SWATCH │ Glitter /Flakies Top coats (Zoya, OPI, Golden Rose and Debby)

debby zoya golden rose opi

Hello lovelies,

I wasn’t really sure what title to put on this post – top coats in my head means a sheer polish you put on top of your manicure to give it shiny appearance – while nail polish is not something I’d use for the following products, as they do not look good on its own.

Basically, today I’m going to show you swatches of Zoya Monet, OPI Nothing Mousie ‘bout it, Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #101 and Debby #37.

All these nail polishes require, in my opinion another nail polish as a base because otherwise they look bad.

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SWATCHES │Golden Rose Fantastic Color Nail Polish (144, 180, 184)


Hello lovelies,

it’s time for another group swatch post. Today I’ll be showing three Golden Rose Fantastic color nail polishes. I am a huge fan of Golden Rose – they always bring out affordable and trendy nail polishes. They have several ranges of nail polish – my favourite being Rich Color and Paris, with Fantastic Color coming third. However, I’m not a fan of Paris bottle shape – they are not easy to store and they take a lot of space. Fantastic Color range, on the other hand, comes in a more user-friendly bottle.

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Summer Neon Pink Nails with GOLDEN ROSE Paris #92 and #248 Nail Polishes (Swatches)

Hello lovelies,

as you could see from summer collection launches, summertime is neon polish time. These two Golden Rose nail polishes aren’t neons in the full sense (they are do not dry matte), but they are pretty bright.

Both shades have a semi-sheer jelly formula – even after three coats, the nail line was still visible; however, this is the characteristics of this type of formula. They applied evenly. I used 3 coats for the swatches.

#92 is a bright warm pink.

#248 is a bright pink, but with a hint of purple (which is more prominent once you put it next to #92).

I have to mention that I really dislike the triangular shaped bottles; other than being inconvenient to store, they are a bit difficult to open.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NOTD: Glitter gradient manicure with Born Pretty Store Glitter Set

bps glitter set

Hello lovelies,

I apologise for my absence which was due 2014 FIFA World Cup and Formula 1 being on the same weekend. I’ve spent the whole weekend in front of the TV and currently I’m waiting for the USA vs. Portugal match and I’m trying to figure out how to watch two matches simultaneously tomorrow.

Now, let’s go back to what this blog is about. Several weeks ago I received the items I’ve picked from Born Pretty Store and this 12 Bottle set of glitter* was among them. The iridescent glitter is available in many shapes – small glitter dust, hexagonal glitter, shape glitter, caviar pearls, stripe glitter and rhombus shaped glitter. Ever since I’ve gotten into nail polish I wanted to try out glitter dust and I’ve spent hours browsing the e-bay in my search, but all the results turned out to be too expensive and/or not offering a nice color variety for something I might not like.

born pretty glitter set size

This set contains twelve tiny bottles and retail for $4.12. Even thought the bottles are pretty small, each contain more than enough of glitter. The glitter in my set slightly differs from the one on the site which might be due to monitor calibration. Anyway, I received the following colors: silver, yellow, green, purple, white, red, gold, turquoise, bright pink with cold undertone, orange, bright pink with warm undertone and dark blue. You can get it here and you can use my code TSG10 for 10%off.

born pretty glitter storage

I decided to store the bottles in a tiny jewelry box – I removed the padding and the box turned out to be the perfect size for the bottles. This way I can keep them all in one place.

Now, onto the manicure.

bps glitter notd 1

At first I planned to use the glitter over white, but in the last moment I picked Golden Rose Fantastic Color in #152. I used a flat nail art brush from e-bay to apply the glitter. I tapped the glitter, trying to create the gradient. I used yellow, orange, pink and purple glitter. I wasn’t sure how the glitter will react with the top coat, so I snapped several photos of the mani without the top coat. It’s a good thing that I did it as the top coat dulled the colour of the glitter – the iridescence makes them lean to the green side – the top coat has made this feature even more prominent.

No top coat:

bps glitter notd


bps glitter notd 3

bps glitter notd 2

With top coat.

bps glitter notd with topcoat

I like how this manicure turned out, especially without the top coat when my nails look as if I dipped them in sugar.

xoxo Tamara

Golden Rose Fantastic Color #152 Swatch & Review

golden rose fantastic color 152 3


here’s a quick swatch of a black Golden Rose nail polish

FORMULA and APPLICATION: Slightly thick and very pigmented. One coat is enough to use as a base under multichromes, but I like to add a second coat just to make it even.

