100 Days Cosmetics no-buy Final Update

no buy title

Hello lovelies,

this is the final update of my failed 100 Days cosmetics no-buy project. I really hoped that I’d manage to survive 100 days without buying beauty products, but I did not. I’m a bit embarrassed, to be honest. Still, even though the project hasn’t fulfilled its main goal, it made me realize some things about my beauty purchase patterns.

1. I tend to shop more when I’m bored; especially after I started to shop online. Not so nice weather we had in the first three months also contributed.

2. I don’t think a capsule make-up collection is for me. I admire those who can create a collection of several, well-picked items, but I prefer a bit of variety.

3. I’m a total nail polish addict, and I don’t think this addiction will stop soon. I’ve purchased approximately 80 nail polishes during my no-buy.

4. I can enter the drugstore/perfumery without buying anything. The same goes for on-line stores. Even though I’ve bought so much, the number of items I’ve bought doesn’t even come close to the number of items I’ve put in my cart and then returned back to shelves.

What’s going to happen in the future.

1. Longer no-buy projects aren’t for me. I think I can handle a short – month long – no-buy, but longer no-buys are sure to fail.

2. I’m better at using up products than at not buying them. My other project – 14 for 2014 is going great.

3. Never, ever am I to create a list of permitted items during my no buy. Those 8 nail polishes are one of the main culprits (together with my lack of self-control) for the fail. If it is a no-buy, than it is a no-buy. If I think that I might end up without an essential product during no buy, I have to buy it before a no buy, so that I don’t even have an excuse of shopping anywhere.

Now, I want to show you (along with a bunch of previously shown nail polishes.

rimmel apocalips haul

The first are Rimmel Apocalips lip glosses. Basically, I’m not a lip gloss person – I prefer to use lipstick. However, lipsticks are horribly inconvenient to carry during hot summer temperatures because they melt. I’ve heard great things about Rimmel Apocalips and decided to get a few… six to be exact. The worst thing is that I don’t like a half of them.

Here are more color accurate swatches on the skin:

rimmel apocalips swatches

Basically, I hate the three lightest shades. Though they don’t look so, the first two are the worst kind of nudes for my complexion – those pale, concealer-like lipsticks/lip glosses. I browsed a bunch of swatches and they didn’t seem as light. The third shade – Luna – applies unevenly. Don’t worry, I’ll review them once I properly test them.

The last three shades, on the other hand, are perfection.

Elizabeth Arden isn’t much talked about in the beauty community, but I there was a GWP promo, so I decided to grab some items from their Summer collection. First, look at the packaging – I adore nautical theme.

elizabeth arden haul

I got a crayon lipstick (Sunrise), duo eyeliner (Midnight Sail) and cream eyeshadow (Sand Dollar). The eyeshadow reminds me of Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre in Emerveille.

elizabeth arden gwp

The GWP came in a gigantic green and yellow bag (I don’t like the colour, but I like the size) and consisted of 8 Hour hand cream, Visible Difference lotion and lip gloss in the shade Sunset.

darling diva holo haul

The final purchase is Darling Diva holo nail polishes. I accidentally ran into a promo they had – 10% off the items and, since I wanted Landslide (bright green) forever, I ordered it… Together with 4 other nail polishes. Still, I only regret not buying the rest of the White Witch collection. The holos are very strong and I’ve got a feeling that Darling Diva is about to become my favourite indie brand.

I almost forgot to mention several Deborah Lippmann and Butter London nail polishes, but I forgot to take a photo of those.

I also bought a lot of make-up for my birthday which has yet to come and this make-up will be stashed away until then.

How is your no-buy going?

xoxo Tamara

100 Days No-Buy Update (Day 91) or How I Have Failed

no buy title

Hello lovelies,

I think that the title says it all. My no-buy went fine for three months and then all went to hell.

no buy haul

First Color4Nails started to carry Zoya which was enough for me to buy some of their naturel and magical pixie line, as well as several other polishes. Then I had a bad day and ended up getting a bunch of Golden Rose nail polishes. Then OPI launched Brazil collection – needless to say I liked every single nail polish (I ordered them). Several indie sellers had a discount. Then everything got out of control – there will be more Zoya and Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, a bunch of Too Faced, theBalm and Rimmel and much more (they still didn’t arrive).

While a part of me is shocked – it seems much more listed like this – I hope I’ll manage to mask some as birthday gifts.

Here’s the stuff I got which has arrived.

Color4Nails order:

no buy haul zoya aengland

AEngland Dancing with Nureyev, Zoya Taylor, Rue, Brigitte, Cosmo, Lux, Aurora, Carter, Dhara, Monet.

Golden Rose & drugstore haul:

no buy haul golden rose essence

Golden Rose Fantastic Color 180, 166, 152, Golden Rose Holiday 55, Golden Rose Rich Color 06, 105, Make Up Factory 515, Essence Million Dollar Baby, Golden Rose Care + Strong 169, Essence Here’s My Number.

Polish Me Silly haul (Meet my Chromies collection)

no buy haul polish me silly

Cosmic Kisses, Bombshell, Holy Shift, Lovestruck, Guilty Pleasure

OPI haul pt1.

no buy haul opi pt1

I Just Can’t Cope-a-Cabana, Where did Suzi’s Man-Go, Toucan Do It If You Try, Live.Love.Carnaval, Kiss Me I’m Brazilian, Hey Baby, Red Hot Rio

OPI haul pt2.

no buy haul opi pt2

Love Angel Music Baby, Taupeless Beach, I Sao Paolo Over There, Next Stop… the Bikini Zone, OPI Scores a Goal, AmazON AmazOFF (Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is missing, but it will join them soon.

