Valentine’s Day NOTD (OPI & New CID)

vday mani opi new cid 2

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are enjoying Valentine’s day, whether as a couple or single.

Here’s a quick and simple Valentine’s day manicure. When I got OPI Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It, I knew I’ll want to use it on st. Valentine’s day. I first layered 2 coats of New CID Strawberry Gateau, followed by one coat of Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It. The hearts from OPI are pretty difficult to get on a brush, so I put the flaky part on all nails and then managed to fish out several hearts as an accent nail.

vday mani opi new cid

vday mani opi new cid 1

And here’s my 2 in 1 gift which is both for Valentines and 8th March – Van Cleef & Arpels Precious Oud fragrance from their Collection Extraordinaire.

vday van cleef arpels

Happy Valentine’s day and thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

BY KILIAN Cruel Intentions EdP Review

Hello lovelies,

after several nail related post I thought I could break the routine with a post which has been in my Drafts folder for a year and a half.

Last spring I’ve gone a bit crazy over by Kilian fragrances. By Kilian fragrances are available in 30ml travel spray ($135), 30 ml refill for travel spray ($70), 50 ml bottle ($225) and 50 ml bottle refill ($125). The cheapest solution is to buy 30ml refills, but keep in mind that you don’t get a spray bottle with them, so you will have to transfer the fragrance into your own bottle. There is also the possiblity to buy a travel spray bottle separate, but the bottle itself costs almost as the travel set (I think that the bottle is around $100).

Cruel intentions is a fragrance I’m not sure I like 100%. It reminds me of Versace’s Crystal Noir – the same dark sexy oriental type.

On my skin it is a smoky and wet but slightly sweet oud with a hint of fruity tartness. As it dries down, the musk comes forward, making it heavy. My skin doesn’t like musk very much – it pulls out the cloying, almost dirty aspect of it.

The sillage is ok, nothing close to Montale, but still strong enough for EdP.

While I’ll gladly use up the fragrance, I won’t repurchase it.

The bottle is very heavy and the top attaches by strong magnets.

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

FINISHED! December Editon

finished december all

Hello dear readers,

first I would like to wish you all happy new year. I hope that all your wishes will come true and that every day of the new 2013 will be fulfilled, that you’ll live every day like your last and that you won’t regret anything and you’ll look forward to good things to come.

I know that in my November edition I have promised many more finished products, but December is even more of a fail than November. I guess it seems that January will be perfect.

Also, January will be the month when I (hopefully) will finally get a DSLR camera. The store in which I planned to buy it obviously isn’t interested in selling (weird, because they are Canon importers) and, as far as my experience goes, has a poor customer service, so I’m looking for another (probably cheaper) store.

Anyway, I’m planning on publishing 2012 favourites this week and the next week you can expect the photos of my collection. You’ll also see the round-up of my so called „low buy“ (yeah, right).

Without further delaying, here are the items spent in December:


Dragi čitatelji,

prvo bih vam željela čestitati Novu Godinu. Nadam se da će vam se ispuniti sve vaše želje te da će vam svaki dan nove 2013. biti ispunjen i da ćete svaki dan živjeti kao da je posljednji bez da žalite za bilo čim te da ćete se radovati svim dobrim stvarima koje vam ova godina nosi.

Znam da sam u studenom obećala više potrošenih poizvoda, ali po tom pitanju prosinac je bio pravi debakl. Izgleda da će siječanj biti savršen.

Također nadam se da ću u siječnju konačno nabaviti DSLR fotoaparat. Trgovina u kojoj sam ga namjeravala kupiti očito nije zainteresirana za prodaju (što je čudno, budući da su oni zastupnici Canona) i prema mojem iskustvu nemaju bog zna kakvi odnos s kupcima, pa tražim neku drugi (vjerojatno jeftiniji) dućan.

Također planiram objaviti post s favoritima u 2012 ovaj tjedan, a idući tjedan možete očekivati slike moje kolekcije, te sažetak moje takozvane „smanjene“ kupnje kozmetike (moš’ mislit).

Da dalje ne duljim, ovo su proizvodi koje sam potrošila u prosincu:


MAKE-UP (Šminka):

finished december makeup

SISLEY Skinleya #20 foundation sample (2ml) . A light coverage foundation which I use in combination with Phyto Teint Eclat to get the correct shade for my skin. - Tekući puder s laganim prekrivanjem kojeg koristim u kombinaciji s Phyto Teint Eclat da bih dobila točnu nijansu.