COLOUR and FINISH: A deep black crème. It is super shiny even without a top coat.

MY COMMENT: I am pleasantly surprised by this nail polish. I bought it only to use it under multichromes (Chanel Black Satin is a bit too expensive for this purpose), but it performs even better than Chanel.

Here are the swatches: 2 coats, no black or top coat

golden rose fantastic color 152


golden rose fantastic color 152 2


golden rose fantastic color 152 1

xoxo Tamara

100 Days No-Buy Update (Day 91) or How I Have Failed

no buy title

Hello lovelies,

I think that the title says it all. My no-buy went fine for three months and then all went to hell.

no buy haul

First Color4Nails started to carry Zoya which was enough for me to buy some of their naturel and magical pixie line, as well as several other polishes. Then I had a bad day and ended up getting a bunch of Golden Rose nail polishes. Then OPI launched Brazil collection – needless to say I liked every single nail polish (I ordered them). Several indie sellers had a discount. Then everything got out of control – there will be more Zoya and Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, a bunch of Too Faced, theBalm and Rimmel and much more (they still didn’t arrive).

While a part of me is shocked – it seems much more listed like this – I hope I’ll manage to mask some as birthday gifts.

Here’s the stuff I got which has arrived.

Color4Nails order:

no buy haul zoya aengland

AEngland Dancing with Nureyev, Zoya Taylor, Rue, Brigitte, Cosmo, Lux, Aurora, Carter, Dhara, Monet.

Golden Rose & drugstore haul:

no buy haul golden rose essence

Golden Rose Fantastic Color 180, 166, 152, Golden Rose Holiday 55, Golden Rose Rich Color 06, 105, Make Up Factory 515, Essence Million Dollar Baby, Golden Rose Care + Strong 169, Essence Here’s My Number.

Polish Me Silly haul (Meet my Chromies collection)

no buy haul polish me silly

Cosmic Kisses, Bombshell, Holy Shift, Lovestruck, Guilty Pleasure

OPI haul pt1.

no buy haul opi pt1

I Just Can’t Cope-a-Cabana, Where did Suzi’s Man-Go, Toucan Do It If You Try, Live.Love.Carnaval, Kiss Me I’m Brazilian, Hey Baby, Red Hot Rio

OPI haul pt2.

no buy haul opi pt2

Love Angel Music Baby, Taupeless Beach, I Sao Paolo Over There, Next Stop… the Bikini Zone, OPI Scores a Goal, AmazON AmazOFF (Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is missing, but it will join them soon.

I plan to review and swatch OPI Brazil collection as soon as possible. I also want to do a comparison post. You can expect my impressions on my no-buy on 11th April.

How is your no-buy going?

xoxo Tamara

GOLDEN ROSE Jolly Jewels #113 and #116 Swatches & Review

Hello lovelies,

I’ve decided to cram up the swatches of two Golden Rose Jolly Jewels nail polishes (113 and 116) in one post.

FORMULA and APPLICATION: On a thicker side and packed with glitter but I could work with it. The one coat deposits more than enough glitter, but the base colour is too sheer for my liking, so I either apply two coats or layer one coat over a similarly coloured nail polish. The glitter can stick out, so make sure you use a thicker top coat to even it out.

COLOUR and FINISH: #113 contains bigger orange and smaller silver hexagonal glitters in a bright pink jelly base. #116 contains bigger silver and smaller black hexagonal glitters in a red jelly base.

MY COMMENT: I especially like #113 – orange and pink do not often look good together, but this combination looks really fresh and spring appropriate. I find that #116 is prettier in the bottle – the colour combination reminded me of poppies – but it doesn’t translate well on the nail – it is too glitter heavy. I think I’ll continue to use it as a top coat over red nail polish.

