.

I do not plan to use up all of my make-up. I’ll use eyeshadows only until I hit the pan (especially if it is a discontinued or LE product). The same goes with lipsticks. I always leave a millimetre or two of the lipstick in case I ever need to find a dupe. After that, I put the product in the original packaging and put it in my “finished products” drawer. I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, to keep the boxes after you have spent the product, but I have paid a lot for these products and I cannot imagine throwing the compact of, let’s say, Guerlain eyeshadow away.

I have taken a photo of all the items in my stash, for my reference (I’ll do the same the next year). Compared to the previous stash pictures, you can see that I have spent some items (yay! for me) and hit the pan on many others.


Project 10 Pans and Sample Challenge Update #4

It’s been ages from my last update. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally spend all of these products. However, I haven’t been as disciplined when it comes to the new purchases. I’ve got several nailpolishes and a primer. I’m also planning on a foundation purchase (even thought I have half a bottle of Clarins Everlasting and half a bottle of Dior Airflash) if the foundation I’m currently testing proves it is worth it.

Here are the original posts: Project 10 Pans, Sample Challenge

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LANCOME Teint Idole Ultra #03 Beige Diaphane Review and Swatch

This foundation was for a very long time on my “to try” list. The full-sized foundation comes in a 30ml pump bottle which retails for $42. It has SPF 15.

Teint Idole Ultra is a medium coverage foundation, but it is possible to layer it to get a heavier coverage. It evened out my skin-tone, covered the redness and imperfections and minimized the appearance of pores. It doesn’t emphasize flaky skin.

The texture is creamy, but it dries very quickly, so I suggest you to apply on a section of your face and blend it.

This foundation did nothing to mattify or control oil. If you have oily skin, be prepared to touch it up with a compact powder.

Teint Idole Ultra wears for over 6 hours (but keep in mind that I tested it during the extremely high temperature). In the normal weather and on the normal skin, I suppose it would wear up to 10 hours.

The shade #03 Beige Diaphane is a bit more pink/orange than the equivalent shade in Teint Miracle.

I’d recommend this foundation for normal skin which for some reasons require better coverage. Persons with oils skin will have to pair with a mattifying powder, while persons with dry skin may use it, but I’d suggest a very moisturizing cream underneath.



LANCOME Teint Miracle Review and Swatch

Several months ago, Croatian Sephora was giving away the mini 5ml samples of Lancome Teint Miracle foundation. I’ve started testing it only a month ago, as the colour 03 Beige Diaphane is very close to NC30 (and I’m NC15 usually).

Teint Miracle is a light to medium coverage foundation. It is very creamy, silky smooth and lightweight. It blends easily into the skin, but it is very hard to build up to a better coverage. It will cover discolourations, but the foundation doesn’t do much for other imperfections.It minimizes the appearance of pores (to a certain extent), but as the day goes, it tends to “settle” into thte pores, thus emphasizing them.

Teint Miracle is very moisturizing, but not especially longlasting foundation. The finish is luminous (but no shimmer). As I have oily skin, with this foundation another setting powder is a must if I want for the foundation to last all day. If I don’t use a setting powder, the foundation will be gone in 4 to 5 hours.  I suppose that it will last longer on dryer skin, but I’d still suggest a primer to fix it.

What makes me extremely happy is that the shades do not oxidize.

As for the available shades, you can check the shade Beige Diaphane in comparison to my other foundations in this post.

I have also swatched two lighter shades Beige Porcelaine and Beige Albatre in my Light Foundation Swatches.

Beige Diaphane is very dark, slightly orange shade. I can pull it off now, as it evens out the current colour of my face (NC20) with my body (which is darker – NC30).

I’m considering purchasing this foundation in full-size if I confirm my doubts that my shade of Clarins Everlasting foundation is not imported.


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My Stash: Blushes, Bronzers, Concealers

My stash posts are almost finished. This post will feature all of my blushes, bronzers, concealers and other random face products.

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My Stash: Eyeshadows, Mascaras and Eyeliners

We have finally arrived to my favourite part: eyeshadows. I think that if I’d stop to buy eyeshadows today, I’d still have enough to last me a lifetime.

As for the eyeliners, I’m not a great collector. I prefer black, but here and there I use colour eyeliners.

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My Stash: Foundations and Powders

When it comes to the foundations and powders, I’m still having control over it. I have three foundations, plus several 5ml samples, and 4 powders. Although I’d be happy if I could only have one of each, I don’t believe this is over the top.

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FOUNDATION SWATCHES – Light Foundations (High End)

Again, I’ve been bored, so I’ve decided to swatch some of the palest foundation shades you can find in stores in my country.

I have to say that I’m very disappointed with the choice of the really pale foundations. Out of 14 foundations I have swatched (and I have really picked the lightest shades), I could only pull off 5 shades.