I plan to review and swatch OPI Brazil collection as soon as possible. I also want to do a comparison post. You can expect my impressions on my no-buy on 11th April.

How is your no-buy going?

xoxo Tamara

DECEMBER Shopping part 3 (Dance Legend, OPI, Essie)

dec haul all polishes

Hello lovelies,

finally the last part of my December shopping :) Dance Legend always take a long time to arrive and I ordered the rest the last day of 2013. I’m still going strong with my no-buy and I think I’ll do a nail polish collection post soon, now that all the polishes are here and I know that there won’t be any new-in at least until ILNP spring collection launch. I’ll tell you more about my no-buy in the next no-buy progress post and I’ll reserve this post for the pretties :)

dec haul opi

First is OPI. I didn’t have a lot of those, so I ordered all the polishes from Vintage Minnie Mouse collection and several other: Elephantastic Pink, I Don’t Give A Rotterdam and Happy Anniversary.

dec haul essie

The next is my Essie order. Ever since I realized I could get mini sets at eBay, I’ve wanted them on and off. Finally, I decided that I debated enough and that it will only bother me if I don’t get them, so I ordered last year spring and summer collection minis.

dec haul dance legend

The last is my order from Dance Legend. I love their multichromes (they have a finer pigment, compared to ILNP) so I ordered three more: Sulley, Wazowski and Knight (this one is limited edition and it is not available on their site anymore). They have two other multichromes which are very similar to ILNP Birefringence and Cygnus Loop so I’m not sure I’ll get those. While browsing the site, I noticed Candy Flakes collection. I got Lollypop (pink flakes) and Tinsel (green flakes). I also ordered a top coat for dark polish #603. The bottle shows what the top coat looks on a dark polish – the top coat is actually flakes suspended in slightly dirty transparent polish (you’ll see what I mean when I swatch it).

Well, this is my haul. I have to say that I’m looking forward to putting all these nail polishes to use.

xoxo Tamara

New In: December shopping pt. 2 – INDIE nail polishes (Darling Diva, Femme Fatale, Elevation, Liquid Sky, Lacquistry, Alanna Renee)

dechaul all bottles

Hello lovelies,

this is the second part of my December shopping (I still haven’t bought anything in January). This one will feature exclusively indie nail polishes (I’ve gotten a bit indie-crazy the last month). Tomorrow, I’ll talk about how my no-buy has been going a bit more, so that this post can be focused on nail polishes.

1. Femme Fatale (I order it from color4nails, but they have their own site: Femme Fatale Cosmetics)

dec haul femme fatale

It is Australian brand with glitter packed jelly base nail polishes. A bit of glitter fishing is necessary (especially if you want to catch a certain shape, but overall you get enough glitter on the brush. Each polish comes in a matte black cardboard box and the bottle contains 12 ml.

I ordered: Burning Blossom, Wickerman Embers, Edge of the Cosmos, Wolfsbane and Nightsong Grotto.

2. Darling Diva (I ordered from their Bigcatrel store, but they also have Etsy shop)

dec haul darling diva

They had a sale, so I ordered several shades and I’m totally in love with this brand. Although I thought that I won’t like them, the last two shades are absolute perfection and I can’t wait to show you swatches.

I ordered: Perdita, Honey Do, Bethany and Chandelle.

3. Elevation Polish (I order it from their Bigcartel store)

dec haul elevation polish

Elevation Polish also had a sale and, although the shades on sale weren’t love at first sight, I managed to pick three. When I got them, I was very surprised – the nail polishes were amazing and much prettier than on their site.

I ordered Trift, Marmolada and 2AM Walks with Farrihn.

4. Liquid Sky Lacquer (I order it from color4nails, but they also have their Bigcartel store)

dec haul liquid sky

I picked three of these on color4nails sale. My first impression when I got them was that they are surprisingly runny for a glitter packed nail polish. All shades are from their Haloween collection.

I ordered: Dem Bones, Trick or Treat and Witching Hour

5. Lacquistry (you can get it from her Etsy store) and Alanna Renee (I got it from color4nails, but it is also available on Femme Fatale and on her site).

dec haul lacquistry alanna

Lacquistry’s Amazeballz! would definitely be the nail polish of the year, had I got it earlier. Although my camera hates it, so it refuses to photograph it well, it is, just like the name suggests Amazeballs. The bottle I ordered is a medium sized – contains 30 ml of nail polish and costs $30. There is also smaller (normal size) 15 ml bottle and super huge 75 ml bottle. Alanna Renne is another Australian nail polish brand and I picked one to try. Had I known that Darling Diva Perdita is very similar, I would have picked a different shade.

I ordered: Amazeballz! and Lenny.

Well, this would be all. I’m looking forward to trying these polishes. I’m glad I’ll have something to entertain me during my no-buy (86 days to go).

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

New in: December shopping (ESSIE, CHINA GLAZE, INDIGO BANANAS, EMILY DE MOLLY, etc.)

newin dec

Hello lovelies,

my no-buy is still going great (although it’s been only a week – this means 93 more days to go). I was tempted a bit on the first day, but I managed to press the little x button on time.

In this post I’m going to show you the purchases I made back in December, but which arrived the last week. I have to say that when I decided to go on a no-buy I though that the stuff I had bought will arrive at a slower rate, therefore giving me the impression that I’m actually buying something without buying it for real. The post messed up my plans.