Swatch: 2 coats, no base or top coat


golden rose jolly jewels 113


golden rose jolly jewels 113 3

golden rose jolly jewels 113 1


golden rose jolly jewels 116

golden rose jolly jewels 116 3

golden rose jolly jewels 116 2

Which one do you prefer?

xoxo Tamara

GOLDEN ROSE Paris #98 Swatch & Review

golden rose holo 98

FORMULA and APPLICATION: Thin, easy to work with. The shimmer is very tiny so I suggest using two coats even though I use it as a top coat.

golden rose holo 98 close

COLOUR and FINISH: It is a scattered silver holographic shimmer. It reminds me of China Glaze Fairy Dust, which I don’t own, but judging by the swatches they look pretty similar.

MY COMMENT:  It is another nail polish that I really like. The camera couldn’t really capture the holo effect – it is much stronger in real life.

Swatches: 2 coats, no top coat

golden rose holo 98 3


golden rose holo 98 2


golden rose holo 98 1

xoxo Tamara

Golden Rose Classics Charming Swatch Spam (#21, #22, #52) Swatches

Hello lovelies,

today I have prepared swatches of the rest of my Golden Rose Classics Charming nail polishes. I’ve already swatched the white shade and now it is the time to swatch the rest.

The formula is the same for all three shades – very thin and sheer which means that you’ll need to use at least three coats to get full opacity.

All swatches are made with three coats, no top or base coat:


This shade looks orange/red in the bottle, but pinkish red on the nails. It has pearly finish and contains sparse holo glitter. The brush leaves barely visible brush strokes.


This is a pearly orange/peachy pink. It also has pearly finish. The brush leaves barely visible brush strokes. This colour reminds me of an Inglot nail polish I have, but which, I believe, looks more pink.


This is a bright blue crelly. It applies evenly, but it is surprisingly sheer. At first I thought that it is very similar to Essence Absolutely Blue, but Essence has more purple undertones.

xoxo Tamara

GOLDEN ROSE Jolly Jewels #120 Swatch and Review

golden rose jolly jewels 120

Hello lovelies,

I’m a huge Golden Rose fan and I especially like their nail polishes. Here’s a swatch of one from Jolly Jewels collection – #120.

FORMULA: Thicker, but easy to apply

APPLICATION: This nail polish is packed with glitter so even one coat will deposit enough glitter. There’s no need to fish out glitter or to carefully place it.

COLOUR and FINISH: Big silver, purple, fuchsia and red hexagonal glitters with small fuchsia hex glitter in a clear base. The glitter feels a bit bumpy, so I’d suggest applying a thicker top coat to smooth it out.

WEAR TIME: 3-4 days

AVAILABILITY and PRICE: Golden rose stores or Golden rose web site, 34 kn (around $5)

TAMARA’s COMMENT: I don’t like to wear this nail polish on its own – it looks “unfinished”, but it is a nice option to spice up a pink manicure. Removal, of course, is a huge pain. Honestly, there’s nothing more difficult to remove than chunky glitter.


GOLDEN ROSE Paris Nail Polish #69 Swatch and Review

gr 69 1

Hello lovelies,
I hope you are doing well. We finally got snow – over 30 cm where I live and I spent the majority of the day shoveling it. Needles to say, my back is killing me. I also broke a nail on my left hand, so no swatching for a while. It’s a good thing that I have some swatches left in my folders. I’ve changed a bit the format of my reviews – instead of rambling, I created several categories – I believe that this will make the reviews coherent. Tell me what you think about it.

Let’s go:

gr 69

FORMULA: On thicker side, but easy to apply.

APPLICATION: 1 coats contains enough glitter, especially if you want to use it as a top coat. Three coats give pretty good coverage, but there are still some bald spots. There is no big difference between 3 or five coats in terms of coverage.

COLOUR and FINISH: Silver, red, green and blue glitter in transparent base. Silver is not super shiny – it gives more an antique, oxidized silver colour. After several coats it feels a bit gritty, but this can be easily evened out with a top coat.

BRUSH: Medium sized, round soft brush with long handle, easy to use.

WEAR TIME: 3 days

OTHER: It can be used on its own (if you build coats) or as a top coat. Even though it is a glitter polish, tiny glitter particles make it easier to remove than other chunky glitters.

AVAILABILITY and PRICE: In Croatia at Golden Rose store / USA at golden rose. Price: 15 kn / $4,99

TAMARA’s COMMENT: I bought it several years ago because the mixture of glitters seemed very unique back then.