The foundations are swatched in this order (click on th picture to enlarge it):

Top row (from left to right):

TOO FACED Amazing Face Oil Free Close-Up Coverage Foundation in Vanilla Cream (I’m tempted to get this foundation only because of the bottle)

LANCOME Teint Miracle in #010 Beige Porcelaine

LANCOME Teint Miracle in #01 Beige Albatre

SISLEY Phyto-Teint Eclat in #0 Porcelaine

ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear in #1W2 Linen

DIOR Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Make-Up in #010 Ivory

DIOR Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Creme-Gel Make-Up in #010 Ivory

BY TERRY Lumière Veloutée in #6 Beige Doré (you can see how the foundation darkens as it dries)



Bottom row (from left to right):

DIOR Capture Totale Foundation in #010 Ivory

YVES SAINT LAURENT Teint Resist in #1 Ivory

GUERLAIN Lingerie de Peau in #12 Rose Clair

GUERLAIN Parure Aqua in #02 Beige Clair (keep in mind that the shades in Parure Aqua are slightly lighter than the shades in other Guerlain foundations, with shades in Parure Gold being the darkest)

BY TERRY Lumière Veloutée in #5 Beige Tendre (you can see how much the foundation darkens as it dries)

BY TERRY Lumière Veloutée in #3 Beige Naturel


I hope this has been helpful :)

Foundation Swatches

(click on the picture to enlarge it)

I’ve been a bit bored today so I’ve decided to swatch most of the foundations I have. For reference, the skin of my arm is currently NC20.

The swatches are (from left to right):

GIVENCHY Photo’Perfexion Light in shade #4 – you can see that the foundation oxidizes and turns into darker orange shade as it dries

LANCOME Effacernes concealer in Beige Pastel (yes, I know that this isn’t a foundation, but it is here because of the colour reference as this shade is the exact shade as my face is)

MAX FACTOR Second Skin Foundation in #70 – it is scary how pink it looks

LANCOME Teint Miracle #03

CLARINS Everlasting Foundation #103

GIVENCHY Photo’Perfexion #4

GIVENCHY Photo Perfexion #6

LANCOME Primordiale Cell Defense and Skin Perfecting Serum Review

I’ve been using a 15 ml sample (full size product has 30 ml and costs around 70 euros) for a whole month twice per day on face and neck.

The serum has a peachy colour and it has a scent of an overripe fruit.

It has a lightweight texture and it spreads easily. A little goes a long way and the sample could have lasted me for at least two more weeks, bt I’ve been using a huge amounts. It sinks immediately, and even though is silicone based, it doesn’t feel like a primer on the skin. Of course, you can use it under make-up and make-up sits evenly over the serum.

Even though the serum wasn’t a miracle-worker, I’ve noticed an improvement in the appearance of my skin. The pores seemed tighter and there was less redness and irritation. It is moisturizing, but keep in mind that I have oily dehydrated skin.

The serum doesn’t mattify, but it won’t leave you looking like an oil-slick.

Overall, I’m very happy with this product. While it isn’t HG, it is certainly one of the best serums I’ve tried so far.




LANCÔME Ultra Lavande Make-Up Collection for Spring 2011 Preview

The collection includes:

La Rose Butterfly Blush

Ombre Magnetique in Disco Gold, Disco Silver and Ultra Lavande

Ballerine Color Fever Gloss Natural Origin in  Beige Ballerine, Lavender Rose and  Ballerine Ballerine

Le Vernis in Disco Silver and Lavande

Glossary Touch Absolute Lipstick in Lily Rose, Berry Rose and Daisy Rose

Khol eyeliner in Ultra Lavande, Pink Ballerina and White

Artliner Gel Eyeliner in Ultra-Lavande

What do you think about the collection?


LANCÔME Virtuôse Mascara Review

Virtuôse is advertised as a curving and lengthening mascara so I’ve never felt the need to check it before.

This mascara is a GWP. The shade is noir sensuel, which looks like a grayish black on the brush, but on the lashes it is much more intense black. In spite of the curved brush, it applies easily.

It gives everything: volume, length and curve and all that without clumping. I don’t know whether this is due to a good brush or a good formula, but I can put as many coats I like and it still won’t clump.

It is difficult to remove, but then it doesn’t smudge nor flake.

Volume        5/5

Length         5/5

Curl             5/5

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LANCÔME Fatale Mascara Review

It has an unusualy brush with three combs. It gives great length and curl, but I have to be careful when I’m trying to get some volume because it clumps very easily. It doesn’t flake.

It is not the easiest mascara to remove, but I’ve realized that most of Lancome mascaras are like that.

This mascara is in the shade Saphir Glamour, which is a drrk greyish blue, but it looks almost black on my eyelashes.

This product is discontinued

Volume      4/5

Lenght       5/5

Curl            5/5

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LANCÔME Primordiale Skin Recharge Cream Review

I got 15ml sample of this together as a GWP. I’m not using this regularily, but only on the days when I need a light sunscreen (since it has SPF 15).

The cream is light beige coloured and has a nice fruity scent, which is a bit overpowering as you apply it, but it disappears later.

Lancôme promises immediatelly smoother, softer and radiant skin, while the pores would be less visible in three  days.

It has thick consistency and you need to use it a lot to cover whole face (which is probably good because it ensures that you get the exact amount of sunscreen). When you apply it, it makes the skin smooth and soft. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tighten pores – the effect is only temporary, while the cream is on your face.

It doesn’t make my skin greasy, but neither matte. It takes some time for the cream to sink in. In spite of this, it is possible to use this under the foundation. As a sunscreen, it is excellent. The only thing that bothers me a bit is a jar packaging.