Anyway, here are the things which arrived.

newin dec orly

I’ll start with Orly nail polish. These actually arrived in December, but I didn’t have time to put the post up. I got Passionfruit, First Kiss, Dazzle and Hot Shot.

newin dec essie

I ordered 4 Essies: Butler Please (a stunning bright blue), Pretty Edgy (I thought this one would be a bit darker), Lapis of Luxury (very similar to Using My Maiden Name, minus the shimmer) and Little Brown Dress (I wanted a nice dark brown).

newin dec indigo bananas

I’ve finally made my first order on Etsy. I ordered several nail polishes from Indigo Bananas. What I like the most is that they offer a mini version of almost every shade and, to be honest, the mini isn’t really that mini – it contains 8 ml and cost $7.25. I bought the following shades: A Star to Sail By, A Thousand Dreams, Maui Wowee, Son of Fire, Suneater and Moonlight. From the quick swatches, I can say they are amazing – the first and the last shade are metallic flakies, while all others are duochrome holos.

newin dec china glaze

I’ve gone a bit crazy over neons, which can be seen from my China Glaze haul – I’ve ordered a bunch of them and I’ll list the shades I ordered, but they are not necessarily in the same order as in the photo. I have: Pool Party, Orange Knockout, Surfing for Boys, Flirty Tankini, Hang-Ten Toes, Rose Among Thorns and Love’s a Beach.

newin dec emily de molly

The last is a mixture of several brands. There is Color Club Antiquated, China Glaze Mango Madness (a bit disappointed by this one because it looked like a flakie and not glitter), China Glaze Be Merry Be Bright and two Emily de Molly from MeiMei Signature: Hardware and Bellissima.

newin dec remington

The last product is a straightening iron – I thought about getting a GHD but, as far as I know, you cannot regulate temperature and, to be honest, it is too expensive if I don’t plan to use it often. Instead, I have Remington (have no idea which model) and I hope it will work just fine for me.

I also forgot to mention Shiseido highlighter, but I’ll tell you more about it soon.

There are several more orders I’m waiting which I’ll post once they are here. I’ll also post a no-buy update in about a week.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara


newin dl opi

Hello lovelies,

my postman has been really busy :) Here are several nail polishes I ordered from eBay and Dance Legend.

newin dl opi 3

First I’ll start with OPI. I ordered three shades: Kiss me on my Tulips, Red Lights Ahead… Where? and DS Extravagance from a certain eBay seller whose name I won’t mention (yet). While the shades, the brushes, the font and everything else matches to my authentic OPI polishes, all three shades came with the code (on the sticker and on the bottle) scratched off. This makes me doubt their authenticity. I have sent the message to the seller and I’ll let you know what their reply was.

Započet ću s OPI lakovima. Naručila sam tri nijanse: Kiss me on my Tulips, Red Lights Ahead… Where? i DS Extravagance od jednog eBay sellera čije ime još neću spomenuti jer sumnjam na autentičnost laka. Iako nijanse, kistovi, font i sva druga obilježja odgovaraju originalnim OPI lakovima, na ova je tri laka izgreban kod s bočice i s naljepnice na dnu te zbog toga sumnjam u njihovu autentičnost. Poslala sam poruku selleru pa ću vam javiti što je odgovorio.

newin dl opi 1

Onto something nicer. I finally received my Dance Legend order. Dance Legend is a Russian brand of nail polishes – they have every sort of nail polish imaginable – from holos to multichromes, thermals and neons. The prices of the polishes are reasonable $8-$13, as well as the shipping which is $10, no matter how many nail polishes you order (if you order over 10 polishes, the shipping is free). The only problem is that the shipping time is very long. For some reason, my package spent almost three weeks in Moscow. However, once it was out of Moscow, it arrived in a week.

Prelazim na ljepše stvari. Konačno su mi stigli Dance Legend lakovi za nokte. Dance Legend  ruska je marka lakova za nokte – nema čega nema – od holo i multichrome do termalnih lakova i neon. Cijene su razumne – mislim da se kreću od $8 do $13, a ni poštarina nije preskupa. Poštarina je $10, a ukoliko naručite više od 10 lakova, besplatna je. Jedini je problem što lakovima treba čitava vječnost da stignu. To je uglavnom krivica ruske pošte, jer su prema broju za praćenje lakovi tri tjedna bili u Moskvi. Kad su konačno izašli iz Moskve trebalo im je samo tjedan dana da stignu.

newin dl opi 4


I ordered three holo shades from New Prism collection. I think they have 12  various shades of linear holos and, since I’m a holo addict and own a bunch of holos, I wanted to pick out the shades which are different from the rest of the holos I own. They are $13 and come in a 15ml bottle.

I got Robots vs. Humans (chocolate brown holo), New Messiah (finally a gold holo which doesn’t look green) and Optical Illusion (an interesting brownish purple holo).

Naručila sam tri holo laka iz New Prism kolekcije. Postoji 12 nijansi, ali sam odlučila odabrati one koje još nemam u kolekciji. Holo lakovi koštaju $13 i sadrže 15 ml.

Izabrala sam Robots vs. Humans (čokoladno smeđi holo), New Messiah (konačno zlatni holo koji ne vuče na zeleno) i Optical Illusion (zanimljivi ljubičasto smeđi holo).

newin dl opi 2

I also got two polishes from their Chameleon collection. The only multichromes I saw up to then were those from ILNP so I picked two which looked the most unique: Roz and Boo. Little did I know that ILNP would launch Nostalgia, which falls somewhere in between these two shades. I’ll do a comparison post soon, but I tell you: You need all of them. Multichromes cost $8 and they come in a much smaller bottle (6.5 ml)

Također sam naručila dva laka iz Chameleon linije. Budući da su jedini multichrome lakovi koje sam dotad vidjela ILNP, izabrala sam dva koja su mi se činila najjedinstvenija: Roz i Boo. Tada nisamznala da će ILNP predstaviti nijansu Nostalgia koja je nešto između ove dvije koje sam naručila. Uskoro ću staviti post u kojem ću usporediti ove lakove, ali već vam sad mogu reći da trebate sva tri :) Multichrome lakovi dođu $8, ali dolaze u puno manjoj bočici – samo 6,5 ml.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NEW IN: Layla, Color Club, OPI

new cc, opi layla

Hello lovelies,

someone needs to stop me from buying all the polishes :) Here are the nail polishes which arrived this week and I have a bunch of them on their way to me. I can’t even keep track of them all :)

On the top photo you can see my Color Club Halo Hues. At first I only planned to get several from each collection and in the end, I ended up getting all of them. The holo is super, super strong – this photo was taken in shadow and you can still see the holo effect. There are only two nail polishes which have a weaker holo effect: Kismet and Eternal Beauty.

new cc, opi layla 3

I also couldn’t resist trying some of Layla Hologram nail polishes. They offer a variety of colours, but I decided to pick the shades which I don’t have in a holo version (well, except pink). I got Gold Idol (which looks more like a green to me), Shock Pink and Emerald Divine (this one is absolutely fabulous green). I also got 3 nail buffing files – it seems that, to make the application easier, you have to prepare your nails with a nail buffer. Each polish cost me $13.

new cc, opi layla 2

What is a nail blogger without an OPI nail polish? I ordered five of them for a start, but I have 3 more on their way to me. I got Germanicure (burgundy), My Pointe Exactly (grey) and I Theodora You (pink). I also ordered two DS (designer series). They come with silver caps and back in time (when I wasn’t so much into nail polish) they were fabulous linear holos. The two I picked are more of a scattered holo type and I have to say that they remind me a lot of Oriflame Palladium nail polishes. I got DS Reflection (red) and DS Opulence (pink).

Well, this would be all for today although, knowing me, I might have another new in post soon.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NEW IN: Huge Urban Decay, Deborah Lippmann, Essie and other Haul

haul big


Hello lovelies,

here are some items I ordered in October. I think I need to keep my hands off make-up and nail polish for a while :), even though I got quite a deal on some items. Anyway, let’s see.


haul ud

Several years after its launch, I finally have Naked Palette. I got a Naked Palette set and used 20% off from HqHair. It would be a shame to let it pass. I also received an amazing GWP – a set of New CID Cosmetics which I’ll show you later.

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette

2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette


haul essie

I think I have Essie addiction :) I found an ebay seller with acceptable shipping, so each Essie was under $10. Some polishes are from Wedding 2013 collection and some are permanent.

3. My Better Half

4. Using My Maiden Name

5. Sexy Divide

6. Vanity Fairest

7. Braziliant

8. Knockout Pout

9. Pink Glove Service



haul d lippmann

I can say “thank you ebay” for these polishes, too. I have found a seller with reasonable shipping, so the polishes are a bit more expensive than US retail price. These polishes are also available on Beautybay, but way more expensive.

10. Mermaid’s Dream

11. Glitter In The Air

12. Mermaid’s Kiss


haul cid

I am not very familiar with this brand, but I received a 37 GBP value set as a GWP. They didn’t say what’s in the set, so I browsed a little around and found that the set should contain a nail polish, a lipstick and a primer. However, when it arrived, I was quite surprised. My set contained a nail polish (10GBP), an eyeliner (13GBP) and a cream eyeshadow (14GBP). Much better, in my opinion. Also, the polish contains a led lamp in the cap.

13. I-line Professional Kohl Pencil in Soft Brown

14. I-colour Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Diva

15. I-polish Light Up Nail Polish in Strawberry Gateau


haul ch gr

Finally, some of my other polishes. I wanted Deborah Lippmann Stairway to Heaven, but I found a comparison site and China Glaze Snow Globe looked way nicer. I also got some Golden Rose Jolly Jewels.

16. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels in #103

17. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels in #116

18. China Glaze Snow Globe

19. China Glaze Prism

Well, that would be it. Share your hauls in the comment :)

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara



















newin forever young

Hello lovelies,

although I was supposed to be on a low buy, I had to purchase my basic skin-care for winter. I have already created my fall/winter routine and I have stocked up on the products (with the exception of a cleanser).

SR Skincare is a brand formerly known as Forever Young and they offer affordable skincare solutions with top ingredients. The shipping from the UK to Croatia is a bit expensive (7 pounds), but super fast (less than a week).

I’ve ordered the following items:

Glycolic acid peel (30%). I’ve used lower concentrations of glycolic acid and my skin is quite used to it, so I got a higher concentration. You also get a brush and neutralizer.

Salicylic and lactic acid peel (20%). I’ve used only lower concentration of this peel. Salicylic acid is supposedly very strong, so I won’t try it right now. This peel also comes with application pads and neutralizing gel.

Vitamin C serum. This bottle leaked. I’ve tried to contact the store about it, but my message couldn’t get through. I hope that they’ll improve the packaging, primarily because Vitamin C can be very unstable.

Hydrat hyaluronic acid serum. I’m looking forward to trying this.

newin debby

I also couldn’t resist when I saw a new brand in BIPA drugstores: deBBY. I got this star shaped glitter nail polish. I absolutely love holographic stars :)

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NEW IN: Born Pretty Store

born pretty new in

Hello lovelies,

I didn’t buy anything this month and luckily the package from Born Pretty Store has saved me from a no-buy crisis :) They are my go-to nail art supplier and I can’t wait to try these products. They gave me so much nail art inspiration and I can’t wait to show you nail art ideas.

I have picked the following items:

Nail Art Decoration Kit 9in1  *which contains 6 mini bottles of hexagonal glitter, a mini nail file, wooden stick and nail glue. The set retails for only $3.64 and you can get 10% off with the code TSG10.

Flower Design Stamping Template  *is a pretty basic stamping plate. Currently it is on sale for $0.99.

Born Pretty Holo Nail Polish #9 *. As you know, I’m a huge fan of their holo polishes. This is the eight shade in my collection and I only need 4 more to complete it. The polish retails for $4.59.

I’m looking forward to try all the items.

I am going to review all items during the following two weeks. I hope that the weather will be friendly enough to photo the holographic polish.

If you have any request on which product you want me to review first, let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

* = press sample

New In: ORIFLAME and BORN PRETTY Shopping + swatches

oriflame born pretty

Hello, lovelies.

I hope you are enjoying your day. Today I’m going to show you what I’ve found in my mail recently. I haven’t had much time for shopping during the past several months so when I found some, I went a bit overboard.

After several months I finally made my Oriflame order. For a long time, they didn’t offer anything interesting, but recently they have launched their BB cream version. Even though BB creams are huge rage for several years, and I’ve been intrigued by their multifunctionality, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon way too late. The main reason is that I wasn’t comfortable ordering the “real” Asian BB creams and all those available in drugstores were very, very dark. Oriflame offer their cream in three shades and I got the lightest.

I also threw in two hand creams in jumbo sizes since they were on sale.

I’ve succumbed to the lure of holographic nail polish (who wouldn’t) and order 7 Born Pretty nail polishes (3 from the official Born Pretty store and 4 from e-bay). I’m still waiting for other 3.

born pretty store polish holo

The polishes themselves are excellent – the holographic effect is pretty good and two coats sufficient. I’ll review them fully once I receive my Born Pretty store order.

However, I couldn’t wait to show you at least swatches made on swatching sticks. I’ve put two coats of each shade on the stick and even though they look sheer here (sticks are transparent) on the nail the polish is completely opaque.

Here are the shades #3, #4, #8 and #11.

born pretty holo polish swatch

If you want to get swatch sticks, I recommend e-bay seller hkiron-aus ($2.58 for 50 sticks).

Thank you for reading :)

xoxo Tamara

NEW IN: a bag and a fragrance

New in chloe

Hello dear readers,

how are you ? I’ve had a really hectic day yesterday, so today I’m going to relax a bit and enjoy the snow. I’m getting more and more comfortable with social networks, so I’ve added a link to my Facebook profile which I have opened ages ago, but haven’t used much. Feel free to friend me if you like :)

On the top picture you can see what I have bought yesterday.

My first stop was L’Occitane. I haven’t visited the store for ages, so I had to see what’s new. In the end I left the store with one candle (Fig Tree Leaf) which was on the sale for approximately $10.

The next stop was Mueller – they had some good deals, but in the end I ended up with Chloé’s Love, Chloé fragrance. Again, it was on sale. I’ve had a sample before and it was enough to make me want to buy more.

The last purchase was spontaneous – I’ve entered Accessorize store to escape the snow which was falling heavily and saw this amazing bag 70% off (for approximately $18). All my bags are neutral/dark colors and this will really stand out among them. The material is not leather and it is a bit sensitive to scratches (that’s why I prefer crocodile/snake skin patterns). Still, I’m sure that this bag will last me a long time.

Anyway, I’m very happy with my purchases. I’m glad that I didn’t go overboard in Mueller. I’ve visited the photo-equipment store and I have found a good deal on Canon camera, but it was the last item (a showpiece) and I don’t feel like buying it. Well, the search continues.

By the way, did you hear about PinkSoFoxy’s Make Out 2013  (blog) project? I think that I might incorporate a bit of it in my life.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your last purchases in the comments.

Love, Tamara


Zdravo dragi čitatelji,

kako ste? Jučerašnji dan bio je pretrpan, pa ću se danas malo opuštati i uživati u snijegu. Sve se bolje i bolje osjećam u moru društvenih mreža, pa sam konačno dodala link na moj Facebook profil koji sam još davno otvorila, ali ga nisam baš koristila. Slobodno se sprijateljimo :)

Na gornjoj slici možete vidjeti sve što sam jučer kupila.

Prvo sam otišla u L’Occitane. Nisam bila u dućanu stoljećima, tako da sam morala vidjeti što ima novog. Na kraju sam izašla s jednom svijećom (Fig Tree Leaf) koja je bila na sniženju za 52 kune.

Slijedeća postaja bio je Mueller – imali su dobre akcje na parfeme, a na kraju sam odabrala Love, Chloé parfem. Već sam imala tester koji mi se svidio, tako da me nije bilo teško nagovoriti na još. Bio je na sniženju – 50ml za 449kn (također postoji i 30ml za 349kn). Akcija, kako mi se čini, traje još samo danas.

Zadnju sam stvar kupila sasvim spontano. Ušla sam u Accessorize kako bih se sklonila od snijega i odmah sam ugledala ovu prekrasnu torbu 70% sniženu – za 99 kuna. Pošto je većina mojih torbi neutralne ili crne boje, ova će se zaista isticati. Nije napravljena od kože i materijal je, kako mi se čini, osjetljiv na ogrebotine (zato su mi draže torbe s uzorkom krokodilske ili zmijske kože). Ipak, sigurna sam da će mi torba dugo trajati.

Sve u svemu, zadovoljna sam stvarima koje sam kupila. Drago mi je da nisam pretjerala u Muelleru. Također sam posjetila dućan s foto-opremom i našla Canon fotoaparat po super povoljnoj cijeni, ali je nažalost preostao jedino izložbeni primjerak kojeg nisam voljna kupiti. Znači, potraga se nastavlja.

Usput, jeste li čuli za Make Out 2013 izazov kojeg je postavila PinkSoFoxy. Mislim da ću nešto od toga uklopiti u svoj život.

Hvala na čitanju. U komentarima slobodno podijelite što ste si vi zadnje kupili.

Voli vas, Tamara

December Shopping

svr shopping

Hello, dear readers,

I hope you are doing well :)

I apologise for ignoring my blog, but the last week was really busy. Saturday was supposed to be the highlight of the week, but heavy snow kind of ruined some of my plans. Today was the perfect day – sunlight and white snow all around – and I have spent the better part of the day being out acting silly like I was five instead of twenty-five.

Still, I had some time to do some shopping and here’s what I got.

My favourite pharmacy finally had 20% off of SVR which was my chance to get Chronolys eye cream (full price cca $20) and Clarial concentrated peel with 20% glycolic and 10% citric acid. The full price of the peel is cca $48.

I generally wear lipsticks and lip glosses instead of a lip balm, but I can’t wear a lipstick to bed. So I got Apivita propolis lip balm. It retails for approximately $10.

One product is not on the picture: Eveline 3 in 1 top coat. I’ve heard many good things about it, but I haven’t tried it yet. If it is anything like their Nail Treatment, I’ll be pretty satisfied.

The last product is Garnier Color Naturals permanent hair dye. As I get older, my hair gets darker, so from being a dark ashy blonde several years ago, I ended up being medium brown. I believe that my natural hair colour makes me look older, so I was looking for a way to refresh it. Originally, I planned on going lighter red (something between the colour Lindsey Lohan had and the shade Christina Hendricks has). Then I saw one of my colleague wearing a similar shade and it made her look older, so no red for me.

In the end I have picked out the shade 8.1 Natural Light Ash Blond. I don’t expect to get the shade similar to the shade the model wears on the box, but I hope that it will lighten my shade for two or three shades without making it look too yellowish.

Another good news is that I’ll finally visit a town with a MAC store. I have no idea what I’m going to get – I want to see if they have something similar to Urban Decay Half Baked eyeshadow or if they have a nice highlighter that is neither too shimmery nor too frosty. Feel free to recommend me if you think that something is a must-have product.

I hope you’ll have a great week:)

Yves Rocher, Drugstore and Oriflame Shopping

After recently seeing a SA in a fancy perfumery taking the mascara out of the drawer, opening it to show the brush and then putting it back so that some unsuspecting soul can buy it, I no longer trust either drugstore or high-end mascaras to be brand new, unopened when I buy them.

The solution presented itself in the form of Oriflame catalogue – since you get the package delivered to you, there is a little chance that someone will open your product. Of yourse, once I got the catalogue I couldn’t stop at only the mascara (Giordani Gold Volume Delight).

They launced a new perfume More by Demi and you got a free Giordani Gold Jewel lipstick with it. I needed a go to daytime fragrance for work – since it seems that I won’t be able to get byKilian in Croatia, I wanted to find something cheaper to use daily and to save byKilian’s I have. The fragrance is good enough – the lasting power is comparable to higher-end brands, so I’m pretty satisfied.

I haven’t tried the lipstick that came with it yet, because I accidentaly ordered the wrong colour – I got the shade Dusky Nude instead of the shade Pink Secret. I’m still considering whether I should exchange it. I almost forgot to mention that I have ordered the samples of every shade, so you’ll be able to see the swatches (hopefully when I get my new camera).

I also ordered a hand cream – I’m out of Eucerin and I won’t be able to go to the pharmacy, so I hope that Oriflame Hand Repair Concentrate will be a satisfactory replacement.

At Yves Rocher store, I updated my collection of Jardins du Monde shower gels. This time I got Cotton Flower and Lotus Flower. I have to try them, but it seems that their fragrance won’t be my favourite.

I’ve visited Mueller drugstore, wanting to stock up on my favourite foot cream and hoping to find something to condition my hair. I’m not really into the hair-care stuff and ever since the Kerastase debacle, I’m not willing to give much money for hair, so the drugstore it is. They had like a zillion products and, after musing about them for half an hour, I simply grabbed the first thing that came in my hand – L’Oreal Elvital mask for damaged hair. I’ll see how it works and let you know.

What did you get recently?

SISLEY and CHANEL Shopping

Hello everybody.

Since I’ve named this week Sisley week, it should only be appropriate to post another shopping. Other than Retinol and Glycolic acid creams + mascara and other products I have no back-up of (and maybe Chanel or Guerlain holiday quad), I think I’m done for this year. Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to manage money or credit cards, lol. Although, I wonder who could miss such a bargain.

Anyway, one of the perfumery chain had a 20% off of everything and they also offered a GWP with Sisley skincare purchase (and I’m a sucker for both Sisley and their GWPs). I got 4 GWPs in total (all four had the same products) – 3 for buying the products and 1 when I exchanged my points.

Well, I got the following products.