Here are swatches: 5 coats + Seche Vite:

gr 69 4

gr 69 3

gr 69 2

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara


New Year’s Eve NOTD

nye mani 2

Hello lovelies,

here’s just a quick post of the manicure I wore for New Year’s Eve. I decided to combine silver and gold so I put three coats of Orly Dazzle (perfect, non streaky silver) and I used three coats of Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #103 (tiny golden shimmer with rose gold glitter) as an accent nail.

What did you wear on you nails for this occasion?

nye mani 1

nye mani

xoxo Tamara

2013 Nail Polish Favourites (mainstream brands) – TOP 20

Hello lovelies,

here’s the second part of my favourite nail polishes in 2013. This list will feature mainstream brands and it will feature 20 favourite nail polishes (which are not necessarily launched 2013). Again, I didn’t assign the places (picking them out was hard enough), I’ll present them according to their price.

First, I’ll start with high-end polishes. This year I went on a Chanel binge and got from 7 to 27 Chanels. It is only natural that three of them are on the list. I also discovered Deborah Lippmann (I previously considered it an overpriced glitter) and Butter London (I need to find another EU-based store with free shipping since HqHair refuses to ship nail polish to Croatia).

Pictured above are: Chanel Taboo, Chanel Distraction, Chanel Bel-Argus, Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream, Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Kiss and Butter London Shag.

The next are mid-range, mostly US brands (Essie, for example). This year I got my first OPIs and one has already managed to end on the favourites list. I have also found a perfect, but discrete nail polish which can improve every manicure and an excellent New CID brand (also unavailable because HqHair refuses to ship polish to Croatia). There’s also Orly which has great formulation and huge bottles (which are impossible to spend in my case). Of course, here’s Color Club – I almost put both Halo Hues collections in my favourites, but I decided it would be a bit over the top so I randomly picked one to represent them whole.

Pictured are: Color Club Cherubic, Orly Hot Shot, OPI Germanicure, New CID Strawberry Gateau, Essie Using My Maiden Name, Essie The Lace is On, China Glaze Snow Globe.

The last are drugstore nail polishes. I have to admit that recently Croatian drugstores got some interesting nail polishes, like Depend holos. I could also have a whole category for Golden Rose, but I have picked only one to represent them whole. I’m glad to see that holo love is spreading – Oriflame have released Color Shine Palladium collection (scattered holos) and I hope it won’t take long for them to release linear holos, too. I also have to mention Eveline Mini Max Nail polish in what reminds me of Pantone’s color of the 2014 – Radiant Orchid.

Above are: Oriflame Fuchsia Palladium, Moment 201, Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 113, Eveline Mini Max 817, Eveline Color Instant 691, Depend Holographic 2032 and Ados 532.

You may have noticed that textured nail polish was a big hit in 2013 – almost every brand has their version of textures. I only have one which I love, but I’d like to try more to see how I really feel about textures.

What are your favourites?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NOTD Waterfall Manicure with OPI

notd waterfall

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been going through my photo folders to see if there are some swatches I haven’t published yet and I found my attempt at waterfall manicure. Basically you need a medium long, thin striping brush and a nail polish.

I used OPI My Pointe Exactly as a base and I striped with Max Factor Ruby Fruit, Catrice Bloody Mary to Go and Golden Rose Silver Nail Art polish. The manicure doesn’t look very good at the cuticle area because I already had OPI on for 4 days and I did go a bit overboard with clean-up.

You can find how this manicure looks when it is done by a pro at Nailasaurus.

Pregledavala sam slike u folderima tražeći swatcheve koje još nisam objavila i naišla sam na moj pokušaj vodopad manicure. Sve što je za nju potrebno je srednje dugački tanki kist za nail art i lak za nokte.

Kao podlogu koristila sam OPI My Pointe Exactly, a linije sam radila s Max Factor Ruby Fruit, Catrice Bloody Mary to Go i Golden Rose Silver Nail Art lakovima za nokte. Manikura ne izgleda najbolje oko korijena nokta jer sam pretjerala s čišćenjem, a i OPI lak je već bio četiri dana na noktima pa se vidi izrast.

