ESSENCE Blue Nail Polish Swatch Spam (I Love Bad Boys, Splash!, Miss Universe)

Hello lovelies,

I have a penchant for collecting blue nail polishes at the moment. Today I’m going to show you three blue Essence nail polishes – one of them has been discontinued (I Love Bad Boys), but the other two should still be available.

I don’t think I have yet talked about the brush. I’m not always sold on wide brushes, but I really like the Essence one (although my favourite is Guerlain). The width is perfect for my pinkie nails – I can polish it in one swipe and the brush is rounded enough so that I can get a nice application at the bottom of my nails without flooding the cuticles.

All these shades are two coaters and apply evenly.

I Love Bad Boys is a pale blue crème with sea foam green shimmer. I have no idea why they needed to discontinue this one because it is a very unique combination.

essence i love bad boys 2


essence i love bad boys 1

Splash! is a metallic turquoise blue-green. I’ve seen it around on quite a few blogs and decided that I need to get it, too. The colour reminds me of Chanel Azure, which I stupidly didn’t buy when I could.

essence splash 2


essence splash 1

Miss Universe is a dark blue, almost grey, crelly with light blue shimmer. The shimmer is bigger, but not big enough to call it glitter. This shade can look slightly duochrome in the bottle under certain light, but the effect doesn’t translate to nails.

essence miss universe

essence miss universe 2

I’d have a hard time picking out a favourite from this bunch as I love them all. Which one is your favourite?

xoxo Tamara

Essence Bloom Me Up Shimmer Powder Review

essence bloom me up higlighter

Hello lovelies,

this is the second highlighter I’ve picked up recently and while I love it, I do not think it is summer appropriate.

essence bloom me up higlighter 3

With its embossed floral motif, it is another winner from Essence. This powder is beige with strong cool pink undertone. It doesn’t contain glitter – it is actually on the shimmery frosty side. It is super soft and pigmented – a real pleasure to work with.

My main issue with this powder is that it simply refuses to work with my skin tone during warmer months. (I have other powders – such as Guerlain Meteorites, which only look good on my skin during winter). I think that the cool undertone is the one to blame. My skin has neutral, leaning to yellow undertone which requires something warmer. Instead of looking radiant and glowy, Essence highlighter makes me look sickly and pale (a bad kind of pale). Since it has a lightly pearly finish, it emphasizes the pores slightly – I notice it only if I’m actively looking and I can live with that.

Here are the swatches:

essence bloom me up higlighter 2

essence bloom me up higlighter 1

Left – thick; right – blended

Here’s the comparison with Love Letters highlighter. You can see what I’ve mentioned in my Love Letters review – that it is a basically a shimmery powder, while Bloom Me Up is cool and frostier.

essence love letters vs bloom me up

xoxo Tamara

Essence Love Letters Highlighter powder

essence love letters higlighter

Hello lovelies,

Essence always pleasantly surprise me with their limited edition products, and this collection is not an exception. This time they decided to emboss a love-themed quote in the powder. Very cute, IMHO.

essence love letters higlighter 3

Love Letters Highlighter powder does not look like a typical highlighter which, in my opinion, contains pearly pigments. Instead, this is a lightly coloured powder with tiny microglitter. The powder has a good pigmentation and it is far from translucent. If it weren’t for the glitter, I’d use it as an overall finishing powder. The glitter shows up on direct light, but it is still small enough not to be too obvious on the face.

This powder works great on my skin tone. The powder itself (if we ignore the glitter) is pretty matte looking so it subtly highlights the area on which it is applied. Surprisingly, the glitter doesn’t emphasize pores. I like the overall effect – the way this powder catches the light makes it look super natural. However, I’d be wary of recommending this powder to really dark skintones (NC50 +), simply because I have an impression that it would not blend too well with the skin.

Swatches (as you can see it is almost identical to my skintone):

Left – applied in a thick layer; Right – blended

essence love letters higlighter 2


essence love letters higlighter 1

xoxo Tamara

Drugstore Haul – Essence & Catrice

newin essence catrice 1

Hello lovelies,

I think I might have a blush problem :) During last few months I did a lot of on-line shopping and I didn’t visit drugstores a lot. However, recently I went in to see what’s new there and some things from Essence have caught my eye.

I saw two limited edition collections: Love Letters and Bloom Me Up and ended up getting two highlighters. My Guerlain blush which I use to highlight it almost gone. I’ve bought Shiseido High Beam White, but I also wanted a shimmery option. Granted, I have a bunch of Meteorites Pearls, but they can be a hassle to use. I think these Essence highlighters will serve me well. I haven’t worn them yet, but based on the quick swatch they do not seem overly shimmery.

newin essence catrice 2

I also got two ombre blushes from Essence. Shade-wise, they remind me of MAC Proenza Schouler blushes; however, I don’t have those to compare. On the orange/coral blush you can see the reason why I rarely buy anything in dugstores – someone swatched it.I guess it was too much of a hassle to open the tester drawer and they had to open a product intended for sale. I didn’t open it in store to check it in detail - the cover is transparent and it looked ok, but obviously store light masked it. I’ll be smarter the next time.

I’ve increased my collection of Essence nail polishes – I bought several more textures and some other shades which aren’t on the picture because I’ve moved my nail polishes and they currently all reside mixed in boxes. I’m dreading the day when I’ll have to organize it.

newin essence catrice

My final purchase is Catrice nail polishes. For a while this was my favourite brand, but then I discovered Golden Rose, indie and on line shopping. I got two texture shades: Oysters & Champagne and Call Me Princess. I also bought Berry Potter & Plumberdore (purple-blue duochrome) which I got mostly for its name, although the nail polish itself is pretty, too.

What did you get recently?

xoxo Tamara

100 Days No-Buy Update (Day 91) or How I Have Failed

no buy title

Hello lovelies,

I think that the title says it all. My no-buy went fine for three months and then all went to hell.

no buy haul

First Color4Nails started to carry Zoya which was enough for me to buy some of their naturel and magical pixie line, as well as several other polishes. Then I had a bad day and ended up getting a bunch of Golden Rose nail polishes. Then OPI launched Brazil collection – needless to say I liked every single nail polish (I ordered them). Several indie sellers had a discount. Then everything got out of control – there will be more Zoya and Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, a bunch of Too Faced, theBalm and Rimmel and much more (they still didn’t arrive).

While a part of me is shocked – it seems much more listed like this – I hope I’ll manage to mask some as birthday gifts.

Here’s the stuff I got which has arrived.

Color4Nails order:

no buy haul zoya aengland

AEngland Dancing with Nureyev, Zoya Taylor, Rue, Brigitte, Cosmo, Lux, Aurora, Carter, Dhara, Monet.

Golden Rose & drugstore haul:

no buy haul golden rose essence

Golden Rose Fantastic Color 180, 166, 152, Golden Rose Holiday 55, Golden Rose Rich Color 06, 105, Make Up Factory 515, Essence Million Dollar Baby, Golden Rose Care + Strong 169, Essence Here’s My Number.

Polish Me Silly haul (Meet my Chromies collection)

no buy haul polish me silly

Cosmic Kisses, Bombshell, Holy Shift, Lovestruck, Guilty Pleasure

OPI haul pt1.

no buy haul opi pt1

I Just Can’t Cope-a-Cabana, Where did Suzi’s Man-Go, Toucan Do It If You Try, Live.Love.Carnaval, Kiss Me I’m Brazilian, Hey Baby, Red Hot Rio

OPI haul pt2.

no buy haul opi pt2

Love Angel Music Baby, Taupeless Beach, I Sao Paolo Over There, Next Stop… the Bikini Zone, OPI Scores a Goal, AmazON AmazOFF (Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is missing, but it will join them soon.

I plan to review and swatch OPI Brazil collection as soon as possible. I also want to do a comparison post. You can expect my impressions on my no-buy on 11th April.

How is your no-buy going?

xoxo Tamara

ESSENCE Party Princess Swatch & Review

essence party princess 1

FORMULA and APPLICATION: Very thick and hard to work with. I swear, this is the thickest nail polish I own. It is impossible to apply a thin coat. The nail polish is very sheer and it is meant to use as a top coat. One coat deposits a decent amount of glitter.

COLOUR and FINISH: Iridescent glitter in a sheer pink jelly base.

MY COMMENT: It is nice to spice up my pink manicures, but I wouldn’t repurchase it. Bad application and formula issues are really a deal breaker for me.

Swatches: 2 coats, no top coat

essence party princess


essence party princess 3

essence party princess 2

xoxo Tamara

NOTD: Sparkly Pink with Ados and Essence

notd ados essence 2

Hello lovelies,

here’s my recent manicure. Ados #532 started to wear off at the tips, so I added a bit of sparkly Essence Party Princess glitter. It doesn’t look bad, but it didn’t turn out as I wanted. Ados was a bit too dark so the opalescent glitter didn’t really show well.

Ovo je moja nedavna manikura. Ados #532 lak se počeo brisati na vrhovima noktiju, pa sam dodala malo Essence Party Princess šljokica. Manikura nije ispala lose, ali nije baš onako kako sam željela. Ados lak bio je malo pretaman, pa se glitter iz Essence laka ne vidi previše.

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NEW IN: La Roche Possay, I Love Nail Polish, A England, Butter LONDON, Depend and more…

newin laroche

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been shopping like crazy the past few days and here’s what I got  (you can click on the photos to enlarge them):

newin laroche apivita

My Caudalie cleanser is finished, as well as my Sisley soap so I was on the search for a new one. I wanted to get Bioderma Atoderm (it contains zinc and my skin really likes zinc), but then I saw this big bottle of La Roche Possay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel. Ingredient list confirmed that it contains zinc too, so this was it. I also got a samples of Effaclar H cream and BB cream.

My lips are super chapped in fall and winter. To prevent this, I usually use moisturizing lipsticks when I’m out and lip balms when I’m at home. However, sometimes I need something stronger than a lipstick (no matter how moisturizing it is, it is still not a lip balm), so I got Apivita Rose lip balm. It has a light rosy tint and it will be perfect as a lipstick replacement.

Pošto sam potrošila Caudalie pjenu za čišćenje lica i Sisley sapun, bila sam u potrazi za novim sredstvom za čišćenje lica. Namjeravala sam uzeti Bioderma Atoderm (sadrži cink kojeg moja koža jako voli), ali sam vidjela veliku bocu La Roche Possay gela za čišćenje lica koji isto sadrži cink. Također sam dobila uzorke Effaclar H kreme i BB kreme.

Zimi su moje usne super ispucane. Kako bih to spriječila koristim hidratantni ruž kad idem negdje i balsam za usne kad sam doma. Ipak pnekad mi je potrebno nešto jače od ruža za usne (koliko god hidratantan bio, ne može se mjeriti s balzamom za usne) pa sam uzela Apivita Rose balsam za usne. Balzam ostavlja laganu boji i biti će savršena zamjena za ruž.

I Love Nail Polish is slowly becoming one of my favourite nail polish brand. Yesterday, they launched a new collection of 16 holo and duochrome shades ($10-$12.50) which were also available for pre-order earlier in November. Another great thing during the pre-order was the fact that if you ordered three nail polishes, you got a bottle of an exclusive shade: Absolute zero.

I ordered two holographic shades: Molly (fuchsia holo) and A.C. Slater (grey holo). I haven’t worn them yet, but I’m looking forward to wearing them. Since I regretted not ordering Cygnus Loop when I ordered my other ultra chromes, I also ordered Cygnus Loop (H) which is a holo version of an ultra chrome.

The last nail polish on the photo is Absolute Zero which is a midnight blue holo.

I Love Nail Polish polako postaje jedan od meni najdražih brendova lakova za nokte. Jučer su lansirali novu kolekciju koja sadrži 16 holo i duochrome nijansi. Iste su se nijanse mogle naručiti u kratkom periodu početkom studenog. Kod tih ranijih narudžbi se također dobila ekskluzivna nijasa Absolute zero, ukoliko ste naručili 3 ili više lakova.

Naručila sam dvije holo nijanse: Molly (fuksija) i A.C. Slater (sivi). Još ih nisam nosila, ali jedva čekam. Budući da nisam naručila nijansu Cygnus Loop prije par mjeseci kada sam naručivala ostale ultra chrome lakove, naručila sam Cygnus Loop (H) koji je holo verzija ultra chroma.

Zadnji je lak na slici Absolute zero.

Next are A England and Butter LONDON. I got three shades from A England - I had a limited budget and it was so hard to pick them. They are: Briarwood and Rosebower from (The Burne-Jones Dream Collection) and Dragon from The Legends collection. I absolutely love the story behind the name of every nail polish.

Several weeks ago both HqHair and lookfantastic had 3 for 2 on Butter LONDON, as well as a mysterious discount ranging from 5 to 25%. I got my three butter LONDON shades on lookfantastic because I had a bigger discount there. I ordered Dark Knight, Tart with a Heart and Shag.

Na redu su A England i Butter LONDON. Zbog ograničenog budžeta jedva sam izabrala tri nijanse A England lakova za nokte. Naručila sam Briarwood i Rosebower iz The Burne-Jones Dream kolekcije i Dragon iz The Legends kolekcije. Sviđa mi se priča koja stoji iza imena svake nijanse laka za nokte.

Prije nekoliko tjedana HqHair i lookfantastic imali su akciju 3 za 2 na butter LONDON lakove za nokte, a uz to se mogao kombinirati tajni popust od 5-25%. Uzela sam tri laka na lookfantastic jer su mi tamo dali veći popust :) Nijanse koje sam odabrala su Dark Knight, Tart with a Heart i Shag.

In the end, here are several polishes I picked in Kozmo drugstore. I am obsessed with holo nail polish so I decided to update my Depend collection with three new shades: 2025, 2026 and 2027 (silver, gold and pink holo).

When it comes to a nail polish, I am a bit weird and I need to have at least three nail polishes from one brand in one type of the bottle. Since I only had two Ados and two Essence nail polishes (they were annoying me so much), I needed to make them three and I got Ados 532 and Essence Party Princess. My obsession is now satisfied (for a while, at least).

Za kraj dolaze lakovi koje sam uzela u Kozmu. U zadnje vrijeme obožavam holo lakove pa sam odlučila nadograditi kolekciju Depend lakova za nokte s tri nove nijanse: 2025. 2026, 2027.

Kada je riječ o lakovima za nokte, pomalo sam obsesivna i čudna – trebam imati barem tri jednake bočice od istog Brenda. Budući da sam imala samo dva Ados i dva Essence laka za nokte (to me je tako živciralo), morala sam dodati trećeg te sam odabrala Ados 532 i Essence Party Princess. Moja obsesija je za sada umirena.

Well, this would be it. Did you buy something in November?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

ESSENCE Little Miss Sunshine Nail Polish Swatch and Review

little miss sunshine

Hello lovelies,

it there’s one colour missing in my collection, it is yellow. I had one yellow Catrice, but my sister broke the bottle and ever since then I’m yellowless. I’ve had my eye on Rimmel (I think 60 seconds collection), but the brand suddenly disappeared from Bipa drugstore, so I was happy when I found Essence Little Miss Sunshine on clearance in Kozmo.

Little Miss Sunshine is not a true yellow – it is more like a crème dirty/brownish/orangey yellow type of colour. It reminds me a bit of sunflowers.

The nail polish has a wide brush. Even though the nail polish is crème, the application was very even, although there were some almost bald spots after one coat. The second coat, however, took care of all these issues. The nail polish stayed on for three days without chipping.

I’m not 100% sold on colour and I still miss Rimmel, but I think that I’ll find a way to use it in nail art.

Swatches are made with 2 coats, no base nor top coat and no cleanup (sorry!)

essence miss sunshine

essencce miss sunshine 2

essence miss sunshine swatch

xoxo Tamara

ESSENCE Colour & Go Absolutely Blue Swatch

essence absolutely blue

Hello lovelies,

I hope you have a great day. I, on the other hand, had a hell of a day – worked my ass off in the vineyards and got stung by hornets. My back are killing me, but other than that, I’m fine. I should start doing some core work-out, though.

Anyway, in this post I’ll show you the swatch of Esssence Colour & Go polish in Absolutely Blue. I had no idea why I purchased it because I have several similar shades. I guess I needed another crème light blue.

The consistency is on thicker side, but I need to use two coats for a complete opacity. The brush is one of those flat, wide brushes. I’m not sure how I feel about it – they are good for polishing smaller nails, when one stroke covers the whole nail, but I don’t like it on larger nail plates because they are not precise enough when I need to polish the sides.

The polish wears for 2-3 days without chipping.

essence absolutely blue swatch

FINISHED! November Edition

november finished


Hello, dear readers.

As much as November was a success in business life, it was a total FAIL when it comes to finishing products. I can’t recall a month with less finished products. Luckily, I haven’t had time to buy much, so this kinds of balances it. Still, I’m staying positive and I’m hoping that this means that December will be something. I’m kind of looking forward to see what kind of fail my low buy was, lol :)

So, without further ado, here are the products I have finished this month.




november skincare


Sisley Lyslait 30ml.

Sisley Floral Toning Lotion 30ml. Since I’m finishing these so often, I won’t review them any more. Suffice to say I love it.

Sisley Ecological Compound 5ml. A lovely, lightweight moisturizer.

Sisley Sisleya Radiance Anti-Ageing Concentrate 3ml. One of my favourite serums with the least favourite price. It makes my skin very even, without redness.


november makeup

ESSENCE I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base. An excellent product for the price and I have already repurchased another. It lasted for almost a year.

SISLEY Instant Perfect primer 2ml. A nice primer.

ESSENCE Nail Art Sealing Top Coat. When I bought my first bottle, I was very satisfied with it. After finishing the second, I’m not sure I love it so much any more. I’m switching to Eveline. P.S. I have no idea how the bottle got so dirty. I tried to clean it, but it didn’t go away.


november fragrance

GARNIER Natural Beauty Coconut and Cacao Butter Shampoo (not on the photo). An excellent scent, but didn’t help much with dry hair.

GUERLAIN Idylle edt sample. A lovely spring-time scent.

SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Gelsomino soap. An excellent soap for hands.

Well, that’s it. 10 products in total. We’ll see what December will turn like.

I’m a kind of busy right now, having to attend another conference and then I’m going on a short trip somewhere, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t post as regularly.

Have a great week,


Friday FAVOURITES 20.01.2012

The exams are approaching, so I don’t have much time for make-up – I mostly sleep and/or study.

For this reason, I’ve decided to go with natural make-up.

I have used the most the following items:

cK Loose Powder

Dior Diorblush Strawberry Sorbet

Guerlain Ombre 4 Eclats in Perles des Mers (minus the turquoise shade)

Essence quad in Ciao Bella

Sisley Phyto Ombre in Sorbet

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Chance

Rouge G in Gaby

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Mirifique


ESSENCE I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base Review and Swatch.


Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base comes in a 4ml transparent tube with sponge-tip applicator and retails for around $3. It is considerably cheaper than Catrice ($6 for 2,1ml)


Essence eyeshadow base is very thick – almost concealer like in consistency. It feels wet and heavy on the lids. However, it dries out very quickly, and after it has settled, I don’t feel it at all.

The colour reminds me of a concealer, too. It is slightly yellowish and more pigmented than any other primer I have tired (Catrice, Urban Decay, Art Deco, Too Faced).


Essence primer indeed prolongs the eyeshadow wear, but the eyeshadow still creases after 10 hours. With Catrice, I could get 12 hours without creasing.

The primer boosts up the colour of the eyeshadow. In this aspect, it is better than Catrice. Another thing I like with Essence is that you can see exactly how much you have left, so you can get a replacement on time.

I still think I prefer Catrice. While my review of Catrice wasn’t very positive, after a month, when the base dried out a bit, it was much better.

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I think it’s high time for me to start to control my impulsive purchases and redirect the money I spend on cosmetics I don’t need on something else. I’ve had much more self-control before I started to get involved in beauty community. Before, I’d purchase something only when I would need it, but now I’ve been buying things only because they seem pretty or I think that I simply must have it (even though I’ll probably use it several times before the product is lost in my stash.

I don’t like feeling overwhelmed every morning when I’m doing my make-up with all of the products which I have. Sometimes it takes me literary 10 minutes only to decide which eyeshadow I should use. I’ve tried the concept of creating “looks” which would include several products and then wearing the look for the next week. It is a good concept, but this means that 90% of my stash sits there unused while I’m wearing the “look”.

I do not plan to use up all of my make-up. I’ll use eyeshadows only until I hit the pan (especially if it is a discontinued or LE product). The same goes with lipsticks. I always leave a millimetre or two of the lipstick in case I ever need to find a dupe. After that, I put the product in the original packaging and put it in my “finished products” drawer. I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, to keep the boxes after you have spent the product, but I have paid a lot for these products and I cannot imagine throwing the compact of, let’s say, Guerlain eyeshadow away.

I have taken a photo of all the items in my stash, for my reference (I’ll do the same the next year). Compared to the previous stash pictures, you can see that I have spent some items (yay! for me) and hit the pan on many others.


Fleurissante’s Favourites 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I wish you all the best in the next 2012. May it be much, much better than the previous one.

Fleurissante’s Favourites lists my favourites products in the last year. It doesn’t matter if they were freshly released or something available for a long time, which I have discovered the last year – the only thing that matters is that this are the products which have come closely to the Holy Grail status.

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ESSENCE Nail Art Sealing Top Coat Review


Do you remember how in absolutely every nail polish review I say that I never comment on the longweariness of the nailpolish, as absolutely every nailpolish (high end or drugstore) chips after a day or two.

Well, it seems that all my nailpolishes are of not so good quality, since Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat prolongs the wear a lot.

Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat comes in a non-transparent bottle (not so good, as you cannot see how much there’s left). As the name says, its purpose is to fix the nail-art desingns (including the nail-art jewellery) on the nail. The bottle has 10ml and it retails for around $3 or 2 euros.

The quality is absolutely superb. With this top-coat, every single nailpolish lasts up to 5 days, sometimes even up to a week, without chipping. It even survives the dish washing.

I have tried even the super-hyped Seche Vite (which peeled off my nails after a day), but it can’t compare to Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat.


HAUL: Guerlain, Catrice, Essence

As the new academic year approaches, I’ve wanted to refresh my stash. I want to get everything before the new semester starts, so that I don’t waste time agonizing which body lotion or shower gel to pick when I’ll have more important things to concentrate on.

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ESSENCE Lipliner in 01 Soft Rose

Hello, I’m back again. I’ve had a difficult exam, so there was no reviews for the last several days, but I’m back to my routine now.

Other than make-up base, the only other cosmetic item which is almost non-existent in my stash is a lip-liner. I rarely use it, as I find it too much of a bother.

Essence lipliner pencil has the honour to be the only lipliner in my stash. I’ve picked it on a whim, because I liked the colour.

The shade Soft Rose is a medium dark dirty pink. The colour is lighter than my natural lip-colour, but it goes well with the majority of lipsticks and lipglosses in my stash.

The lipliner is very creamy and smooth, although I find it a bit too creamy for my liking as it melts easily. I always think that lipliners should have a harder texture.

I wear this lipliner more like a matte lipstick than as a lipliner. As a lipstick, it wears well, but can leave the lips dried out.


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My Stash: Eyeshadows, Mascaras and Eyeliners

We have finally arrived to my favourite part: eyeshadows. I think that if I’d stop to buy eyeshadows today, I’d still have enough to last me a lifetime.

As for the eyeliners, I’m not a great collector. I prefer black, but here and there I use colour eyeliners.

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Project 10 Pans: Part 2 – Skincare

I have announced my Project 10 Pans and the rules I’m planning to stick to in this post.

This post will feature all the skincare items I want to finally spend. Most of the items are already half-spent, but for some reason, I got bored with them and put them aside. This project will finally help me to get rid of all that stuff that is wasting the space in my cosmetics cabinet.

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