- Sisley Eau Efficace Gentle Make-Up Remover (I got is for $90, full-price is $120). I’m close to finising Bioderma Micelle Solution, and from the product description, Eau Efficace seemed like a Sisley version of Micelle water so it was a logical choice. Another thing that talked me to purchase it is how the water is dispensed (I’ll describe it more in my review).

- Sisley Ecological Compound Discovery set (I got it for $105, the full price is $145 ).

I’ve already used one bottle which I liked enough to buy another one. I’ll review Ecological compound during the next month because I want to remind myself why I liked it so much.

Basically, this set is worth almost double its full price if you count the value of the deluxe samples you get with it (10 ml of All Day All Year, 15 ml of Express Flower Gel and 5 ml of Eye and Lip Contour Balm).

- Phyto Lip Gloss in #3 Rose ($40, the full price $50). This is the new, fall launch and this beautiful pink with a hint of coral was on my wishlist ever since I’ve seen it.

- Hydrating Longlasting Lipstick in L9 ($44, the full price $55). The lipstick was on a whim purchase. It is another warm pink with a hint of coral shade which reminds me of my YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Pink Dahlia.

The GWPs contained the following products:

30 ml of Floral Toner

30 ml of Lyslait

10 ml of All Day All Year

10 ml of Black Rose mask

8 ml of Soir de Lune Body Lotion (I wonder if they’d ever stop giving this)

3 ml of Sisleya Radiance Concentrate

5 ml of Instant Perfect Primer

2 ml of Skinleya foundation


This shopping was a total bargain. For the total of approximately $280 I have spent on Sisley, I got additional over $1000 worth products, out of which 80% are my favourites and the rest are the products I’ve wanted to try for ages.

However, this means that besides the essentials, I shouldn’t purchase much more.

I have barely put my collection back under control and this has set me back for several months.


The last purchase is from Chanel. Even though I’m disappointed with how long (or better, how short) the Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadow lasts, I got another one. Currently my days are very busy and I appreciate every second of sleep, so my make-up routine is minimized. For that reason I got the shade Emerveille (pearly pink), so that I can only slap it on the lids, without bothering with primers and zillion other shadows.

Since it was suggested to me that I stored Mirifique in a wrong way, I’m storing Emerveille on the lid from the beigning. After six months I’ll update if this has taken any effect.

As for Mirifique – I put a drop of Duraline in it every time I use it and it works that way, although the shade is not as dymensional – there is no silvery sparkle.

Thank you for reading :)

You can share your recent purchases in the comments.

SISLEY Shopping



Several days ago I was saying how I’m glad I haven’t bought the older version of Sisley blush. A couple of days ago, I have changed my mind. I ended up in the store and did some comparison swatches of new vs. older blushes. Since the old #4 Duo Pinky Rose was almost 100% same to the new one, I couldn’t resist.


The old version contains 10 grams, while the newer one contains 7 grams.


I also got a several testers: Intensive Day Cream (haven’t tried it yet) and Hydraflash (one of my favourite products).


I’m still not sure whether I want (and need) Mango duo and the coral blush from the new collection. I guess that the time will show :)


This is what the blush looks like. I’ll see if I manage to do comparison photos.

My last SEPHORA (Croatia) Shopping + some rambling

Since two days ago, there is no more Sephora stores in Croatia. I am a bit sad – they had affordable brushes and SA’s who would leave you alone to browse counters in peace, but when I draw the line, they were not my favourite store so it’s not an end of the world for me.

However, they have made it up to me by having excellent sales during the last week (Sisley – 40%off; Guerlain – 50% off – who could resist?).

Even though Guerlain was dirt cheap and this could be my great opportunity to get Ecrin 6 Couleurs palettes and some new Rouges G, I have managed to reason with myself and successfully ignored those products. I have established that Ecrin 6 Couleurs have too much dark shades – there are practically 2 lighter, 3 darker and one bright shade. Since I have like zillion dark eyeshadows, I have passed them.

Rouges G were off the list because I have just managed to get my lipstick collection under control and I want to keep it that way.

Next – Sisley. I don’t know how I have managed to stick to purchasing only 2 products.

I haven’t even looked at the blushes because they were all sold out, but I was tempted to buy a back-up of Phyto Teint Eclat (which sold for like $70 – dirt cheap for Sisley). Since I know that I won’t even start using my Phyto Teint Eclat until October or November, I have managed to convince myself that the backup isn’t necessary.

Then eyeliners – so much to chose from and yet I have a bunch of eyeliners at home which barely get to be used.

I don’t even have to mention lipsticks. I wanted several shades, but in the end I decided to pass.

And there is a product I kind of regret not having purchased – a set with bronzer and a kabuki brush. This little brush is the cutest and the softest thing I have ever seen and I wanted it so much. However, I really don’t need another bronzer – the current ones I have will probably last an eternity.

In the end, I have picked up two products: a loose powder and an eyeshadow.

Transparent Loose Face Powder with Calendula Extracts was on my wish list for some time. While I still have approximately a half of cK Loose Powder left, I’m kind of becoming unsatisfied with it, which is weird, because I loved it for a long time. I have picked the shade 02 Rose Orient – very pale and will look good when I’m super white in winter. Its regular price in Croatia is around $90, but I got it for $50

Phyto Ombre Eclat in Garden Rose. Yes, it is an eyeshadow, but I’ll try to see if I can pull it off as a blush. It is a beautiful pink colour with gold shimmer. A true love at first sight. The full price in Croatia is $50 but it was around $30.

This was really good shopping :) , but what seemed like a bargain didn’t look so when I entered the amount spent in my make-up budget table. Out of approximately $900 that I had to spend on cosmetics this year, I have only $100 left. And I haven’t even purchased much. If I weren’t on the budget, I’d probably get at least several items more from Guerlain, Chanel and Dior spring and summer collections, which would probably double the amount of the spent money.