SISLEY Phytocernes + Concealer #2 sample (0,5 ml). A concealer which I have used in combination with Effacernes, to dilute it and to get the correct shade. - Korektor kojeg koristim u kombinaciji s Effacernes korektorom kako bih ga razrijedila i kako bih dobila točnu nijansu.

SKINCARE (Njega kože):

finished december skincare

BIODERMA Sebium H2O micelle solution (250 ml). An excellent make-up remover which I’m tempted to buy (and I probably will after I spend Sisley Eau Efficace). Considering the amount, it has lasted a long time. – Odličan odstranjivač šminke kojeg ću vjerojatno ponovno kupiti nakon što potrošim Sisley Eau Efficace. S obzirom na količinu, odstranjivač je trajao puno duže nego što sam to očekivala.

SISLEY Hydraflash mask sample (4 ml). A nice pick-me up for my winter-dehydrated skin. – Dobra maska za oporavak kože dehidrirane zbog hladnoće i suhog zraka.

BIODERMA Sebium Hydra cream sample (5ml) . Plain basic moisturizer. I probably won’t repurchase. – Obična hidratantna krema. Vjerojatno ju neću ponovno kupiti.

SISLEY Sisleya Eye Contour Cream sample (2 ml). An excellent eye contour cream, but too pricey for what I get (+ the full size comes in a jar). – Izvrsna okoloočna krema, ali puno puno preskupa.

SISLEY All Day All Year sample (10 ml). A very good day cream, althought I don’t trust the alleged SPF much. – Vrlo dobra dnevna krema, iako se ne pouzdajem previše u navodni zaštitni faktor.

SISLEY Sisleya Radiance Concentrate sample (3 ml). The perfect serum for my skin, but I think that SVR Clarial is a bit better. – Savršeni serum za moju kožu, ali mislim da je SVR Clarial ipak mrvicu bolji.


FRAGRANCE (Parfemi):

finished december fragrance

MOSCHINO Light Clouds EdT sample. Unremarkable. – Ništa posebno.

MOSCHINO Funny! EdT sample . Unremarkable. – Ništa posebno.

MOSCHINO Toujours Glamour EdT sample. The best fragrance from the Moschino line, although it isn’t something special. – Najbolji Moschinov parfem, iako ni on nije ništa posebno.

DSQUARED She Wood EdT sample. To my nose rose is prevalent, but it is grounded by something woody. Interesting. – Parfem u kojiem prevladava ruža prizemljena drvenastom bazom. Zanimljivo.

LA PRAIRIE Silver Rain Shimmer Mist sample. It smells expensive, but something just doesn’t agree with my nose. – Miriši skupo, ali nešto u parfemu mi ne odgovara.

BY KILIAN Beyond Love. Indeed, it is beyond love, it is perfection. My absolute favourite. Idiot me didn’t purchase the big bottle. – I više od ljubavi, to je savršenstvo. Moj najdraži parfem. Glupa ja nije kupila veliku bočicu kad je mogla.

And that would be all. Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your holidays :)

Love, Tamara

I to bi bilo sve. Hvala vam na čitanju i uživajte u praznicima :)

Voli vas, Tamara

ORIFLAME More by Demi EdP Review


I’ve been looking for a cheaper daytime fragrance to wear to work, since I don’t want to use the nicer ones daily. I was interested in Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire, but to me it smells exactly like Pink Sugar Sensual (the one in the black bottle), so Guerlain was off. Anyway, this fragrance came with a free Giordani Gold Jewell lipstick, so I took the deal.

The fragrance comes in a 50 ml bottle and retails for $45 ($25 on the sale).

It comes in a glass bottle – the front and the back size are opaque gold colour, while the sides are transparent (so you can see how much you have left). The cap is made of gold coloured plastic and it is a bit difficult to take off or put on.

As for the fragrance itself – it is a floral with a hint of oriental on my skin. The opening is a fruity floral bouquet – I can smell peach and citruses, but the floral part is undetermined. As the fruit wanes, jasmine and ylang ylang come in the front. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with ylang ylang, so I can detect this note really well. As it dries down, floral part is still present, but it is creamier, grounded by spicy sandalwood.

One thing I can unmistakeably smell is an Oriflame note – a note which I cannot describe, but which I can smell in the opening of the 90% of Oriflame fragrances.

As for its lasting power – it lasts for ages – even better than some of By Kilian fragrances. I can still smell it on my hair and clothes the next day.

While I’m not the fan of the top notes, the dry-down is appealing enough to me.I’m really glad that this fragrance wasn’t a miss.

BY KILIAN Bamboo Harmony EdP Review


Bamboo Harmony is second in the Asian Tales collection.

