FINISHED! June Edition

The last month has been really productive. I’ve sorted out all of the products which are close to finishing and I’ve been almost exclusively using them for the last month. Some products still aren’t finished, but many are.

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In my Make-up stash inventory post, I’ve promised skincare and body care stash post so here I am, fulfilling my promise.

You can read on my make-up inventory HERE.

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LANCASTER Tan Deepener Review

Lancaster Tan Deepener promises to help faster you tan faster, as well as prolong the tan after summer.

What distinguishes it from other similar products is that it contains SPF6 (which doesn’t mean much, but it is still better than no SPF). 200 ml costs for around $40

Lancaster Tan Deepener comes in a jar and has a jam-like texture. It is very sticky and greasy. The consistency is very thick and you need a lot of it. I have spend half the jar only applying it once per day for two weeks.

It smells weird, but not bad.

Tan Deepener is tinted (dark reddish brown). It WILL STAIN, but unlike the stains made by Attiva Bronze, the stains made by Lancaster are possible to wash off (although your experience might differ, so don’t take my word on it). I suggest you to test it on a small piece of fabric.

As for the efficiency, I didn’t noticed that I tanned any faster. The only difference I cold notice was that I’m not as orange (yes, I’m one of those unfortunate souls who are orange when they are tanned).

The only real benefit I could find is that Lancaster Tan Booster is very moisturizing. This is probably related to the fact that it is very difficult to wash of – I can scrub all I like, but it still leaves a thin film on the skin.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the money.




LANCASTER Anti-Age Multi Protection Tinted Review

I got this cream as a GWP with Lancaster Tan Booster. Since the cream is in the white tube, I thought it is a cream for sensitive skin. Somehow I have overlooked the sign „tinted“.

The cream is very lightweight, but the colour is scary dark brown-orange. Nevertheless, it blends easily and quickly adapts to the skintone. It gives completely natural, glowy, but bronzed look. My skin is very fair (NC15) but this tinted moisturizer looks natural on me.

The cream is moisturizing, without being too greasy. It has SPF15, but I’m not putting much faith in it, as I use really tiny amount of the cream.

All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with this cream.


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SUMMER Haul (Lancaster, Avene, L’Occitane)

Summer has come (finally!!). As I’ll finish my exams soon, I’ll be spending more and more time outside (riding bike, exercising or just purely enjoying being out on the fresh air). However, summer is the season when the sun is stronger than ever. Taking this into account I’ve decided to treat myself with some products which will help me prepare my skin for sun exposure.

Now, I’m aware that tanning is bad for skin. When I’m out of the house, I’m using at least SPF 30 on the body and SPF 50 on the face (if I’ll be staying on the sun for longer than half an hour; otherwise I use SPF 15).

My skin type is a bit tricky. I am very pale (NC15), with blue-grey eyes and dark blond hair, but I tan easily and rarely burn. Until two days ago, I’ve been wearing long sleeves (in spite of being 30 celsius), plus SPF 30 sunscreen and my neck and decollete still got tan (now they are NC20).

In order to prevent even bigger difference between the rest of the body and hands, neck and decollete (which looks really bad and ridiculous once you are in the bikini), I start with sunbathing. This means that in the middle of July, my skin has even colouring.