Kako bi ova manikura trebala izgledati kad ju radi netko talentiran možete vidjeti kod Nailasaurusa.

notd waterfall 1

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

GOLDEN ROSE Classics Charming #03 Nail Polish Swatch and Review

gr classics 03 bottle

Hello lovelies,

rarely do I buy a bad nail polish, but it happens sometimes. The culprit is Golden Rose Classics Charming nail polish in the shade #03. It is a pure crème white shade which I thought would be good to put under neons, but I’m not happy with its application. The consistency is pretty thick, the polish is pigmented but the nail polish applies unevenly. It takes several coats to get a somewhat even colour without bald spots peeking through.

Plus, it is completely personal, but I don’t like the way it looks on my nails. It reminds me of the time in primary school when we would paint our nails with a correction fluid – the same look, only glossy.

I will continue to use it, but I will still be looking for a nice opaque white.

Rijetko kupim loš lak za nokte, ali i  to swe ponekad dogodi. Riječ je o Golden Rose Classics Charming laku za nokte u nijansi 03. Lak je bijeli s krem finišem i prvenstveno sam ga željela jer sam ga mislila stavljati ispod neon lakova da pojačam neon boju, ali nisam zadovoljna kvalitetom. Lak je dosta gust i pigmentiran, ali se jako neravnomjerno nanosi. Potrebno je staviti nekoliko slojeva kako bi se dobila koliko-toliko jednaka boja bez “ćelavih” područja.

Postoji i osoban razlog moje antipatije – ne sviđa mi se kako izgleda na mojim noktima. Podsjeća me na to kad sam u osnovnoj školi stavljala korektor na nokte – apsolutno isto izgleda, jedino je lak sjajan.

Lak ću nastaviti koristiti, ali se nadam da ću naći dobar neproziran bijeli lak.

Swatches (3 coats, no top or base coat)

gr classics 03


gr classics 03 2


gr classics 03 1

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NOTD: Snow White Nails with China Glaze and Golden Rose

notd gr cg 2

Hello lovelies,

it is not Snow White as in fairy tales, it is snow white as in white as snow :) . Basically, yesterday I swatched Golden Rose Classics Charming nail polish in shade #03 which is a white crème (and the review will follow soon). Needless to say, I didn’t like it at all. Then I remembered that I have China Glaze Snow Globe and that this would be a good time to try it. I put two coats of Snow Globe (opalescent glitter) over white and I have to say that I like my nails more.

Današnja manikura nije o Snjeguljici:) . Jučer sam swatchala Golden Rose Classics Charming lak za nokte u nijansi #03 (krem bijela koju ću uskoro recenzirati) i nikako mi se nije svidjelo kako lak izgleda na noktima. Sjetila sam se da imam China Glaze lak u nijansi Snow Globe, pa sam ga odlučila isprobati preko bijelog. Stavila sam dva sloja Snow Globe preko Golden Rose Classics Charming #03 i moram priznati da mi se manikura sada puno vise sviđa.

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NEW IN: Huge Urban Decay, Deborah Lippmann, Essie and other Haul

haul big


Hello lovelies,

here are some items I ordered in October. I think I need to keep my hands off make-up and nail polish for a while :), even though I got quite a deal on some items. Anyway, let’s see.


haul ud

Several years after its launch, I finally have Naked Palette. I got a Naked Palette set and used 20% off from HqHair. It would be a shame to let it pass. I also received an amazing GWP – a set of New CID Cosmetics which I’ll show you later.

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette

2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette


haul essie

I think I have Essie addiction :) I found an ebay seller with acceptable shipping, so each Essie was under $10. Some polishes are from Wedding 2013 collection and some are permanent.

3. My Better Half

4. Using My Maiden Name

5. Sexy Divide

6. Vanity Fairest

7. Braziliant

8. Knockout Pout

9. Pink Glove Service



haul d lippmann

I can say “thank you ebay” for these polishes, too. I have found a seller with reasonable shipping, so the polishes are a bit more expensive than US retail price. These polishes are also available on Beautybay, but way more expensive.

10. Mermaid’s Dream

11. Glitter In The Air

12. Mermaid’s Kiss


haul cid

I am not very familiar with this brand, but I received a 37 GBP value set as a GWP. They didn’t say what’s in the set, so I browsed a little around and found that the set should contain a nail polish, a lipstick and a primer. However, when it arrived, I was quite surprised. My set contained a nail polish (10GBP), an eyeliner (13GBP) and a cream eyeshadow (14GBP). Much better, in my opinion. Also, the polish contains a led lamp in the cap.