So far, the collection is far from my favourites – neither fragrance from the collection impressed me much, especially when I compare it to the Oeuvre Noire.

Bamboo Harmony is the cleanest scent I’ve had a chance to try. This is true soap and water scent. I couldn’t discern any note in particular, because the whole combination reminds me of the soap my grandfather used to use.

Still, I wouldn’t place it in any gender group – the scent could be worn equally well by both men and women.

While I prefer the cleanliness of Bamboo Harmony to the wateriness of Water Calligraphy, I find that Bamboo Harmony opens up too strong for such a clean scent. For the first four hours it is too overpowering and only after five hours or so becomes a delicate scent of cleanliness which I expected from the beginning.

In the end, I have to mention that this is one of the longer lasting by Kilian scents.

LA PRAIRIE Silver Rain Shimmer Mist Review


I haven’t tried the original version of Silver Rain since I’ve never been much interested into La Prairie products.

It is a mix of fruity spicy floral, although the combination smells less fresh and less sexy than, let’s say Versace Crystal Noir.

I was a bit surprised by how it smells since I’ve been expecting something chypre. The top notes are fresh, slightly fruity – maybe apple combined with gardenia, mint and pepper.

The mint is a surprise here – it can be felt even in middle notes which are still fruity, but with more spice.

The drydown is fruity-spicy. There is no mint here – just a hint of pepper and sandalwood wrapped into a bouquet of vanilla and heliotrope which have a very, very slight citrusy feel. It is a very long-wearing scent.

Even though it appears very elegant and expensive, Silver Rain, while being a nice scent, is too bland and generic for my taste.

GIVENCHY Absolutely Irresistible EdP Review


Approximately 10 to 5 years ago, Absolutely Irresistible would have been my favourite. Today, I find it okay.

By Kilian’s Love and Tears has woken up my love for jasmine and my love for spicy, woody fragrances dates form the first high-end fragrance I have bought: Le Baiser du Dragon.

Absolutely Irresistible is very elegant fragrance.

On my skin it opens up with a burst of spicy pepper, followed up by jasmine. Drydown is very spicy: pepper again plus cedar and a hint of amber and jasmine.

The sillage is pretty good.

The fragrance is very fresh – it is a bit cloying at the start, but it becomes milder as the time go by.

Still, this is far from being my favourite Givenchy fragrance. It is a bit monotone, there are no hidden notes that pop out.

VERSACE Crystal Noir EdT Review


Versace Crystal Noir was the fragrance I hated at first. For some reasons, whenever I sprayed it on the skin in the store, it smelled dirty, as if you haven’t showered and decided to cover it with a strong fragrance.

When I have found by Kilian’s Cruel Intentions, at first I thought that Cruel Intentions was a way classier version of Crystal Noir.

Several years forward, I have found a sample and decided to give it another chance and I’m glad I did, as Crystal Noir today is completely different on my skin.

It opens up like a sweet and spicy oriental, the strongest note to my nose being amber spiced up with the pepper. Soon, it transforms into a floral-fruity composition with a hint of coconut and something that very much reminds me of tiare.

On my skin it dries down like pure amber. There is just a slight touch of musk, but not enough to put me off the scent like it did years before.

It lasts pretty long on the skin – almost like some of mine EdPs.

Currently, I love it very much. The scent is often described as sexy, although to my nose it doesn’t seem so (probably because the musk is barely there on my skin).



I have a love-hate relationship with this scent. Guerlain L’heure Bleue made me a fan of violets, so naturally, I thought I’d like Paris too. Wrong.

When I sniff it from the bottle, I’m in love. However, one spray on the skin and I instantly hate it. The moment it touches my sin, it turns into the most nauseatingly sweet combination of rose and violet, as if you have combined a violet candy and Turkish delight with a sprinkle of vanilla. Generally, I like sweeter scents, but this was too much.

While the notes listed bergamot, iris and sandalwood, making the fragrance more complex, none of these could be felt on my skin. YSL Paris was violet/rose all the way, only slightly weakening in intensity as the time flew by.

The fragrance wears well. I have tested the EdP version and it stayed on for over 10 hours.

It may be a classic, but not for me.

BY KILIAN Water Calligraphy EdP Review


I have finally come to review the new By Kilian perfume line: Asian Tales. As far as I know, their price is the same as the Oeuvre Noire price and there is a possibility of buying refills (around $70 for 30ml).


On my skin Water Calligraphy opens like a very strong floral, predominately jasmine. Although there should be a citrusy opening, I can barely detect just a hint of lemon in the background.

As the fragrance dries down, jasmine and magnolia compete and neither wins.

In spite of the florals, the fragrance leaves an overall impression of a watery scent – very fresh, but not to my liking.


The sillage is nothing special – if you want good sillage pick a Montale. The lasting power is good, but for the price I expect much more.

Even though I’m a fan of jasmine, this fragrance hasn’t impressed me (the same goes for another from the range: Bamboo Harmony).

BY KILIAN Asian Tales Collection

A wonderful surprise has been waiting for me in the mail. By Kilian is launching a new seried of fragrances. After L’Oeuvre Noire and Arabian Nights, say hello to Asian Tales, a collection „built around Chinese Calligraphy, a pure art combining simplicity and spirituality“.

Priced at $225 for 50ml bottle, it is in similar range as the fragrances from Oeuvre Noire Collection.

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Somebody, please stop me!

Lately, I’ve been splurging a lot on cosmetics. However, I’m minimizing my guilt by actually spending some products.

This week I have purchased Yves Saint Laurent Teint Parfait complexion perfector/primer in the shade #4 Apricot on for 30% off. According to the SA, this will either be discontinued or they will change the packaging, so I’m considering getting some other colours.

I have succumbed again to my by Kilian addiction. This time I got Cruel Intentions. I’m officialy banning myself from buying any perfume until my birthday.

I have visited Inglot and since they were having 20% off of everything, I’ve had a hard time controling myself. In the end I have purchased a nail polish #304 (gorgeous pearly pink), a matte eyeshadow #353 (ivory) and a blush #27.

Click to see the picture of the shades

BY KILIAN Love and Tears EdP Review

It doesn not happen very often that a perfume leaves me so confused. I have little experience with jasmine and the middle notes of Love and Tears are pure jasmine.

On my skin Love and Tears start  as a lush floral garden – it is an overwhelming mixture of lavender, jasmine, lily of the valley, orange blossom and daffodils. It is very intense and almost off-putting. After half an hour all other flower notes start to weaken and the jasmine notes really come through. The fragrance calms.

The perfume on my skin holds up pretty well – 14 to 16 hours of the scent which doesn’t weaken. After 10 hours, I can smell cedar notes which ground the jasmine.

I’m really in love with this scent and I regret not taking the 50ml bottle. After the initial several minutes, the scent is a true, elegant floral which I’ve been wanting to find for a long time.

By Kilian fragrances are available in 30ml travel spray ($135), 30 ml refill for travel spray ($70), 50 ml bottle ($225) and 50 ml bottle refill ($125). The cheapest solution is to buy 30ml refills, but keep in mind that you don’t get a spray bottle with them, so you will have to transfer the fragrance into your own bottle.



Just when I was so proud of myself for being so disciplined when it comes to cosmetics shopping, I have gone crazy. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately (still am), so I’ve thought that I deserve a little reward. However, the little reward turned into a full-blown haul of fragrance in which I have probably spent a half of my yearly make-up and cosmetics budget (for that reason, I’m excepting perfumes from the budget).

Whenever I visited a niche perfumery, I was always sniffing around by Kilian counter, never really stopping to do more throughtour research. Yesterday, I have spent almost an hour testing his fragrances frm oeuvre noire and ended up surprised as to how much they change in such a short period (more about this in individual fragrance review). I ended up picking a travel set of Beyond Love and a refill of Love and Tears.

I’m again interested in body soaps (I don’t usually use them as I have to find one that is not too drying), so I’ve picked Santa Maria di Novella Milk soap in Gelsomino.

I’ve also dropped by Illamasqua and got their nailpolish in Raindrops.

Have you purchased any cosmetics lately?

BY KILIAN Ambre Oud Review

Several days ago, I’ve had a surprise waiting for me in my mail-box. I have received a small 2ml sample of new by Kilian fragrance – Ambre Oud.

Oud has been popular for quite some time in the niche domain; however Ambre Oud is not a good oud representative. I cannot smell it at all. What I can smell is a warm amber, which dissolves into smokey vanilla. I’ve heard this fragrance described as a Montale-like and I would have to agree. It is very simple, understated fragrance – no complexity – just a pure warm mixture of amber and vanilla. I find it perfect for the transitional period, as it is not sickeningly sweet gourmand (and anything that contains vanilla my nose simply puts into the gourmand category).

Ambre Oud is very pleasant in its simplicity.

In the terms of sillage, this is not the best, especially compared to other by Kilian perfumes. Oeuvre Noire collection is much stronger and long-lasting. When I get a niche fragrance I expect it being so strong that I’ll last for days – for example, even after washing my hair with a shampoo, I could still feel the scent of Intense Tiare. On the other hand, Ambre Oud is gone after 10 hours.

I am very tempted by Ambre Oud, but the lasting power makes me to reconsider purchase.


by Kilian Ambre Oud description (click on the picture above to enlarge)

CREED 2000 Fleurs EdP Review


Creed 2000 Fleurs was my first foray into floral fragrances – up until then I was exclusively the lover of orientals. While 2000 Fleurs is often placed among florals and female fragrances, it definitely isn’t a prototypical example – there is enough spiciness in there that I would even placed it among unisex perfumes.

The perfume is available in 30ml (cca $125) and 75ml (cca $240) bottles. The larger bottle is considerably cheaper than the small one (around $150).

The perfume opens with a fresh, slightly cold bouquet of flowers -  it is pretty hard to discern which is which.

On my skin,  the middle notes are dominated by a brisk rose, spiced up with sandalwood and green tea. The drydown is very similar to the middle notes, only milder.

I’m a bit disappointed with the silage of this fragrance. It was my first venture in the niche perfumes and I have expected a stronger, more longlasting scent.

DIPTYQUE L’Eau de Tarocco Review

For some reason it reminds me of Rance 1795 Le Vainqueur. not so much because of the scent itself. More probably because it is one of the rare citruses I can stand.

As you spray it, it bursts with a sickeningly lemon juice scent. My first impression was on no, another horrible citrus. After only a minute, the citrus is subdued by incense and musk.

This is a truly unisex scent – it will smell good on both females and males. It is fresh and clean, but without being too cold. I can see myself wearing it in summer – it would be a nice antithesis to the exotic burst of sweet floral in Montale Intense Tiare.

The only shame is that it is eau de cologne, so it is not as longlasting as I would like. But still it is very impressive.



I’ve already shown my make-up collection. Now, I think it is time to talk about fragrance.

I’m not a great fragrance collector – I usually buy one fragrance in the smallest packaging possible (30ml) which lasts for cca 6 months and then I switch to the new one.

My taste in fragrances has changed extremely – while I was little I loved heavy chypres. As a teenager I have switched towards orientals – but with a slight masculine note. In my late teens I liked woody orientals, while the appreciation of florals came only in my 20s, after an identity crisis.

On the tray you can see all the fragrance I have bought in my life (only Fragonard Miranda is missing). I have a rule that I never spend the fragrance completely – I always save several millilitres in case the fragrance is going to be discontinued.

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BOUCHERON Trouble EdP Review (Discontinued)

If there is only one fragrance which I could resurrect from the dust bin of the history, it would be Boucheron Trouble.

The top notes are citrusy, but on my skin they immediately mix with the jasmine in the middle notes. This mixture gives the enchanting sweetness. Cedar and amber in the base notes ground the overwhelming sweetness.

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MONTALE Intense Tiare EdP Review

The most amazing scent ever.

I have fallen in love with Tiare scent with the first sniff of Terracotta Eau Sous le Vent. Montale Intense Tiare is another perfection.

Montale is among cheaper niche fragrances. 100ml costs around $115 in my country, which is pretty similar to the price of the mainstream perfume houses.

The bottle comes in a black pouch. The bottle is made of aluminium and it is not transparent, so you cannot see how much of the fragrance you have left. The bottle doesn’t have a cap. You „open it“ by pulling out that silver vertical clamp.

Inside the bottle is the most amazing perfume ever. It is the pure essence of summer and tropics – beach, warm sand, sunset and warm breeze.

Like the name says, it is intense Tiare scent. Tiare (Tahitian Gardenia) smells really sweet. It is surrounded with the slight coconut smell. Luckily, the coconut isn’t too strong, it just gives the slightly tropical dimension to the tiare.

There really aren’t any more notes to describe – it is pure tiare. When you first spray it, the scent is so heavy and so overwhelming – I almost feel sorry for the people who have to share a vehicle with me after I spray myself. After several hours, the scent is more subdued and it can be felt only in the close proximity.

What I like the most is that this scent is so longwearing that it is almost impossible to wash off. I can try as much as I like to take it off, but I can still feel a slight trace of scent after shower. If this scent gets in your hair, it will be impossible to remove.I have washed my hair three times and my hair still smelled of Intense Tiare.

UPDATE: I love this fragrance even more. I wore it absolutely every day on my vacation – even to the beach (this is not my habit usually). I couldn’t help myself – it simply smelt so good in the combination with the smell of the sea and pine – an essence of summer.