I still have some must-have purchases planned. I’ll need a new mascara, several skin-care items (retinols, acids and vitamin C – I’m planning on getting something from SVR and Avene) and a blush, which is not so urgent. I’m waiting to see what the new Guerlain blush will look line, but I also have my eyes for Sisley blush in Pink and Mango.

Also, depending on how quickly I spend the lipsticks, I’ll probably add more Rouges Automatiques or maybe another Rouge Pur Couture.

Click for more PICTURES


Another bunch of items :). Of course, nail polishes were not necessary, but I couldn’t resist them since they were on sale.

Sisley Foaming Exfoliator reminded me to another amazing product: Eveline Anti Cellulite Body Scrub/Shower Gel. I have used it a couple of years ago and I don’t realize why I have stopped it.

I also got myself a cellulose bathing spoonge. Currently I’m using a natural spoonge from the sea, but I have wanted something a bit harsher for a light exfoliation.

The nail polishes (from l to r):

Max Factor Max Effect Mini nail polish Fantasy Fire

Max Factor Max Effect Mini nail polish Cappuccino

Max Factor Max Effect Mini nail polish Ivory

Max Factor Max Effect Mini nail polish Diva Coral

Bourjois So Laque in Beige Glamour.

Oh, and I have almost forgotten Declaré moisturizer (not on the photo). This brand has been available in Croatia for quite some time, but I have always ignored the counter. Several days ago I saw the package of one cream which reminded me of Sisley Sisleya creams. That was enogut for me to stop and study the brand a bit more. Basically, they are formulated for sensitive skin, not too expensive (the majority of the prices vary from $25-$50, although there are some more expensive products). I already have goten my eyes set on a pore minimizing serum (don’t remember the exact name)

Anyway, I caught the sight of several travel size moisturizers which come in small 15ml jars. This amount will be more than enough for me to test it.

For a start I have bought a travel size of Hydro Energy cream (costs around $8).The ingredients seem ok and I can’t wait to spend Bioderma to try this one instead.

Thank you for reading.



The majority of the next two months I will be spending holed up in my house writing my thesis, so currently, i’m stocking up everything I might need during this period.

I have developped quite a fondness for Yves Rocher, especially their bath products. Their shover gels are moisturizing, smell great and they are much, much cheaper than L’Occitane.

This time I have added up another of Jardins du Monde shower gels to my collection Comoran Ylang Ylang flower.

As an incurable addict to Tiare, I also got their Monoi de Tahiti scented oil.

I’ve decided to try out some of their body lotions. I’m currently using L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand and Body Lotion, but I wouldn’t mind switching it up for a cheaper alternative. I have picked Malaysian Coconut Silky Lotion. The bottle is huge (400ml), so I hope I’m going to like it, because if I don’t, I don’t know what I’m going to do with such an amount of lotion.

In the end, you have probably noticed some Sisley on the photo above. I’ve been good and I have stayed away from Sisley counter, but instead I have „cashed in“ my Sisley points in Sisley store and replaced them for a GWP bag. This GWP comes in a sligltly prettier bag than the last one and the content is the same:

30ml of Floral Toning Lotion

30ml of Lyslait

10ml of Hydra-Global

2ml of Sisleya Eye Contour Cream

2ml of Sisleya Global Firming Serum

15ml of Phyto-Svelt Global

1,5ml of Instant Perfect

8ml of Soir de Lune Body Lotion.

Thank you for reading :)


It’s another exam time at my college and this means a lot of stress. And what better way there is to relieve stress than shopping?

Reading Croatian forums has turned my attention towards Yves Rocher. I am not very familiar with the brand, other than they advertise as natural cosmetics. For start, I’ve decided to try shower gels from Jardins du Monde collection. I hope I’ll like it because it is much, much cheaper than L’Occitane.

I got Fleur de Tiare de Polynesie and Feve de Cacao d’Afrique. I’m not very demanding when it comes to shower gels – I only want them to smell nice (although the scent doesn’t have to linger for eternity) and not to dry out my skin.

While I was shopping I have noticed that Sisley has a promo (again). They were giving a GWP bag (over $150 worth of products) with either one skincare product purchase or two make-up products purchase. I have approximately a third of my Soapless Cleansing Bar left (enough for several more months), but I thought “Why not?” and got another one. Now I don’t have to buy another regular cleanser* for two years minimum, lol.

 Anyway, the GWP came in a very ugly bag with floral print which doesn’t look bad on the pictures, but it is worse in reality, especially compared to the rest of my Sisley make-up bags. I’ll use that bag to keep my everyday make-up in my purse. It is not nice, so I won’t be afraid that it will be ruined.


The GWP contains:

Lyslait 30ml (classic)

Floral Toning Lotion 30ml (another classic)

Hydra Global 10ml tube (I’ll use it up during summer since it is not very moisturizing)

Sisleya Global Firming Serum 2ml

Sisleya Eye Contour cream 2ml (excellent cream)

Instant Perfect sample 1,5ml (I have the full size, but this will be good for travelling)

Phyto-Svelt Global anti-cellulite cream 15ml (I’d prefer Crème Reparatrice corps or Hydra-Flash Corps)

Soir de Lune perfumed body milk 8ml

* I often use two cleanser, one after the other. I use regular cleanser every day to wash my face. I also use cleansing oil/milk/micellar water on days when I wear make-up to remove the make-up first.

 Thank you for reading :)