13. I-line Professional Kohl Pencil in Soft Brown

14. I-colour Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Diva

15. I-polish Light Up Nail Polish in Strawberry Gateau


haul ch gr

Finally, some of my other polishes. I wanted Deborah Lippmann Stairway to Heaven, but I found a comparison site and China Glaze Snow Globe looked way nicer. I also got some Golden Rose Jolly Jewels.

16. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels in #103

17. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels in #116

18. China Glaze Snow Globe

19. China Glaze Prism

Well, that would be it. Share your hauls in the comment :)

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara


















GOLDEN ROSE Holiday #51 Nail Polish Swatch and Review

golden rose holiday bottle

Hello lovelies,

for a long time I wasn’t sure how I feel about textured nail polish – Zoya Pixie Dust looks great, but there are also some textures (non shimmery ones) which I dislike and I wasn’t willing to shell out over $15 to find out. Then Golden Rose launched their textured line. I’m very happy that Golden Rose follows trends and I can get a new trends for less.

Holiday collection features both glitter and non-glitter textures and to try it I got #51 which is a light dirty shimmery pink. On the nails, the polish feels gritty, slightly sandy, but it is not very distracting. It almost feels like some of my glitter filled nail art polishes. It applies evenly and one coat gives a pretty good opacity: however, I prefer two coats.

The wear is typicall – 2-3 days.

Since it is practically glitter nail polish, I have expected that it will be super difficult to remove, but the removal is very easy – as if you were removing a non-glitter polish.

The swatches below are made with two coats. The purple polish is Ados #580.

Have you tried textures?

golden rose holiday swatch

golden rose holiday 51

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

GOLDEN ROSE Jolly Jewels #115 Swatch and Review

jolly jewels 115 bottle

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been a very lazy blogger lately. All the post published the last week were prewritten and scheduled, so I actually didn’t write anything for a week. I also wasn’t in a mood for nail polish – all the work in the vineyard completely stained my nails and there’s still some staining left :( The weather does nothing to prevent my laziness – it’s horribly cloudy and the only sunny day I had to spend in Zagreb (not planned). I took some photos today (they are horrible – I hope that I can find some decent previously done swatch photos on my computer because otherwise I don’t know how I’ll make it through the fall). But now let’s go back to business.

Goldne Rose Jolly Jewels #115 is the right thing I need during this horrible weather – it is good mood bottled :) Actually it is multicolouted hexagonal glitter in a semi-sheer white base. There is a similar China Glaze (I think the name is Trapeze something?).

Isn’t it gorgeous?

jolly jewels 115 shimmer

The issue with many glitters I have is that the brush doesn’t pick up enough so you need to apply like zillion coats only to have three glitters on the nail. Jolly Jewels line is not like this – one coat gives a decent amount of glitter and if you use #115 as a top coat, it will be enough. If I wear it on its own, two coats are enough for me.

The glitters feel gritty so a top coat is a must to seal them in and to smooth the surface.

The wear is typical – 2-3 days.

Anyway, I adore it – very festive, but not over the top look :)

jolly jewels 115


jolly jewels 115 sun

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

GOLDEN ROSE Jolly Jewels #111 Swatch and Review

jolly jewels 111 bottle

Hello lovelies,

here’s another addition to blue/green week: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels nail polish.

I love Golden Rose nail polishes, primarily because they are very quick to dupe trends at an affordable price. Jolly Jewels collection reminds me of all those indie glitters which cost an arm and a leg after shipping fees and I’m glad I can get something similar for $6. Currently, I own 6 of them, but I plan to get several more (you can find my swatch of #109 here).

#111 is a sky blue with small silver and big golden hexagonal glitter. The blue base is very sheer – the swatches are made with two coats and you can see that blue is not very opaque and even. However, there’s plenty of glitter in only one coat, so if you are bothered by the sheerness, you can use Golden Rose as a top coat over similar shades.

What I dislike the most about this (and all glitter polishes) is that they are hard to remove (even if I use foil wrapping method). Still, this won’t prevent me from wearing it, because they truly are beautiful.

jolly jewels 111 swatch


jolly jewels 111 nail swatch

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara